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[JOB] [Matrix] Console Cowboys: For A Fistful Of Dollars <2015-10-18 14:00 EST>

{2015-10-18 14:00 EST}
Player count: 1-6
Duration: 6-9 hours total. 1-2 hours per runner. (See below)

Communication: Skype (OOC) and Roll20 (IC)
Edition: Shadowrun 5e and assorted books
Game theme: Digital Outlaws
Game Type: Brown Poncho
Threat Level: Medium-High
Prerequisites: Ability to show up, PDF character sheet, a working microphone, a skype and Roll 20 account. A bleak outlook on life and a twisted sense of humor.Ability to handle verbal roleplaying, including planning. Character’s must be capable of cybercombat.
IC Teaser:
> Quering Host: RunnerHub.Sea >Matrix Authorization Key Received > Connecting to host: RunnerHub.sea…. > Credentials check initiated…. > Credentials accepted. >Connection complete… Welcome to the hub. > “I am going to brute force the camera with a rock!" - Static >You have 0 Unread Messages >Performing Matrix Scan…. >Mark Detected. >Scanning Mark….. >Responsible user identified. Ch0s0n1 
As soon as you spot them the user who marked your deck responds by sending you a mark to an outside host, and then passing from the hub into it. Those curious enough to follow are immediately transported into a western saloon out of a spaghetti western. Everything about your surroundings is from virtual patrons with rustic beards, to the dust clinging to bottles of whiskey is rendered at levels of detail almost unheard of outside of high-rating corporate hosts.
It isn’t long until you realize where you are, one of the Choson Ring’s elite online casinos. Private gambling dens run entirely through the matrix and reserved for some of the most eccentric and high-stakes gambits in the sixth world. All around you patrons from every corner of the globe place wagers on games on games of chance ranging from a simple game of poker to the outcome of a gang war in neo-tokyo.
*Moments later your attention is again diverted as up-beat music begins to emanate from a burlesque style stage in the back of the bar. The rest of the patrons appear oblivious as a light falls onto the stage and a pair of buffoonish cowboys wonder into the limelight.
“Heya amigos! Listen up all you console cowboys out there in seattle! We’ve got a doozy of an offer for you, so dust off those cyberdecks and get ready for some action!”
“Those of you that have cyberdeck anyways.”
“We’ve got some serious digital badguy’s that have been causing us some trouble these days in the grid’s over their. Now normally we’d just take care of them ourselves.”
“-It’s not like we don’t have the guys to do it either!”
“-But we’ve decided to hand this one off to you fine gentlemen! That’s right, it’s time for some good old fashioned bounty hunting! Why you may ask? Because we said so that’s why!”
“-Besides who doesn't love a good western! Bounty hunters, outlaws and showdowns at high noon!”
“That’s right! There’s six of these troublemakers that have made the mistake of making an enemy out of the Choson. And it’s up to you to clean house!”
“But who are these rascals?”
“Aht-ah! That would be cheating! When the games start everyone will get their chance. but right now this is just an invitation. We don’t want anyone getting a head start and ruining everyone’s fun!”
“So how can we get these bounties than?”
“I’m glad you asked parder’ when the signal goes out each bounty will be put up on this host for you would be cowboys to go from. Whoever provides matrix logs confirming they’ve bricked the target first, get’s the bounty!”
“Oh how fun! I can’t wait to get started. Is there anything else we should know?”
“Just that these are cowboy rules, one on one. No teaming up. We’re seeing who knows how to handle themselves and who doesn't.You get picked for a bounty, you go it alone!”
“Alrighty then! Come on everyone, get ready and show these outlaws what you’re made of! It’s time to earn your spurs!”
For this run I’ll be trying something a little different. Seeing as this job is really more of a testing ground as the Choson feel out potential talent, each hacker that gets selected will be assigned a bounty to take on by themselves to see if they can collect.
This means a couple of things are different from a standard runnerhub run. Firstly, that if selected, you no do not necessarily have to be present for the whole time-slot of the run , but it’s a good idea to only sign up if you can make a good chunk of the time commitment to make sure you everyone gets a shot.
Additionally I’m currently seeing about arranging the opportunity for those not actively participating in a given run to be able to place bets in character on the outcome against one another.
Finally in addition to the nuyen reward, those that succeed in collecting at least one bounty will be rewarded the “Solid Rep: Hacker’s” quality, and given first pick-privileges for future runs in future matrix runs relating to the Choson Ring.
For your IC response to this run consider that you are voicing your interest on a dedicated messaging board on the host where you learned about this job. Consider that the syndicate members sponsoring this job will be able to see and reply to your post, as will other hackers who received the same message.
For your IC response include what you’re matrix persona looks like, and in particular what flavor it would take on to blend into a wild-west themed host.
Be aware that the sixth world is not a pleasant one. Tactical thinking both in and out of combat is advised and a lack of vigilance is more than enough to get you killed or worse.
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