Solaire Resort and Casino (Parañaque, Philippines ...

Bangladesh Bank sues RCBC, Bloomberry Resorts anew for 2016 bank heist

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 45%. (I'm a bot)
Bangladesh central bank filed a fresh case against Bloomberry Resorts and Hotels Inc and 16 others before a New York State Court.
Bangladesh authorities have renewed their bid to recover $81 million lost in a bank heist four years ago, filing a fresh civil case against 17 Philippine entities last week, reports the CNN. Bloomberry Resorts Corporation, the company behind Solaire Resort and Casino in Manila, told the Philippine Stock Exchange on Monday about the case.
The ruling on the previous case has been appealed by Bangladesh before the US Circuit Court of Appeals, Bloomberry said.
The cases stemmed from the February 2016 heist where thieves tapped into the system of the US Federal Reserve in New York and authorized multiple fund transfers from the Bangladesh Bank's account to a number of fake bank accounts under RCBC. The funds were wired during a long weekend, which left no time for regulators to block the transactions.
The case is the biggest money laundering incident involving the Philippines, which prompted lawmakers to require casinos to regularly report big-ticket and suspicious transactions to authorities.
Bloomberry previously said the Bangladesh Bank is relying on these court cases to collect the amount it supposedly lost to North Korean hackers.
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REV Major 2019 - Date: September 28-29, 2019

An annual fighting game event is about to take place in the Philippines this month.
The REV Major 2019 will be held in The Tent at Solaire Resort & Casino in Pasay City, Metro Manila, making it the first Fighting Game Esports event in South East Asia to be held in a hotel venue.
A special guest is coming to REV Major: Daigo Umehara
If anybody wants to join the fun in the Philippines visit or for more information.
It hosts 12 Games:
  1. Tekken 7 (TWT Master Event)
  2. Dragonball Fighterz (Tenkaichi Event)
  3. Soul Calibur VI
  4. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
  5. Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition
  6. Samurai Showdown (2019)
  7. Blazblue Cross Tag Battle
  8. Mortal Kombat 11
  9. Under Night In-Birth Exe:Late[st]
  10. King of Fighters XIV
  11. Guilty Gear XRD Rev 2
  12. Marvel Vs Capcom 2 account is required for registration
Registration on all games closes at September 15, 2019 - 6:00 PM UTC+02:00
Notable Attendees:
LowHigh (REV Major 2018 Tekken 7 Champion), Chanel, Ulsan, kkokoma, Take, Nobi, Dimeback, Book, JeonDDing, CherryBerryMango, Yuu, Yuyu and probably many more in the future
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[FIGHT PREVIEWS] Adrien Broner vs Marcos Maidana, Josesito Lopez vs Mike Aranoutis, Martin Murray vs Sergey Khomitsky, Michael Farenas vs Jesus Rios, Serhiy Fedchenko vs Ignacio Mendoz + more

Wednesday December 11

From The Melbourne Pavilion, Flemington, Victoria, Australia

Sam Soliman 42(17)-11 vs Les Sherrington 33(19)-6

12 rounds
Middleweight division
This fight may have arleady taken place… but pretend it hasn’t. I mean, you probably haven’t seen the results so it’s pretty much the same thing. Anyway, Sam Soliman has the distinction of being one of the few to go into Germany and actually beat Felix Sturm by controversial decision. That decision was ultimately reversed and declared a no contest because 70 year old Soliman tested positive for an illegal stimulant. Soliman has since left Germany and returned to fight in the motherland. I’m curious to see if Soliman wins and calls out Golovkin after the match.

Friday December 13

From Solaire Resort Hotel and Casino, Pasay City, Metro Manila, Philippines

Michael Farenas 36(28)-4-4 vs Jesus Rios 26(20)-4-1

12 rounds
Super featherweight division
Hey, look what we have here, another former Gamboa opponent. This time it’s 29 year old Michael Farenas who managed to put on a pretty thrilling fight with Gamboa where he dropped a lazy Gamboa late in the fight. This is a Pacman (as in Manny Pacquiao) Promotions card so he’s got that going for him.

Ernesto Saulong 13(5)-0 vs Jimmy Aducal 6(5)-3-2

10 rounds
Bantamweight division
Nothing to see here. Just a bantamweight prospect being brought along slowly that I have my eye on.

From Ice Sheffield, Coleridge Road, Sheffield, Yorkshire, UK

Curtis Woodhouse 20(13)-6 vs Arek Malek 13(4)-62-4

10 rounds
Light welterweight division
Malek may have a record that may or may not be eerily accurate to what I expect the Brooklyn Nets record may be toward the end of the season, but come on! At least Malek doesn’t kick over the spit bucket to give his corner extra time to cover up their incompetence.

David Fidler 7(3)-0-2 vs Chris Jenkinson 6(3)-10-1

Joe Rodges 5(1)-0 vs Pavels Senkovs 4(3)-65-5

Senkovs called up Malek and said, “I want my gimmick back!” What does Rodgers’ manager tell him if he loses? Do you think Pavels’ trainer reminds him that his KO percentage is almost as good as GGG’s?

From Fantasy Springs Casino, Indio, California

Josesito Lopez 30(18)-6 vs Mike Aranoutis 24(11)-9-2

10 rounds
Welterweight division
Josesito Lopez is always must watch TV. This is a guy who can box pretty well, but just can’t shake the temptation to brawl and when he does, it’s usually high drama, as Lampley would say. If Lopez looks exceptional, he lines himself up to face a slew of opponents whose names include Lucas Matthysse and possibly a rematch with Victor Ortiz. Aranoutis is of Greek descent who currently fights out of Queens, NY and has fought and lost to Danny Garcia (KO), Demetrius Hopkins (UD), Delvin Rodriguez (UD), Victor Ortiz (TKO), Kendall Holt (UD), and Ricardo Torres (SD). He hasn’t won a fight in over a year and it will be a good fight for Lopez to get himself back in the win column.

Francisco Vargas 17(13)-0-1 vs Jerry Belmontes 18(5)-2

10 rounds
Super bantamweight division
28 year old Vargas has recently begun to pick up the level of competition by coming to America to fight. Belmontes is another step-up... although he’s lost 2 of his last 3. I don't know if this is good or bad, but Vargas could be fed to Leo Santa Cruz if he wins impressively.

Hugo Centeno Jr 19(10)-0 vs Angel Osuna 11(7)-4-1

10 rounds
Middleweight division
Centeno is a friend of /boxing. Check out the sidebar for the AMA he did a while back. Centeno Jr is coming off a NC with Julian Williams as part of a Golden Boy Live card put on during the Mayweather-Canelo fight week. The fight was stopped due to an accidental butt, which may have been a blessing in disguise. Centeno had previously beaten Julian Williams and was on his way to losing the rematch as he had lost the first 3 rounds on the judges scorecards. Centeno is an exciting fighter to watch, he fights in a crowd-pleasing style, and I’m hoping for the best for his career.

Errol Spence 9(7)-0 vs Noe Bolanos 25(16)-9-1

8 rounds
Welterweight division
Watch out for Spence. The dude packs serious power and carries an impressive amateur pedigree. Bolanos is another step up in competition for Spence who may someday be fighting for world titles. This card is stacked!

Gary Russell Jr 23(13)-0 vs TBA

10 rounds
Super featherweight division
OH YEAH! Get yourselves ready! The return of the fastest hands in the west, none other than TBA! TBA is back in action to face one of the premier super featherweight prospects in the world. Russell Jr is an exciting young fighter and the real test will be whether or not TBA actually shows up to fight. There are times when he can’t be bothered to get mentally and physically in the fight, but when he does rise to the occasion, it’s usually fireworks.

Jermall Charlo 16(12)-0 vs Joseph De los Santos 17(9)-11-3

8 rounds
Light middleweight division
The Charlo twins are 2 of boxing’s brightest prospects. They are big light middleweights that are a couple of fights away from fighting for world titles. Jermall is the more aggressive, heavier handed of the 2. Both are solid defensively and this should be an easy fight for Charlo.

Saturday December 14

From Jahnsportforum, Neubrandenburg, Necklenburg-Vorpommern, Germany

Juergen Braehmer 41(31)-2 vs Marcus Oliveira 25(20)-0-1

12 rounds
Vacant WBA word light heavyweight title

Kubrat Pulev 18(9)-0 vs Joey Abell 29(28)-6

12 rounds
IBF international heavyweight title
Pulev, by many, is considered to be the one to challenger and defeat Wladimir Klitschko. Pulev is a sneak fighter who does a lot of things well. He’s good defensively, mixes up offense very well, and is coming off the best victory of his young career after defeated Tony Thompson. This is an interesting match to see how Pulev handles Abell’s power. It’s been 6 years since Abell has won a fight by decision. Everyone else has crumpled under his power. If Pulev is for real, Abell should not last more than a few rounds. Arreola was able to KO him in 1 round in early 2011.

Jack Culcay 15(10)-1 vs Dieudonne Belinga 11-3

12 rounds
Light heavyweight division

From Palau Olimpic Vall d’Hebron, Barcelona, Cataluna, Spain

Hassan D’Dam N’Jikam 27(17)-1 vs Anthony Fitzgerald 14(4)-5

10 rounds
Middleweight division

From Ice Palace “Terminal”, Brovari, Ukraine

Serhiy Fedchenko 33(14)-2 vs Ignacio Mendoz 38(23)-8-2

12 rounds
WBO European light welterweight title
Fedchenko is famously known as the guy who Marquez fought before his fourth fight with Pacquiao. Fedchenko was able to take Marquez 12 rounds and ultimately lost a wide decision. Fedchenko has no real impressive wins on his record, but he’s fighting a beatable opponent so he’s got that going for him.

Max Bursak 17(8)-0-1 vs Oleksiy Mazikin 14(4)-9-2

8 rounds Middleweight division

Vladimir Tereshkin 17(8)-0-1 vs Oleksiy Mazikin 14(4)-9-2

8 rounds Heavyweight division

Oleksandr Usyk 1(1)-0 vs Epifanio Mendoza 34(30)-15-1

6 rounds
Cruiserweight division
Usyk is another prospect in the same vein as Anthony Joshua. He had a decorated amateur career and won Olympic Gold in Beijing in the heavyweight division. Usyk is definitely someone you should add to your prospect list if you want to be able to say “I told you so” one of these days.

From ExCel Arena, Dockland, London, UK

Kevin Mitchell 35(25)-2 vs Brunet Zamora 25(11)-1-2

12 rounds
IBF inter-continental lightweight title

Leonard Bundo 29(10)-0-2 vs Lee Purdy 20(13)-4-1

12 rounds
EBU welterweight title

Martin Murray 25(11)-1-1 vs Sergey Khomitsky 28(11)-9-2

10 rounds
Middleweight division
Murray has recently come out and said he's willing to face Golovkin. Well, should he win this fight, it would put him at the front of the line in the Golovkin sweepstakes. The line isn’t long anyway. Murray is coming off a controversial loss against the reigning middleweight king, Sergio Martinez in Argentina. Many believe the decision to be a hometown gift, but to me, Murray didn’t do enough to differentiate himself from the champion. Still, Murray showed a lot of good things. He’s a great defensive fighter who knows when to counter out of his guard, and carries a decent bit of pop. I can’t see Khomitsky giving him too much trouble.

Khalid Yafai 9(6)-0 vs Ashley Lane 4(1)-3-2

6 rounds
Super flyweight division

Anthony Ogogo 3(2)-0 vs TBA

Middleweight division
Ogogo is one of my favorite prospects. I think Luke Campbell will probably be the most successful of the British Olympians, but Ogogo will be in the better fights.

From Resorts International Hotel & Casino, Superstar Theatre, Atlantic City, New Jersey

Amir Mansour 19(14)-0 vs Kelvin Price 14(6)-1

10 rounds Heavyweight division
Mansour is not exactly a prospect. He’s 41 years old and prison time has stunted a large part of his would-be career. Still, this is going to be on NBC Sports Network and should be a good fight.

David Rodriguez 36(34)-0 vs Darnell Wilson 24(20)-17-3

6 rounds
Heavyweight division
This is an interesting match… for a 36 and 0 fighter…

Manuel Quezada 29(18)-7 vs Steve Cunningham 25(12)-6

8 rounds
Heavyweight division

From Alamodome, San Antonio, Texas

Adrien Broner 27(22)-0 vs Marcos Maidana 34(31)-3

12 rounds
WBA world welterweight title
This is the /boxing fight of the week. Look here for an in-depth preview. If you want my opinion, it’s this: Broner has made himself to be the ultimate heel in boxing today, and he hasn’t done that by simply running his mouth. He’s been arrogant, and backed it up in the ring. Saturday, it will be seen if one of hardest punchers in the game can humble Broner, or will Broner have been right all along.

Keith Thurman 21(19)-0 vs Jesus Soto Karass 28(18)-8-3

12 rounds
Interim WBA world welterweight title
The WBA is a weird organization. This is for the interim ‘B’ level belt of their main belt which is called the Super World welterweight title. This is just the WBA world title. Anyway, what this means is that should Broner win the title and then vacate to go back down to 135, the winner will fill in as the title… Or the winners will fight to determine the real champion… before they face the real-er champion. Anyway, Keith “One Time in San Diego” Thurman is yet another guy on the cusp of breaking into boxing’s upper echelon. Standing on the other side is Jesus Soto Karass. Don’t let Karass’s 8 losses fool you. He’s claimed to have not taken boxing seriously when he was amassing loss after loss. Since losing to Marcos Maidana in a brutal 8 round war full of fouls, he’s won 2 straight. He’s a tricky fighter who does a lot of things well. He’s faced nearly every time of style there is and has never been completely blown out in any fight. If Thurman is not the real deal, or his power has been exaggerated to this point, Karass will bring it to light. If Thurman is the real deal, like many are projecting, Karass may have a tough time. Thurman has exceptional timing, patience, and power. This has all the makings of a trap fight for young Thurman.

Leo Santa Cruz 26(15)-0-1 vs Cesar Seda 25(17)-1

12 rounds
WBC super bantamweight title
Leo Santa Cruz is an all-action, torrential downpour of leather. Cesar Seda is a 27 year old Puerto Rican southpaw who hasn’t fought in a 12 round fight since 2011. That fight was for the WBO super flyweight title against long reigning Argentine champ Omar Narvaez. If Santa Cruz loses, this would be a massive upset.

Beibut Shumenov 13(8)-1 vs Tamas Kovacs 23(14)-0

12 rounds
WBA super world light heavyweight title
This is a real title fight. It’s the “super world” light heavyweight title as opposed to the “world light heavyweight title.” The WBA is weird. Anyway, here’s my theory on this fight. The winner is fighting Hopkins. Shumenov is from Kazakhstan and just turned 30. His only loss of his career was to Gabriel Campillo in 2009 and it was a MD as well. Tough luck considering it was in Kazakhstan too. He avenged the loss in a rematch and has fought sporadically since then. Shumenov, now with Golden Boy, is looking to build a name for himself in the light heavyweight division. Kovacs has never faced stiff competition and this shouldn’t be a tough fight for Shumenov.

Jermain Taylor 31(19)-4-1 vs Juan Carlos Candelo 32(21)-12-4

10 rounds
Super middleweight division

Rau’shee Warren 8(3)-0 vs Jose Silveira 15(6)-9

8 rounds
Bantamweight division
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[WEEKEND RECAP] Broner vs Maidana, Lopez vs Arnaoutis, Braehmer vs Oliveira, Fedchenko vs Mendoz, + more

Wednesday December 11

From The Melbourne Pavilion, Flemington, Victoria, Australia

Sam Soliman defeated Les Sherrington by TKO9

I believe Solimon commented after the fight that he was going to be challenging for a world title in 2014.

Friday December 13

From Solaire Resort Hotel and Casino, Pasay City, Metro Manila, Philippines

Michael Farenas defeated Jesus Rios by TKO2

Ernesto Saulong fought to a draw against Jimmy Aducal

And this will take Saulong off my prospect watch list.

From Ice Sheffield, Coleridge Road, Sheffield, Yorkshire, UK

Curtis Woodhouse defeated Arek Malek on points

Joe Rodges defeated Pavels Senkovs on points

Do not be alarmed. Senkovs was able to maintain his impressive record, improving to 4-66-5.

From Fantasy Springs Casino, Indio, California

Josesito Lopez defeated Mike Arnaoutis by technical decision

This was a very interesting fight on an ultimately unimpressive card. Lopez, a known action hero in the sport, fought a very crafty veteran southpaw who made Lopez miss a ton of punches and won way more rounds than anybody anticipated. In the end, Lopez won and that was an okay decision. In the 8th round an accidental clash of heads opened up a massive cut for Arnaoutis. Arnaoutis, in what I believe was a move motivated by the fact that he saw himself winning on the cards, chose not to continue and they went to the cards. Lopez won, rightfully, but unimpressively.

Francisco Vargas defeated Jerry Belmontes by UD

This fight resembled the Leo Santa Cruz-Cesar Ceda fight. Belmontes attempted to box, and at times I believe well enough to win rounds, and Vargas just kept coming forward. The judges saw a landslide but I saw Vargas winning 4 of the 10 rounds.

Hugo Centeno Jr defeated Angel Osuna by TKO9

This was a non-televised fight.

Errol Spence defeated Gerardo Cuevas by TKO1

This fight wasn’t exactly competitive. Cuevas had the look of a cab driver, despite the pedigree from the name he bore. Spence beat Cuevas from the opening bell, mixing punches up beautifully, and finishing him with a left hook to the body.

Jermall Charlo defeated Joseph De los Santos by TKO5

Charlo defeated his man with methodical precision. His jab was thrown like an overhand right. He landed it at will. Ultimately, he began to mix his punches and follow with an overhand right. He finished De Los Santos in the 5th with a looping right hand.

Joseph ‘Jo Jo’ Diaz defeated Carlos Rodriguez by TKO7

Diaz is an exciting prospect who fights like a 122 lb Canelo. He puts together beautiful combinations and broke Rodriguez down over 7 rounds. Rodriguez never went down, but the accumulated damage he took prompted the referee to end his night.

From Jahnsportforum, Neubrandenburg, Necklenburg-Vorpommern, Germany

Juergen Braehmer defeated Marcus Oliveira by UD

Braehmer won the vacant WBA world light heavyweight title, dropping his man in the 10th and ultimately leaving no questions left to be asked. Braehmer is still on the outskirts in the light heavyweight division. The only benefit he has is that at age 35, he’s nowhere near ‘too old’ for the division.

Kubrat Pulev defeated Joey Abell by TKO5

This was a good weekend for Pulev. Pulev not only added another KO to his fairly anemic KO% for a top heavyweight against a heavy handed opponent, but he’s taken another step to capturing a heavyweight title as Vitali Klitschko has chosen politics over boxing.

Jack Culcay defeated Dieudonne Belinga by UD

From Palau Olimpic Vall d’Hebron, Barcelona, Cataluna, Spain

Hassan D’Dam N’Jikam defeated Anthony Fitzgerald by UD

From Ice Palace “Terminal”, Brovari, Ukraine

Ignacio Mendoz defeated Serhiy Fedchenko by SD

These Ukrainians are cold blooded! How dare they not rob the outsider. Fedchenko apparently didn’t learn to much going 12 rounds with Marquez as he was upset in his home town by the Dominican journeyman.

Max Bursak defeated Gari Abajiani by UD

Bursak makes another stride in his quest at middleweight.

Vladimir Tereshkin defeated Oleksiy Mazikin by UD

Oleksandr Usyk defeated Epifanio Mendoza by TKO4

Usyk was impressive stopping his man and improving to 2-0. Usyk is a prospect to watch.

From ExCel Arena, Dockland, London, UK

Kevin Mitchell defeated Brunet Zamora by TKO9

Leonard Bundo defeated Lee Purdy by TKO12

Martin Murray defeated Sergey Khomitsky on points

Murray’s performance this weekend was every bit as disappointing as Josesito Lopez’s. In fact, Murray may have looked a bit worse. In an 8 round fight, I believe the decision should have been a split one. Each guy had a case for winning. The Murray that showed up Saturday would be brutalized by the top tier middleweights and it makes me question just how bad Sergio was injured in their fight earlier this year.

Khalid Yafai defeated Ashley Lane by TKO4

Yafai is a prospect to watch. Lane was highly overmatched, and Yafai definitely took advantage.

Anthony Ogogo defeated Dan Blackwell on points

Ogogo is a good prospect, but this fight did not really showcase how good he is.

From Resorts International Hotel & Casino, Superstar Theatre, Atlantic City, New Jersey

Amir Mansour defeated Kelvin Price by TKO7

Darnell Wilson defeated David Rodriguez by KO6

Steve Cunningham defeated Manuel Quezada by UD

From Alamodome, San Antonio, Texas

Marcos Maidana defeated Adrien Broner by UD to win the WBA welterweight title

As Jim Lampley always says, boxing is the theater of the unexpected. After Saturday night, who can say they saw that coming? Maidana winning… on the cards!? A unanimous decision that nobody could dispute. This fight had all the components of a fight of the year and then some. It almost played out like a wrestling match. So much has already been said about this fight, so to summarize this fight is to simply say: the good guys finally won.

Keith Thurman defeated Jesus Soto Karass by TKO9

Although Karass hurt Thurman in the 1st round, the outcome of this fight was never in jeopardy. Karass looked slow and lethargic for the duration of the fight and it seemed for the entire fight that the outcome was all but certain. A win over Karass looks good for Thurman, but this fight is not indicative of how good Thurman will truly be.

Leo Santa Cruz defeated Cesar Seda by UD

Not the usual Santa Cruz fight. Seda was slick for most of the fight and moved often. Santa Cruz won, no doubt about that, but one thing people are probably certain about now is that Santa Cruz will get demolished by Rigondeaux. (I’ve known this all along.)

Beibut Shumenov defeated Tamas Kovacs by TKO3

Shumenov is in line now for a shot at Bernard Hopkins. Shumenov isn’t particularly fast, but he carries a lot of power behind his punches. It should make for an interesting fight, although Hopkins will probably win.

Jermain Taylor defeated Juan Carlos Candelo by TKO7

Rau’shee Warren defeated Jose Silveira by UD

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