Resorts World Manila Casino: World-Class Gaming and ...

[Serious] People who've worked/works at one of the casinos in Manila (Okada, Solaire, City of Dreams, Resorts World Manila, etc.) what are some of the saddest things that you've seen on the gaming floor?

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(GMA) Resorts World attack victims' kin upset about resumption of gaming ops | The family of one of the victims of the Resorts World Manila tragedy on Thursday expressed dismay over the resumption of gaming operations at the posh hotel-casino.

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Ayala Corp buys Qualimed hospital network... and Merry Christmas! (Wednesday, Dec 23)

Happy Wednesday, Barkada --

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PH Resorts FOO is today... spicy times ahead (no ceiling/floor) (Thursday, Nov 5)

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Ghost writer

“Mr. Fuller?”
The tall man looked up at him through a curtain of black greasy bangs and his face was equal parts good-natured annoyance and cool certainty. Detective Cutter liked the annoyance, annoyed men could become angry and angry men made mistakes, but the certainty was going to make this exchange difficult. A man who was certain was a man who would play the game to win and Detective Cutter was just as certain that this man was guilty.
“Do you know why you’re here?” Cutter asked as he put the box down between them, looming over Fuller like some dark sentry. He could not, of course, have done this if Fuller was standing. If Fuller had been any further into six feet he would have been playing basketball somewhere instead of writing crime novels. Cutter was all of five feet and only because of his red, Irish curls. He stood over Fuller now though, not glowering but not smiling, from a position of power that Fuller’s certain and almost bright smile did not seem to understand. The game was over in the ninth inning, caught the last pitch before it could sail over the wall, and now it was all over but the crying.
Fuller looked at him like a professor looks at a bright pupil who's just broken the cardinal rule and asked a very stupid question, “Don’t you know?” he asked in that deep cultured voice that made Cutter want to start hitting him, “I assumed you must after two officers came to my office to collect me.”
Cutter snorted, “Collect you? Mr. Fuller, you were arrested, Mirandized, and placed in an interrogation room. I’d say that’s about as far from “collected” as it gets.”
Fuller sighed, “Come now Officer Cutter, we both know that if you could charge me for anything we wouldn’t be having this little chat now would we?”
Cutter grabbed the chair next to him and spun it so he could lean against the back of it as he sat. It was a distinctly juvenile posture but he accepted it as he settled in for a long match. He was tired, bone-weary, from chasing this guys shadow for the last three weeks and he’d be damned if he’d let him slip away now. Marcus Fuller was going to answer for these murders if they had to sit here all week and Cutter was settling in for the long run.
“My captain likes you for this, hell I like you for this, and we have solid evidence that if you didn’t pull the trigger yourself then you know who did.”
Fuller rolled his eyes, “And why would I want to commit murder? I’m a very successful writer with two Sunday Times Noir Award. I was on two Best Seller lists just last week and expect to be again three months from now when my new book hits shelves. I live very comfortably and could easily retire from writing and maintain that comfort for the rest of my life if I choose. Why would I jeopardize that by killing prostitutes and thugs?”
“Let's start with that “Prostitute” shall we?” He said as he reached into the box and took out a thick manila folder. He flipped it open onto two pictures of a pretty brunet in her early forties. The top photo showed her inviting guests into a newly opened Royal Casino while the bottom was her being booked a few years before for solicitation. Her expression was the same in both photos; devil may care with a side order or iron poise.
“Marjory Dire, proprietor of Dire Need, who was found murdered in her suite at the Seawind Resort.” He flipped the page and behind it were several shots of a glassy-eyed Marjory who was no longer possessed of poise or much of anything. She lay naked across a hotel bed with a long, angry cut from one ear to the other barely visible through the thick collar of blood clotting around the wound. “Hotel staff received a noise complaint around eleven and hotel security found her with her throat cut at eleven-thirty.”
He had hoped the grizzly scene would shock Fuller. He had hoped for revulsion, hoped Fuller would turn green, be sick in the wastebasket, or even that he would appear excited by the photos and tip his hand in front of the detective.
Instead, he studied them for a moment and then looked back at Cutter expectantly.
“Very graphic Officer Cutter but what does this have to do with me?”
Detective Cutter reached into the box as he spoke, “The murder scene of Marjory Dire is nearly the same as the killing of Catherine Hoff in your book Hunter City.” He removed a dog eared paperback from the box and Fuller didn’t seem at all surprised to see it. “If you’ll indulge me Mr. Fuller?” and before he could protest Cutter had opened the book to the paragraph in question.
“Hold her Jack, I’m about to send Regis a message.”
As the switchblade came to life, Cat began to struggle as she hung between Jack and Anthony. Her tears made black pools of her mascara and when Hunter lifted her chin to look her in the eye she had long tracts down either side of her face. He waggled the blade in front of her face and she cringed away as the steel glinted.
“Please Glenn, please don’t do this! We can make a deal, I’ll work for you instead of Regis, but please don’t hurt me, Glenn.” And she dissolved into shuddering sobs again.
She stopped when Hunter pressed the edge against her throat, “It’s nothing personal Cat; it’s just business.”
She sighed like a split seem as the knife parted her flesh and her blood poured across the swell of her modest breasts. When Hunters Gentlemen released her, she fell back onto the bed with a boneless grace and Hunter only spared her a final glance before he strode into the hall and left her alone in the makeshift abattoir.
Fuller indulged him as he read and when Marcus finished he only sat expectantly.
“What do you make of that Mr. Fuller?” he finally asked when it seemed Fuller would not break the silence.
Fuller shrugged, “Seems a fan of my work decided to reenact some of his favorite scenes. As I told you the first time you came snooping around my office I was at a charity event that night and a dozen people will corroborate that I was present until well past midnight. So unless I’m under arrest for writing a convincing crime drama…”
“Are you familiar with the murder of Gerald and Jamal Smith, Mr. Fuller?" Cutter cut him off mid-sentence. Men like Fuller hated to be cut off and he felt certain the act would unnerve him.
It didn’t.
“I’m afraid I’m not,” Fuller said, crossing his arms and appraising Detective Cutter with light disapproval.
“They were hired muscle for Selectmen Cane; a local crime boss in the area. All three of them also bear a striking resemblance to Boyl, Barker, and Regis Angel from Hunter Street.”
Fuller rolled his eyes and sighed deeply in the back of his throat, “Do tell.”
“Both Gerald and Jamal were visiting the tavern bellow Canes office when their drinks were spiked with Rohypnol. Both were large men Mr. Fuller and both had a lot of experience with guns; as did Boyl and Barker. Boyl and Barker, as you’ll recall, were drugged by Glenn Hunter before he assailed the home of Regis Angel and both sets were shot on the stairs as they tried to return to their boss. Their nerves dulled. they were easy prey for both Glenn Hunter and our current mystery killer. Then, of course, there’s the nature of Selectman Cane's death.”
“Let me guess,” said Fuller, “drowned in the bath?”
He flipped through the file and settled it back onto the table, “Close, drowned in the sink.”
The photos were of a man in his late fifties lying face up in a utility sink. His shoulders had been forced down into the wide basin and his face was a spider web of cuts and scratches where the faucet had battered him. One of his eyes bulged grotesquely from his face as his other stared glassily at the photographer. Fuller looked at this with no more interest than he had the others and when he looked up his eyes questioned Cutter on what he hoped to accomplish.
“He didn’t catch Selectman Cane in the bath you see and he was forced to improvise by drowning him in a utility sink. Cane fought but forensics says his attacker finally broke his back and forced him down into the utility sink so he could properly drown him.”
“That’s not from one of my books Officer Cutter.”
“No, but Hunter did drown Regis Angel in a bathtub after killing his bodyguards in a stairwell. I’ve got the passage somewhere here.” He said as he removed a copy of Hunter Street from the box as well. He turned to back and saw Fuller wince as he bent the page back to read the highlighted paragraph.
“That’s more of a reaction than he had to the entire photo album.” Cutter thought as his eyes found the spot.
Hunter watched as Wagner’s eyes went wide as he pushed through the bathroom door. Wagner reached for the gun under his jacket but the little silenced pistol in Hunter’s hand woofed softly and he felt the angry burn as the acoustics of the bathroom turn Rise of the Valkyries into a cover for the loud wet slap of a body hitting the floor. He entered the small door between the bathroom and the washroom unnoticed and as he pushed the large form of Regis Angel under the water he was rewarded with total surprise. The old man was still quite strong and had it not been for the surprise of the attack and the slippery bathtub in which he had been lounging Hunter thought he’d have been in for a real fight. As he drowned him he bent over him so he could watch the life leave his eyes. “If you watch a powerful man draw his last breath some of his spirit will be transferred to you boy.” His grandfather had told him this a thousand times if he’d told him once but as the struggling stopped and great shadow of Regis Angel left the world forever Hunter felt little save a deep sense of satisfaction and a staggering sense of loss.
“You’re reaching detective.” Fuller scoffed but Cutter noticed the change in title and it seemed a victory if a small one.
“He was drowned on his back Mr. Fuller, which leads us to believe his attacker wanted to watch him die.”
“Which supports the theory of a copy cat!” Fuller barked, pushing up from his comfortable pose to glower at Cutter. “Just because you beat this dead horse over and over again Detective does not mean it’s going to give you anything but…”
“Your third book was a bit of a disappointment wouldn’t you say, Mr. Fuller?”
That shut him up. He stopped midsentence and goggled at Cutter as if he’d just grown an extra head. If Fuller wanted to play the copy cat game then Fuller was ready to drop his final piece of damning evidence. He was more than happy to let Fuller back himself fully into this corner first though.
Fuller blew out a long breath, “I don’t see what relevance that has at all in this case.”
“A dozen rewrites, not well received by the fans, and the reception to the ending was so bad you had to write a fourth book and turn the Hunter trilogy into a Hunter quartet. That had to sting a little wouldn’t you say?”
“That was a decision I made on my own.” He snapped but Cutter didn’t care. He had this guy and he knew it. The first two pieces were only the appetizers and after he served up the main course he’d be more than happy to give this guy his just desserts.
“Well, the most recent murder was very reminiscent of another scene from your book…”
“Oh please, do tell! Someone kill a big stupid bruiser on the street with a machine gun? Poison a congressman? Slit a whore up the…”
Cutter threw down an open folder and watched the pompous prick deflate like an old balloon, “We had to request the manuscript from his secretary when we found out you had written a fourth novel. She was so distraught that she sent it over immediately. This, Mr. Fuller, is the reason you’re here.”
Fuller looked far more unsettled by these photos than anything else that day, “This can't be.” He finally breathed, “I just talked to Dan last week, he was…he was…”
“Danforth Wild was murdered in his apartment last week; three days after you threatened him over social media for “stealing the premise of Hunter State for his noir series”. You said you would make his regret every word published, didn’t you? I guess maybe he regrets it now doesn’t he.”
Fuller sat looking at the page for several seconds before closing his eyes and sighing, “He was eviscerated just like the congressman in Hunter’s Stand. My agent was the only one who had a copy of the manuscript so, of course, you think…”
He closed the folder and glared up at Cutter, “Hook me to a lie detector Detective. Call my assistant and ask her where I was when Dan was killed. I have no receipts for travel, I have taken no leave from work, and you will find that there is no way I could have done these things. Now unless you’re prepared to hold me under suspicion I demand you release me.”
Cutter stared at him for nearly a minute before shaking his head with a deep sigh. He had hoped he could grill the answers out of Fuller but the guy was too slick for that. His captain was going to rake him over the coals for this one and Cutter could already hear the sound of pens signing his “leave of absence” slip.
“You're free to go.” He said, waving his hand at the door, and Fuller left with a little slam as the door shut behind him.
Three weeks of suspension from duty.
Cutter drained the whiskey from his glass and slid it back towards Mike the barman. He had drunk his first drink at the Fighting Cock and he thought it would probably be the place where he took his last too. You shake enough trees like he had and you were bound to have something fall on you eventually. Guys like Fuller though made him ache for a drink.
The door jingled and Cutter didn’t even look up until someone plopped down next to him.
“They thought I might find you here,” said a familiar, cultured voice, “I need your help.”
Cutter blew a chuckle into his shot before knocking it back, “You dance around justice, get me suspended for three weeks, and expect me to…”
He flinched a little when he looked up at him. Fuller had a long jagged cut across his face and his left eye looked like a few more punches would have broken the socket. He caught Mike’s eye and the barman seemed to be trying to decide whether to call the police or let Cutter handle this. In the end, he offered him a rag from behind the bar and slouched off out of earshot.
Fuller's eyes darted towards the door like a trapped animal as he spoke, “I need you to protect me. The man whose been murdering these people has been staying with me for several months now. He’s also responsible for the fourth Hunter book and until tonight I thought his killings were something benign; a way to clean up the streets if you will. When I confronted him about Dan though he went crazy and tried to kill me in my apartment.”
“Slow down,” said Cutter as he took a pad of paper out of his pocket, “let me get some information first.” He wobbled a little on his stool as the alcohol settled over him like a cloud. The shots were beginning to catch up with him but he wanted to be sure he got everything down verbatim. If he could bring this information to his captain then they’d have to rescind his suspension. “Let's start with a name, who tried to kill you?”
Fuller took a deep breath before saying the last name that Cutter would have ever expected, “Glenn Hunter.”
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MILitW, Conference Desk edition!

It's happening right now gang. I recently got transferred from my old job at the hotel to a position in the attached event center, with a desk and full time benefits because I'm a big kid now.
So one of our event planners came down and let us (me and Cool Coworker Deskbuddy) know she's doing a walkthrough with a young couple [Surname] looking at venue space. Nbd except we are packed and yeah, it's a bad time. Lots of people milling around, looking for their dinner venue/breakout session/IT services. Young couple comes down and introduces themselves as Husband To Be[Name 1, very common masculine name and Surname] and Wife To Be [Name 2, very lovely but less common feminine name]. She's beaming like she won the prize, he's lovestruck and goofy, it's adorable. They say Wife's parents are coming, is that ok. It is, though with my background, I'm already on Oh Shit alert. I've got a reputation for distrusting MILs, coworkers know why and have Janus's pic and background (to keep an eye out) so no one is surprised when I focus in. Down the escalator comes two of the happiest looking people ever. This is Bride's parents, mom looks like a dumpy version of Madge Carrigan, the female Yule God from Supernatural's "A Very Supernatural Christmas," and dad is a handsketch of an old Midwest oil field worker, and both are beaming. Megawatt smiles. Bride goes for the hugs, Groom gives a hug to bride's mom and what is visible a Very Manly Handshake for Bride's Dad. Planner introduces herself, and off they go. (Checking out two of the big venues.... someone's dropping $$$ on this wedding.)
I've dropped from DEFCON but still gotta be alert because of Big Event ongoing and I see two people come down escalator within 10minutes of couple going on their tour. They're looking around scanning the masses, but y'all.... If the other lady looked like a man-eating Pagan god, this lady felt like one. She and her hubs are both a whirling Scylla-esque vortex of CBF. Scowling like it's the only thing holding them up. Scowling like they need it to survive. They're noses couldn't curl up any further if they wired them back like Lon Chaney in the Phantom of the Opera. They start to walk over to our desk, but then sit at some nearby chaise lounges. They keep scoping the room then snarl-whispering at each other. Finally she gets up and comes over. Now, any of you that are attached to hotels and casinos know - you do not give out guest or visitor info, PERIOD. So when she walks up, I go through my lines....
Crow: "Hello and welcome to [name], how can i help you?😃"
MILitW: "YES my name is [hag] and I am here to walk the event space with my SON, [GROOM] and his girl." (bold for where she emphasized)
Crow: "I apologize, ma'am, but I cannot give out any information about potential guests without notification from that guest."
MILitW: (disgruntled heave of air) "What about [Bride]?"
Now, you need to understand.... I'm a troll. I'm a mean spirited, spiteful, petty, snarky shithead troll. I live for causing asshole's grief. It's one of my true passions. So, totally straight faced, Crow: "I'm sorry, I don't understand."
MILitW: "is [Bride] here?!"
Crow: "I am the Event Center Concierge, ma'am, I don't handle check in."
MILitW: "but is she here?!"
Crow: "Presently we have over x000 guests on site with many more due to check in, if you are looking for someone in specific perhaps you should phone them."
MILitW: "She's not STAYING, she's dragging my SON to damnation and won't let him answer calls from his PARENTS."
Crow: "Oh, wow."
MILitW: ('long pause) "...... ......SO CAN YOU CALL HIM?!" Her eyes were BUGGING OUT.
Crow: "i don't have their mobile number, ma'am."
MILitW: "So they are here!!"
Crow: "I did not say that, I said you should call them. You told me to call them, but i dont have their numbers. "
It is at this point coworker takes our walkie talkie and slides into our supervisor's office. I can't hear what's going on, but I know protocol- surveillance, security, and source, meaning we now have our cameras trained, a security guard on the way, and the planner is notified of the problem. I'm still shining my Southern smarm at this bitch. She's shaking and FIL(in the wild?) has walked over. I'm having the best time of my frustrating day. Planner comes down escalator, unaccompanied, holding her folders, walks over and politely nods to the ILs from the Wild, hands me a manila envelope and then walks off. I keep my eyes, and smile, on MIL, but thank planner and check folder contents.
"They are not supposed to be here. Security coming."
Yeah, thanks planner. I figured that out. I keep running interference.
Crow: "Ma'am, if you can't what you need, I can't help you any further. I can't and won't disclose any further information about potential guests, and you've not been forthcoming about your further needs."
MILitW: "I am going on a venue tour and if I have to find them myself I WILL."
Now, this is a problem. Our event space is a large exaggerated circle. These people could reasonable find Bride and Groom easily if they haven't been smuggled into a room. So, change tactics. Little miss helpful time.
Crow: "Oh well I can let you use my phone if you'd like!"
Full stop, sudden attempt at a rigor grin.
MILitW: " Oh yes!" and starts to reach OVER MY DESK and grabs at my personal cell phone.
Crow: "NO." (Slams hand over phone, pushing MILs hand out of the way)
FILitW: "Now wait just a Minute!" MILitW: "how DARE YOU?!"
Crow: v serious hate face now, "that is my private property. You can clearly see a (resort name) phone next to it. You do not touch other people's things without permission."
The entitled bitch face. It was real.
Crow: " Now what was that number?"
She seems mega pissed but fessed up number. Unfortunately it's local so I can't tell her I can't call it or charge her. It starts ringing over speaker, and she lunges for it but again, your Crow is a wise old bird and snaps up the phone.
Groom answers, sounding wary, I give my very professional greeting, and then say "i am calling in regards to a guest question. There is a woman-"
Crow: "here who is inquiring about a scheduled event and I am-"
Groom: "FUCK THIS." (dead line)
(insert Stitch "ooooh")
Crow: "I'm sorry ma'am the line had died."
Before she can respond, here comes Groom, Bride, Good In Laws, and Planner. Groom looks like he's gonna kick some ass, Bride looks ... my heart died a bit. She looked so scared and heartbroken and just sad. Little angry. MIL goes as red as her boxed dye hair and explodes. Can't make it all out but Groom shouts it down while Good Parents try to shield Bride. MILitW is calling her everything... whore, white trash, "methy bitch", gold digger, slut, hell she even ends up throwing Good Mom in there making comments about "just like your whore mother" and so on while the two Fathers are squaring up when up comes three security guards, and a badge wearing State Gaming Commission officer.
Good in Laws start backing down, Groom is in FILitW's face when I hear "This is why I don't FUCKING LOVE YOU. You are the worst most miserable assholes in the fucking WORLD." For how busy we were, you could hear a pin drop. The MILitW busts into sobs as Groom snaps, "this is why I have a damned restraining order!" and that's all our guys need to hear. The Asshole In Laws were loaded into a police car as I started this post, and are now probably being booked or something because we are really close to a police station. Bride looks broken though, and Groom is in a bit of trouble for screaming curse words in our family friendly establishment, but I can see the planner working on her laptop to try and make this event happen. We brought them a platter of chocolate covered strawberries and gave them a dining comp for their troubles. They're headed down to eat now.
Holy hell, yall.... my coworker is applauding my spidey sense/paranoia for calling that so quick.
And now I finish the remaining 2 hours of my 10 hr shift....
Edited: Omg Reddit Gold for my bitchy ass snark??? I love you guys so much, you do not know what this means to me! I feel very validated in my choices, I certainly didn't get involved for the points, but because 1. It was the right thing to do, both ethically and morally, and 2. I'm mean to MILs because no one helped me stand up to my own MIL.
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resorts world trip report

Outside of hypermarket, I flagged a cab.
"Resorts world", I told him.
"250" he replied. Usually, you can get taxis to go by the meter, which is dirt cheap. A cab to resorts world costs around 120 pesos or $2.40 in freedom bucks. Sometimes the cabbies try to hold you up for more money. Considering the bitter heat of the Manila sun and the endemic gridlock that suffocated the metropolis during the midday I wasn't exactly in a position to argue. We took the skyway; I paid the toll.
I arrived at the casino and immediately got seated at a newly opened 50/100 game (equivalent to $1/$2), exchanging four crips 1,000 peso notes fresh from the ATM for some chips. When the first pot went limped eight ways, I realized there was something special about my table. I ordered coffee from the waitress and waited patiently. What was that they say about NLHE? Two hours of boredom followed by two minutes of sheer exhilaration and excitement. It didn't take long to get into action.
After four or five folds, I picked up two red queens. It was straddled to 200 and limped in front of me. A pot size raise would be to 950, so I moved out small tower of black, raising to 1000. The straddler called, and the original limper jammed all in. He had previously been caught on in a 2k river bluff (after raising a field of limpers with QJo), so I wasn't shy about risking my towering 38.5 bb stack on the third best hand in NLHE. We turned our cards over. It was the absolute best case scenario possible; he flipped over QJ. Sadly four spades on the board gave him the winning hand.
Inwardly I seethed. Losing as a 9:1 favourite is never easy, especially when you are taking a shot at a higher limit. I've got thirty min buys in my bankroll and I need every single one of them. But freaking out wouldn't do me any good, so I took a few deep breaths, smiled at my opponent while he dragged the pot and reminded myself that poker is a game of variance and if it weren't for bad beats there wouldn't be a game. Chips!
I bought another 4000, but lost 600 more after I raised a straddle again from EP/MP with AQo and bricked the flop, which we took four ways. Another 600 went down the drain after I opened AJ into 6 or 7 players over a straddle and got three bet by a conservative player who I had played with before. I had only 2600 after I opened, and there was 2k dead, but I figured my opponent had AK/QQ+, which would make me a 3:1 dog and I'm getting just under 2:1. So I folded, and rebought another 1000. Then my luck turned around.
I open limped KQo with six players still to act, figuring I could entice people with dominated hands into the pot, and we saw the flop 7 way. The flop came K53, and I bet 300. My opponent put out 500, which the dealer corrected to a minraise, one of the whales took two to the face, and I called the minraise getting 6 or 7:1. The turn was a king. I checked, and my opponent bet 2k. I didn't have much more than 2k left, maybe 2600 or so, so I jammed. He called, and turned out 53, now drawing dead. I had achieved a full double.
Then I picked up AKhh in bb. It was limped, and there was a small raise, which I called. Three to the flop 1k in the middle. The flop was JTx with one heart, PFR bets 300 into 1k, I peel, other guy folds. Turn is a low heart, x/x, river is a king c/c. MHIG vs AT.
Then, I pick up AQdd and open to 300 after a guy buys the button. We see the flop 3 way, 950 in the pot. The flop comes AQ6. I bet 700, and get minraised to 1400. Button buyer folds. 66 would make a lot of sense, but for 100 bbs I'm not going to let top two go. I reraise to 4200, and villain calls. Turn is a brick, I jam, and villain calls. When I table my hand he curses tersely, alleviating any fear that he might have the dreaded 666. I offer to run it twice against his AK but he declines, and my hand holds up. "Deal me out".
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Casinos 2019 Global Market Expected to Grow at CAGR (%) and Forecast to 2025

Casinos 2019 Global Market Expected to Grow at CAGR (%) and Forecast to 2025
Global Casinos market: Snapshot
Market Overview of Casinos Market : The report provides a global analysis of Casinos Market 2019 Report provides Insightful information to the clients enhancing their basic leadership capacity identified. This Report is segmented into Manufactures, Types, Applications, and Regions. The market covers the wide spectrum of the factors governing future growth including drivers, challenges, emerging trends, technology changes, and environmental factors.
Casinos are establishments where people can participate in various forms of gambling, and the casino industry generates high revenues from these activities.In 2017, the top four players account for an estimated 9.2% of industry revenue. This is mainly due to the geographically diverse nature of the industry, as well as the increasingly diverse range of products that have come to market with the introduction of online gambling. For example, within certain locals, such as Macau and Singapore, the industry is concentrated among just a few players, mainly due to the strict regulatory framework the industry is governed by.
The analysis includes market size, upstream situation, market segmentation, market segmentation, price & cost and industry environment. In addition, the report outlines the factors driving industry growth and the description of market channels. The report begins from overview of industrial chain structure, and describes the upstream. Besides, the report analyses market size and forecast in different geographies, type and end-use segment, in addition, the report introduces market competition overview among the major companies and companies profiles, besides, market price and channel features are covered in the report
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The Casinos market report analyses the growth opportunities as well as the threats to the Casinos market w.r.t Business Tactics, Sales Volume and Latest Developments that are taking place in Casinos Industry. Facts such as the Product launch events, Casinos industry news, growth drivers, challenges and investment scope have been analyzed at depth in Casinos research report.
Some of the most prominent Key Vendors: Caesars Entertainment, Galaxy Entertainment, Las Vegas Sands, MGM Resorts, SJM Holdings, 888 Holdings, Betfair Online Casino Games, Boyd Gaming, City of Dreams Manila, Delaware Park, Dover Downs Gaming & Entertainment, Foxwoods Resort Casino, Gala Coral Group, Golden Nugget Online Casino, Harrington Gaming online, Isle of Capri Casinos, Ladbrokes, Palms Casino Resort, Penn National Gaming, Philippines Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR), Pinnacle Entertainment, Resorts World Manila, Station Casinos, Stratosphere, Tropicana Entertainment, Trump Entertainment Resorts, William Hill, Wynn Resorts
Regions covered in the market report: North America (United States, Canada and Mexico), Europe (Germany, France, UK, Russia and Italy), Asia-Pacific (China, Japan, Korea, India and Southeast Asia), South America (Brazil, Argentina, Colombia etc.), Middle East and Africa (Saudi Arabia, UAE, Egypt, Nigeria and South Africa)
Applications Segment Analysis: On-line, Off-line
Product Segment Analysis: Gambling Machines, Gaming Tables, Online Legal Casino Gaming Services
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The study objectives of this report are: • To study and forecast the market size of Casinos market. • To analyze the global key players, SWOT analysis, value and global market share for top players. • To define, describe and forecast the market by type, end use and region. • To analyze and compare the market status and forecast between China and major regions, namely, North America, Europe, France, UK, Asia-Pacific, South America and Middle East and Africa. • To analyze the global key regions market potential and advantage, opportunity and challenge, restraints and risks. • To identify significant trends and factors driving or inhibiting the market growth. • To analyze the opportunities in the market for stakeholders by identifying the high growth segments. • To strategically analyze each submarket with respect to individual growth trend and their contribution to the market • To analyze competitive developments such as expansions, agreements, new product launches, and acquisitions in the market • To strategically profile the key players and comprehensively analyze their growth strategies.
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Our experts and analysts evaluate the vendors in the Casinos market and provide understandings to articulate current and future market trends, innovation, customer expectations and competitive forces. The overviews, SWOT analysis and strategies of each vendor in the market provide understanding about the Casinos market forces and how those can be oppressed to create future opportunities.
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resorts world once again

My fiance and her kid had invaded my condo for three days straight to celebrate the Christmas holidays, so I decided to get a break from cartoon movies and grabbed a cab to Resorts World. Despite a 7k distance from my house to the casino, the fare was only 120 pesos, but being the baller that I am I gave him 150 and told him to keep the change. Cheap taxis are one of the few perks of living in Manila, and despite the fact that it was noon hour the traffic wasn't too bad for once. I guess most of the city was at home with their loved ones. For point of reference 150 PHP is $3 USD 1:50 ratio.
In the casino I signed up for 25/50 and 50/100. It was evident that there would be a bit of a wait, so I played a few hands of blackjack to pass the time. The game was alright, ENHC, S17, DAS, DA2, ES10, but dealt from a continuous shuffle machine that was refed every round so counting was a no go. The 500 peso minimum was a bit steep but I had to do something to pass the time. Thing started out poorly and before too long I was down 8 minimum bets (4000 pesos). Sigh. I rebought again. An Asian gentleman joined me for a hand. He played three spots and lost them all, while I won on blackjack and A9. Sweet. I recovered a few more bets and decided to bounce.
Nearby was a craps table. I put 200 pesos, the minimum, on the pass line. The shooter made two points in a row and then threw a seven before the point was established. Up 600 (down 1400 so far for the day) I decided to bounce, and made my way back to the poker room where they were finally opening a new 25/50 game.
The game was good. I picked up exactly one hand in the first two hours, an AQ that I folded to a donk bet in a multiway pot on the flop when I failed to improve, and otherwise I sat there patiently folding. The waitress brought me a few black coffees and waters, which I declined to tip her for. There is no tipping culture in the Philippines, most of these people are just happy to have jobs working for a dollar an hour. Bored of folding I stumbled back to the blackjack table and bought in for another one thousand pesos and placed two minimum bets. To my delight I won both, even collecting a 3:2 bonus for blackjack on one hand. I took all 2250 pesos and added them to my stack. Ten minutes later, I again picked up AQ. Suited this time, in spades.
A gentleman opened to 275 from early position, and I decided to smooth call in MP. We took a flop heads up. The flop came with two low spades, giving me a nut flush draw. My opponent then dropped four black chips into the pot one at a time, but then stated that he had said all in. The dealer placed the all in placard in front of him, and I made the call. We were 5500 effective on the flop, but he seemed like a bit of an idiot and had earlier made a sizeable iso raise with 27o so I figured, why the fuck not? He showed down KsTs for an inferior flush draw. The board bricked out and I scooped a nice 13k pot. I then folded for an orbit and a half, buddy I had stacked fucked off to another table, and I decided I'd had enough of the smokey air and grabbed a cab home.
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Two casino resorts to open gates in Asia

The Asian gambling industry sent mixed signals in 2014, with the Macau casinos posting remarkable data while the Korean counterparts are still struggling. This is basically a continuation of a trend that started a couple of years ago and third parties are trying to find a place in this niche. Online poker companies are also trying to establish a foothold here, with PokerStars being not only the most active but also the most successful online operator. It is running weekly tournaments and cash games at its headquarters in Macau, with City of Dreams being the gracious host. They have virtually no competition online, but in the dynamic land-based casino industry, there are a couple of big players that one needs to outshine. With the new regulations freezing all casino permits in Macau for almost a decade, it came as no surprise that major operators try to open casino resorts elsewhere. Melco Crown Entertainment has its sights locked on the Philippines where it plans on opening a venue that will go by the name of City of Dreams Manila resort casino. It will have all the popular features that players can enjoy in Macau on an even greater scale, but apparently the project will be more expensive than initially thought. Group representatives announced that the budget will be supplemented by another $800 million, which represents an increase of more than 20%. This is not the first time that City of Dreams Manila requires more funds than originally estimated, with the last increase consisting of a 10% spike. Melco Crown Entertainment has no doubts about its ability to raise the necessary amount and it relies on the Philippines unit. It fares well at the moment and with money being plentiful, there is no reason to believe that the project will be brought to a screeching halt. Meanwhile, in Korea an ambitious project could be delayed or even stop, as Genting Singapore told the media that they are postponing the building of the resource casino. Financial factors represent only half of the problem, because casino officials told the media that they are also waiting on local politicians to agree with their casino development plans. The plans for World Jeju resort is still on the table and the company is confident that by 2017, the brand-new casino we welcome its first customers in South Korea.
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All the data for Gamatoto

Gamatoto data
So after looking through the files of BC i found the gamatoto data... decided to post all the data here.
Gamatoto lines  
with a Hippoe.| after being taken hostage.| in Beverly Hills.| in a bug-infested jungle.| on a skyscraper's roof!| inside an ancient tomb.| during a double typhoon.| at a run-down theme park.| at the unemployment office.| in the 9th circle of Hell.| on the Champs Elysee.| at a 24-hour diner.| with a mysterious stranger.| during a family reunion.| with a childhood friend.| with a wandering hobo.| with the Cat God.| with an obnoxious neighbor.| with their crush from school.| during a blind date.| during a vision quest.| while filling out paperwork.| with Teacher Bun-Bun.| while in prison.| while falling from 30,000ft.| at a mall food court.| while stuck in traffic.| during a self-help course.| while making a cute face.| at a posh nightclub.| in an underground vault.| while lost in the forest.| at the Hospital ICU.| with Sexy Legs Cat.| thanks to Camelle.| with Doge.| due to heartbreak.| due to heatstroke.| with a lewd kappa.| at a Maid Café.| at a friend's wedding.| at a death metal show.| after meeting Moneko.| at the scene of the crime.| inside a public toilet.| on a city bus.| at a condemned warehouse.| while picking a lock.| because of the Illuminati.| thanks to a pyramid scheme.| at a scummy dive bar.| at their parents' basement.| at a Broadway show.| at a speed-dating party.| during his school reunion.| under the cherry blossoms.| at his retirement party.| after making a 3-point shot.| on the first day of school.| and realized they're not a Cat.| at a Las Vegas casino.| at the airport.| at a hidden library.| at a Milanese café.| during a daring heist.| at a Texas rodeo.| at the World Cup.| at the top of Mt. Fuji.| at Bondi Beach.| after a failed one-liner.| at the Parthenon.| while eating a TV dinner.| during a hockey game.| after joining the army.| with their secret admirer.| with the kid from next door.| thanks to the school bully.| while relaxing in the shade.| while climbing the Swiss Alps.| during a massive earthquake.| after winning the Iditarod.| during a press conference.| at a shareholder's meeting.| after an awkward breakup.| while enduring intense pain.| at a three-star restaurant.| while on the verge of death.| in the Chamber of Secrets.| while still in kindergarten.| during a sudden blizzard.| after unexpected betrayal!| while flying a helicopter.| under a cloudless sky.| after losing their tour group.| at the toy store.| while riding a unicycle.| at airport security.| at a child's birthday party.| in the middle of Mumbai.| on vacation in Bali.| next to their father-in-law.| in a bamboo grove.| at a crowded street bazaar.| at a fast-food restaurant.| after eating discount sushi.| at a hot-spring resort.| while in the car.| while watching the clock.| after getting to Heaven.| at the baggage claim.| in the desert.| in a blinding white void.| while firing the Cat Cannon.| on the edge of a cliff.| during the end credits.| at the center of the Earth.| at an office birthday party.| after checking their email.| in the name of science.| at the Rat Kingdom.| at an abandoned hospital.| on an Alaskan fishing boat.| with a famous actress.| on a sinking ship.| in front of their scary boss.| after winning "Best Actor".| while looking at the stars.| with the school principal.| at Yankee Stadium.| during a penalty kick.| at a kebab stand.| at the hair salon.| during a job interview.| with the school nurse.| at senior prom.| with a car salesman.| with a wise old hermit.| at the Tree of Legend.| during interrogation.| at a local flea market.| during Carnival.| without understanding why.| in a gated community.| in front of the mirror.| in an unmarked black sedan.| in the gym sauna.| in the women's locker room.| while hiding in the attic.| during a beautiful sunset.| at the movie theater.| at football team tryouts.| in a dirty taxicab.| at the Cat Base.| with a bicycle thief.| while hiding in a dumpster.| while in the bath.| at a frozen lake.| at the Cyber Academy.| while stuck in Purgatory.| with B-list actor.| after duelling with a Vajira.| in the Enemy Base.| with a teacup in one hand.| while writing a love letter.| at Nyarvard University.| in Jizo's Moving Castle.| in Mekako's workshop.| at [CLASSIFIED].| at Silicon Valley.| at his piano recital.| at the doctor's office.| on an aircraft carrier.| at his ancestor's grave.| during yoga class.| due to family circumstances.| on a packed train in summer.| trying to catch a bird.| as he watched a sad TV show.| during a thrilling chase.| after suffering vertigo.| after appearing on TV.| while interviewing experts.| after Mom yelled at him.| after joining a boy band.| at an Arctic Research Base.| while leading a revolution.| with a chupacabra.| in a moment of desperation.| after losing a title fight.| after studying all night.| while out with Grandpa.| after dropping their wallet.| while texting and driving.| after a romantic proposal.| after a round of karaoke.| after a deep trauma.| at a busy pizza parlor.| during a part-time job.| during final exams.| at the base of Taipei 101.| on a boat to Singapore.| on the street in Manila.| when Sir Seal attacked!| while making casserole.| while being buried alive.| after getting a bad cramp.| while flailing their arms wildly.| after gaining mutant powers.| while under anaesthesia.| during a slumber party.| while wearing a cute skirt.| on Leg Day.| in a ninja village.| during an exorcism.| after writing their memoirs.| with a feisty old guy.| at the bus stop.| during a game of dodgeball.| after losing their tail.| while dreaming of Senpai.| after a 72-hour TV binge.| after eating a whole cake.| while riding an alligator.| on the last day of summer.| during a power outage.| after brain surgery.| at the dollar store.| @| was captured | discovered a lost city | ate food off the ground | got lost in thought | was beaten to a pulp | built their dream home | ran out of breath | was permenantly disturbed | confronted their worst fear | caught an incurable disease | was rejected | followed their true passion | picked some flowers | felt itchy | celebrated their birthday | was groped | got a bag of candy | delivered a powerful speech | had to use the toilet | went golfing with the boss | exploded | took a new job | learned they were adopted | was sold life insurance | got trampled | just couldn't take it | had a quiet family dinner | grew wings and flew away | laughed out loud | went all in on a bet | made a bad investment | cried until they laughed | felt shy | felt like moving to Canada | broke a sacred vow | decided to sue | took a naughty photo | met their biological father | impressed their longtime hero | nearly died of shame | took a new identity | was arrested | felt some relief | inspired an anime series | got deported | made a police report | was reported to the police | really messed up | was put under house arrest | learned the meaning of life | went delightfully mad | went on a rampage | went bankrupt | awoke with a start | ate the best burger ever | did an amazing cartwheel | drank too much | reached enlightenment | mastered the somersault | founded a charity | got caught poaching | resisted arrest | felt deeply nostalgic | developed six-pack abs | got challenged to a duel | got bit by a mouse | felt seriously hungry | saw something suspicious | wept furiously | went on a bender | revealed a conspiracy | littered, then felt bad | trembled in fear | realized the horror of war | was reborn | nodded off for a moment | repeated the question | saw a spooky ghost | missed Mom's cooking | became a vegetarian | steeled their resolve | leaked a scandal | fell in love | made a real mess | danced 'til they dropped | felt sweaty | finished their dissertation | ate nothing but cabbage | fought for world peace | knew true heartbreak | burned their tongue | yawned | became confused | got stalked | threw away some old undies | pretended to work hard | hummed quietly | lost consciousness | nearly choked to death | finally got it together | bought too many donuts | fed some ducks | stole candy from a baby | suspected their best friend | geeked out | stole a pen | got food poisoning | was truly miserable | worked a part time job | decided to take a day off | discovered a dark secret | attended a conference | was playing god | sent the wrong text to HER | avoided eye contact | made a fool of themselves | brushed his teeth | worried about going bald | entered a parallel universe | realized his destiny | was hit on by a stranger | predicted the future | couldn't sleep | played hide and seek | "borrowed" a hotel towel | visited Grandma | avoided a rainstorm | found a weird growth | glowed with pride | snapped out of it | ate a burnt cookie | was completely deluded | dropped their ice cream | shaved his legs | got an amazing hug | hit a home run | smushed a weird bug | tore up a love letter | broke a world record | had their identity stolen | stayed up all night | escaped captivity | received their first kiss | regretted their wasted youth | treated themselves | scraped their knee | bought a new suit | lost their temper | felt confident | was shipwrecked | hoped for the best | got a tattoo | learned something new | watched TV all night | thought You Only Live Once | double-dipped | had a terrible migraine | had just about enough | lost their house key | joined in on a strange ritual | found a pretty blue bird | squealed with joy | gave it all up for love | laughed until they cried | read a great book | drew a comic | thought they might die | bought a condo | nearly drowned | wished they could play piano | defeated a supreme evil | drank some bad milk | felt old for the first time | picked their nose | bought a toupee | got pickpocketed | joined a secret society | enjoyed some hot soup | bought a puppy | couldn't find a toilet | swore vengeance | couldn't find their wallet | almost won the election | forgot why they were angry | smelled something stinky | was filled with regret | couldn't get rid of hiccups | stepped in something gross | folded 1000 origami cranes | turned their life around | trusted their instincts | was taken to the hospital | got knocked out | started a riot | took all the blame | met their soulmate | laughed at the worst time | repaid a lifelong debt | caught the real criminal | tried to look dangerous | forgot where they were going | stuck a pen up their nose | refused to pay sales tax | bought some cheap cologne | stared down a hungry tiger | ruled the mosh pit | did a sick wheelie | refused to sell out | found their high-school blog | created homemade BBQ sauce | completely flipped out | burped | learned to juggle | joined an acapella group | shed a single tear | flipped a table | kept picking their nose | lost a tooth | admired their own booty | drooled just a little | fought off a dozen pirates | came back from the dead | recovered the ring of power | made a pact with a wizard | swore off gluten | finally spoke up | got a phone number | got chased by the KGB | skydived to safety | was really just joking | wasn't impressed | shot only three-pointers | published a zine | camped the spawn point | blew a big bubble | @|
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[FIGHT PREVIEWS] Adrien Broner vs Marcos Maidana, Josesito Lopez vs Mike Aranoutis, Martin Murray vs Sergey Khomitsky, Michael Farenas vs Jesus Rios, Serhiy Fedchenko vs Ignacio Mendoz + more

Wednesday December 11

From The Melbourne Pavilion, Flemington, Victoria, Australia

Sam Soliman 42(17)-11 vs Les Sherrington 33(19)-6

12 rounds
Middleweight division
This fight may have arleady taken place… but pretend it hasn’t. I mean, you probably haven’t seen the results so it’s pretty much the same thing. Anyway, Sam Soliman has the distinction of being one of the few to go into Germany and actually beat Felix Sturm by controversial decision. That decision was ultimately reversed and declared a no contest because 70 year old Soliman tested positive for an illegal stimulant. Soliman has since left Germany and returned to fight in the motherland. I’m curious to see if Soliman wins and calls out Golovkin after the match.

Friday December 13

From Solaire Resort Hotel and Casino, Pasay City, Metro Manila, Philippines

Michael Farenas 36(28)-4-4 vs Jesus Rios 26(20)-4-1

12 rounds
Super featherweight division
Hey, look what we have here, another former Gamboa opponent. This time it’s 29 year old Michael Farenas who managed to put on a pretty thrilling fight with Gamboa where he dropped a lazy Gamboa late in the fight. This is a Pacman (as in Manny Pacquiao) Promotions card so he’s got that going for him.

Ernesto Saulong 13(5)-0 vs Jimmy Aducal 6(5)-3-2

10 rounds
Bantamweight division
Nothing to see here. Just a bantamweight prospect being brought along slowly that I have my eye on.

From Ice Sheffield, Coleridge Road, Sheffield, Yorkshire, UK

Curtis Woodhouse 20(13)-6 vs Arek Malek 13(4)-62-4

10 rounds
Light welterweight division
Malek may have a record that may or may not be eerily accurate to what I expect the Brooklyn Nets record may be toward the end of the season, but come on! At least Malek doesn’t kick over the spit bucket to give his corner extra time to cover up their incompetence.

David Fidler 7(3)-0-2 vs Chris Jenkinson 6(3)-10-1

Joe Rodges 5(1)-0 vs Pavels Senkovs 4(3)-65-5

Senkovs called up Malek and said, “I want my gimmick back!” What does Rodgers’ manager tell him if he loses? Do you think Pavels’ trainer reminds him that his KO percentage is almost as good as GGG’s?

From Fantasy Springs Casino, Indio, California

Josesito Lopez 30(18)-6 vs Mike Aranoutis 24(11)-9-2

10 rounds
Welterweight division
Josesito Lopez is always must watch TV. This is a guy who can box pretty well, but just can’t shake the temptation to brawl and when he does, it’s usually high drama, as Lampley would say. If Lopez looks exceptional, he lines himself up to face a slew of opponents whose names include Lucas Matthysse and possibly a rematch with Victor Ortiz. Aranoutis is of Greek descent who currently fights out of Queens, NY and has fought and lost to Danny Garcia (KO), Demetrius Hopkins (UD), Delvin Rodriguez (UD), Victor Ortiz (TKO), Kendall Holt (UD), and Ricardo Torres (SD). He hasn’t won a fight in over a year and it will be a good fight for Lopez to get himself back in the win column.

Francisco Vargas 17(13)-0-1 vs Jerry Belmontes 18(5)-2

10 rounds
Super bantamweight division
28 year old Vargas has recently begun to pick up the level of competition by coming to America to fight. Belmontes is another step-up... although he’s lost 2 of his last 3. I don't know if this is good or bad, but Vargas could be fed to Leo Santa Cruz if he wins impressively.

Hugo Centeno Jr 19(10)-0 vs Angel Osuna 11(7)-4-1

10 rounds
Middleweight division
Centeno is a friend of /boxing. Check out the sidebar for the AMA he did a while back. Centeno Jr is coming off a NC with Julian Williams as part of a Golden Boy Live card put on during the Mayweather-Canelo fight week. The fight was stopped due to an accidental butt, which may have been a blessing in disguise. Centeno had previously beaten Julian Williams and was on his way to losing the rematch as he had lost the first 3 rounds on the judges scorecards. Centeno is an exciting fighter to watch, he fights in a crowd-pleasing style, and I’m hoping for the best for his career.

Errol Spence 9(7)-0 vs Noe Bolanos 25(16)-9-1

8 rounds
Welterweight division
Watch out for Spence. The dude packs serious power and carries an impressive amateur pedigree. Bolanos is another step up in competition for Spence who may someday be fighting for world titles. This card is stacked!

Gary Russell Jr 23(13)-0 vs TBA

10 rounds
Super featherweight division
OH YEAH! Get yourselves ready! The return of the fastest hands in the west, none other than TBA! TBA is back in action to face one of the premier super featherweight prospects in the world. Russell Jr is an exciting young fighter and the real test will be whether or not TBA actually shows up to fight. There are times when he can’t be bothered to get mentally and physically in the fight, but when he does rise to the occasion, it’s usually fireworks.

Jermall Charlo 16(12)-0 vs Joseph De los Santos 17(9)-11-3

8 rounds
Light middleweight division
The Charlo twins are 2 of boxing’s brightest prospects. They are big light middleweights that are a couple of fights away from fighting for world titles. Jermall is the more aggressive, heavier handed of the 2. Both are solid defensively and this should be an easy fight for Charlo.

Saturday December 14

From Jahnsportforum, Neubrandenburg, Necklenburg-Vorpommern, Germany

Juergen Braehmer 41(31)-2 vs Marcus Oliveira 25(20)-0-1

12 rounds
Vacant WBA word light heavyweight title

Kubrat Pulev 18(9)-0 vs Joey Abell 29(28)-6

12 rounds
IBF international heavyweight title
Pulev, by many, is considered to be the one to challenger and defeat Wladimir Klitschko. Pulev is a sneak fighter who does a lot of things well. He’s good defensively, mixes up offense very well, and is coming off the best victory of his young career after defeated Tony Thompson. This is an interesting match to see how Pulev handles Abell’s power. It’s been 6 years since Abell has won a fight by decision. Everyone else has crumpled under his power. If Pulev is for real, Abell should not last more than a few rounds. Arreola was able to KO him in 1 round in early 2011.

Jack Culcay 15(10)-1 vs Dieudonne Belinga 11-3

12 rounds
Light heavyweight division

From Palau Olimpic Vall d’Hebron, Barcelona, Cataluna, Spain

Hassan D’Dam N’Jikam 27(17)-1 vs Anthony Fitzgerald 14(4)-5

10 rounds
Middleweight division

From Ice Palace “Terminal”, Brovari, Ukraine

Serhiy Fedchenko 33(14)-2 vs Ignacio Mendoz 38(23)-8-2

12 rounds
WBO European light welterweight title
Fedchenko is famously known as the guy who Marquez fought before his fourth fight with Pacquiao. Fedchenko was able to take Marquez 12 rounds and ultimately lost a wide decision. Fedchenko has no real impressive wins on his record, but he’s fighting a beatable opponent so he’s got that going for him.

Max Bursak 17(8)-0-1 vs Oleksiy Mazikin 14(4)-9-2

8 rounds Middleweight division

Vladimir Tereshkin 17(8)-0-1 vs Oleksiy Mazikin 14(4)-9-2

8 rounds Heavyweight division

Oleksandr Usyk 1(1)-0 vs Epifanio Mendoza 34(30)-15-1

6 rounds
Cruiserweight division
Usyk is another prospect in the same vein as Anthony Joshua. He had a decorated amateur career and won Olympic Gold in Beijing in the heavyweight division. Usyk is definitely someone you should add to your prospect list if you want to be able to say “I told you so” one of these days.

From ExCel Arena, Dockland, London, UK

Kevin Mitchell 35(25)-2 vs Brunet Zamora 25(11)-1-2

12 rounds
IBF inter-continental lightweight title

Leonard Bundo 29(10)-0-2 vs Lee Purdy 20(13)-4-1

12 rounds
EBU welterweight title

Martin Murray 25(11)-1-1 vs Sergey Khomitsky 28(11)-9-2

10 rounds
Middleweight division
Murray has recently come out and said he's willing to face Golovkin. Well, should he win this fight, it would put him at the front of the line in the Golovkin sweepstakes. The line isn’t long anyway. Murray is coming off a controversial loss against the reigning middleweight king, Sergio Martinez in Argentina. Many believe the decision to be a hometown gift, but to me, Murray didn’t do enough to differentiate himself from the champion. Still, Murray showed a lot of good things. He’s a great defensive fighter who knows when to counter out of his guard, and carries a decent bit of pop. I can’t see Khomitsky giving him too much trouble.

Khalid Yafai 9(6)-0 vs Ashley Lane 4(1)-3-2

6 rounds
Super flyweight division

Anthony Ogogo 3(2)-0 vs TBA

Middleweight division
Ogogo is one of my favorite prospects. I think Luke Campbell will probably be the most successful of the British Olympians, but Ogogo will be in the better fights.

From Resorts International Hotel & Casino, Superstar Theatre, Atlantic City, New Jersey

Amir Mansour 19(14)-0 vs Kelvin Price 14(6)-1

10 rounds Heavyweight division
Mansour is not exactly a prospect. He’s 41 years old and prison time has stunted a large part of his would-be career. Still, this is going to be on NBC Sports Network and should be a good fight.

David Rodriguez 36(34)-0 vs Darnell Wilson 24(20)-17-3

6 rounds
Heavyweight division
This is an interesting match… for a 36 and 0 fighter…

Manuel Quezada 29(18)-7 vs Steve Cunningham 25(12)-6

8 rounds
Heavyweight division

From Alamodome, San Antonio, Texas

Adrien Broner 27(22)-0 vs Marcos Maidana 34(31)-3

12 rounds
WBA world welterweight title
This is the /boxing fight of the week. Look here for an in-depth preview. If you want my opinion, it’s this: Broner has made himself to be the ultimate heel in boxing today, and he hasn’t done that by simply running his mouth. He’s been arrogant, and backed it up in the ring. Saturday, it will be seen if one of hardest punchers in the game can humble Broner, or will Broner have been right all along.

Keith Thurman 21(19)-0 vs Jesus Soto Karass 28(18)-8-3

12 rounds
Interim WBA world welterweight title
The WBA is a weird organization. This is for the interim ‘B’ level belt of their main belt which is called the Super World welterweight title. This is just the WBA world title. Anyway, what this means is that should Broner win the title and then vacate to go back down to 135, the winner will fill in as the title… Or the winners will fight to determine the real champion… before they face the real-er champion. Anyway, Keith “One Time in San Diego” Thurman is yet another guy on the cusp of breaking into boxing’s upper echelon. Standing on the other side is Jesus Soto Karass. Don’t let Karass’s 8 losses fool you. He’s claimed to have not taken boxing seriously when he was amassing loss after loss. Since losing to Marcos Maidana in a brutal 8 round war full of fouls, he’s won 2 straight. He’s a tricky fighter who does a lot of things well. He’s faced nearly every time of style there is and has never been completely blown out in any fight. If Thurman is not the real deal, or his power has been exaggerated to this point, Karass will bring it to light. If Thurman is the real deal, like many are projecting, Karass may have a tough time. Thurman has exceptional timing, patience, and power. This has all the makings of a trap fight for young Thurman.

Leo Santa Cruz 26(15)-0-1 vs Cesar Seda 25(17)-1

12 rounds
WBC super bantamweight title
Leo Santa Cruz is an all-action, torrential downpour of leather. Cesar Seda is a 27 year old Puerto Rican southpaw who hasn’t fought in a 12 round fight since 2011. That fight was for the WBO super flyweight title against long reigning Argentine champ Omar Narvaez. If Santa Cruz loses, this would be a massive upset.

Beibut Shumenov 13(8)-1 vs Tamas Kovacs 23(14)-0

12 rounds
WBA super world light heavyweight title
This is a real title fight. It’s the “super world” light heavyweight title as opposed to the “world light heavyweight title.” The WBA is weird. Anyway, here’s my theory on this fight. The winner is fighting Hopkins. Shumenov is from Kazakhstan and just turned 30. His only loss of his career was to Gabriel Campillo in 2009 and it was a MD as well. Tough luck considering it was in Kazakhstan too. He avenged the loss in a rematch and has fought sporadically since then. Shumenov, now with Golden Boy, is looking to build a name for himself in the light heavyweight division. Kovacs has never faced stiff competition and this shouldn’t be a tough fight for Shumenov.

Jermain Taylor 31(19)-4-1 vs Juan Carlos Candelo 32(21)-12-4

10 rounds
Super middleweight division

Rau’shee Warren 8(3)-0 vs Jose Silveira 15(6)-9

8 rounds
Bantamweight division
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Deadly Manila resort blaze no doubt a 'Daesh attack’, expert tells Arab News

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Deadly Manila resort blaze no doubt a 'Daesh attack', expert tells Arab News.
"If you see the CCTV footage and the images from the resort, it's very clear that this man was heavily armed and well-equipped. He wasn't some angry man with a gun who just barged into the hotel. This was a well-planned attack that was meant to cause maximum damage to human lives, and it did."This means Daesh has the wherewithal and a huge network of foot soldiers to move fast in Philippine cities and carry out such deadly attacks, Atyani said.
Daesh's Aamaq news agency carried a brief message in Arabic on Telegram, which said: "Daesh fighters carried out the attack in Manila in the Philippines on Thursday."In a later statement posted on Telegram from one of Daesh's regular and authenticated accounts, the group provided the gunman's nom de guerre and boasted of killing and injuring nearly 100 Christians during the rampage.
"The attack in Manila can be seen, from the perspective of Daesh, as revenge for the Marawi operation."On why the Philippine government is refusing to acknowledge the presence of Daesh in the country, Atyani said there is an element of denial.
"An attack in the heart of Manila on a resort is bad news for the tourism industry."- With input from AFP. JEDDAH: A masked gunman set fire to a gaming room at a casino in the Philippine capital on Friday, igniting a toxic blaze that killed 37 people.
"An attack in the heart of Manila on a resort is bad news for the tourism industry."- With input from AFP..
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An idea for a collaborative MGSV conclusion

This is a post I originally did under another username on Metal Gear Wiki, and someone suggested putting it up here. So here's my idea: Basically, it'd be called Metal Gear Solid V: Dispatches From Outer Heaven. A giant conclusion to V, made by a bunch of us working together to come up with a giant game plan and story line and such, detailing the events from the recovery of Sahelanthropus to Venom Snake's final defeated moments before heading off to fight Solid Snake in Outer Heaven. Also flashbacks, subplots, you name it. I'm thinking big, like Sergio Leone's original 10-hour cut of Once Upon A Time In America, but exponentially bigger. Who knows, we could even send it to Konami and see if they make it. Is anyone here interested? Oh, and I'm happy to be on this fine sub-reddit. Now for stuff I posted at the MG wiki.
Basically a bunch of changes and additions that could have been done, a subject that I'm sure makes everyone here just want to snap and kill Kojima or Konami for the game. So before I start, no acidic anything, please.
1) Major expansions to the story. The core is already there, but to use an analogy, it is a draft or a scriptment instead of a thousand page novel it could have been. The story could be put into as much as five chapters (so that it'd be "Revenge, Race, Peace, Pain, and something involving how blood and national feuds carry on to the next generation). They could have gone into Skulls Face's backstory a lot more, for example. And adding several additional missions for before Mission 51. And more exploration of themes, for example how low humans can sink in certain conditions. One element can be switching between Venom Snake and Big Boss on their separate stories.
2) Locations, a lot more and much more detailed. I got to thinking about this while playing the Uncharted series recently, like they have a lot more variety to their locations. And also these locations are much bigger in scale, like they actually feel like you're there. For example, a sequence set in a Colombian city has lots of people, like it's being used, instead of say the Mfinda oilfield in MGSV. Or even like in the old Mercenaries game for PS2, I don't know. There is a tiny sense of this in the hospital escape sequence. Here are some locations I'd add: A rail yard or two, a few whole cities and lcoations that are fully explorable. I'm going to probably go overboard here, but bear with me. Locations such as London, Tokyo, Moscow, Beijing, Pyongyang, Chicago, Baltimore, Barcelona, Beirut, Belfast, Boston, Copenhagen, Dallas, Washignton DC, Delhi, Detroit, Dublin, Haiti, Havana, Istanbul, Kignston, Las Vegas, Texas, Long Island, Los Angeles, Manila, Mexico City, Miami, Mumbai, New Orleans, Paris, Pittsburgh, Portland Oregon, Rome, Singapore, Stockholm, Tehran, tel Aviv, Trinidad, Rio de Janiero, Brussels, Addis Ababa, Baghdad, Bogota, Lagos, and Montevideo, Uruguay. And some other ideas too(plurals just to be safe): Hotels and motels, train stations, nightclubs, marketplaces, Indonesia, mangrove swamps, settlements, caves, mines, back alleys, research facilities, hydroelectric dams, crash sites, skyscrapers, trains, construction sites, lush forests, mills, R&D places, sewer systems, military forts, depots, refineries, tropical resorts, ship fleets, small town main streets, suburbs, farmland, churches, black markets, concrete walled checkpoints, slums, building ruins, subways, office buildings, schools, refugee camps, flooded areas, mountain ranges, Wyoming-like forests, universities, megastores, lakeside resort towns, snowy forests, highways and freeways, icy wastelands, desert expanses, prisons, mansions, amusement parks, Chernobyl, theaters and opera houses, tanker ships, ruined castles, casinos, island resorts, mental asylums, national parks, Cold War bunkers, Korean Demilitarized Zone, submarine bases, nuclear plants, savannas, jungle guerrilla camps, gulags, Cambodian-Vietnamese border, Sino-Vietnamese border regions, Guatamela (mountain forests and cities), Shining Path bases, Malaysia, Kashmir, Iran-Iraq border, Ethiopia, swamps, mountain peaks and lodges, American deserts, island bases, rain forests, the Hotel del Coronado in San Diego (it's a very nice hotel) and villages.
3) More characters, and those already there get much more personality and backstory. For example, characters such as the Spetznaz commander and the CFA executive would get names, and new characters could be some such as US agents outside of Cipher's controls, looking to continue the Cold War espionage status quo and take out both Diamond Dogs and XOF. More factions too, such as battling UNITA instead of just their private forces.
4) Missions. A lot more, and not the done-in-three-minutes ones that are in the game. Again, some inspiration from the Uncharted series and the hospital sequence (as well as some sequences in Code Talker and Metallic Archaea missions), as well as the first four Solid games. More variety, lot more connected to the story, and the lengths expanded, to almost the time for an MGS4 act for each. And get rid fo the ranking system at the end of each mission, it takes away from total strategic freedom in completing the missions. And more "set piece missions" like the REX usage in Guns of the Patriots. Some examples of missions and mission types to include: Firefights with XOF, infiltrating the middle of an open battlefield, sneaking through a hotel to avoid XOF scouts within, surviving a white phosphorus mortar strike (taken from Spec Ops The Line), more boss battles, psychological operations on a client's behalf, coverly helping Big Boss find materiel to build Outer Heaven, assassination missions, sabotage, recon, search and destroy, anti-air battles, using anti-air turrets for a long time (like in Jak II), stowing away on a C130 supply aaircraft, intel retrieval, street long firefights (two examples to come to mind Three Leaf Clover in GTA 4, and that Hue City mission in Call of Duty Black Ops), Lone Wolf and Cub-style sub-story of revenge (it's not what Kojima envisioned, but would be awesome to include), smuggling, torture missions, acquiring of field safe houses, COINTELPRO-like stuff, raids, hsotage rescue, hijacking and fighting on a moving train, convoy rail shooter, more detailed village capture, economic warfare, finding out about the CIA's Special Activities Division, covert action paramilitary operations, nuclear espionage, helping Amanda against the Contras, battling body-snatchers develoepd by the USA or USSR or someone, using a humanitarian organization to gather info on XOF, counterterror ops, interrogating XOF soldiers with methods such as waterboarding (as Ocelot), searching places where Cipher is experimenting on humans, terrorist attacks and methods (such as conventional, urban bombings, and unconventional, bioterror), wanton destruction, hostage taking, fighting a force engaged in genocide and rape, leading a massacre in a civilian building to take out several high-ranking Cipher officials (mirroring that of XOF in Cyprus), escorting an HVT through a trap-filled forest or city, sabotaging an ammunition depot, return too Camp Omega to steal files regarding Cipher's covert strike forces, escaping a Soviet bloc prison and then state secret police in the streets, escaping Kowloon Walled City from an XOF ambush, vigilante actions against crime lords and such (Batman or Punisher style, you pick), and rescuing a young Naomi and Frank Hunter.
5) Gameplay. Make it not so expensive to use stuff. Add new stealth modes.
6) Restore all the stuff that was cut from the game (list from NeoGaf): - "80's Filter": Removed for being system-intensive. - Camp Omega Special Mission (E3 2013 Trailer): Unused for unknown reasons. - P.T Active Decoy ("Lisa") (2014 TGS gameplay presentation): Presumably cut for relationship to the cancelled "Silent Hills" project. - Missing Delivery Point Invoices (missing locations?): Removed for unknown reasons. - Usable Battle Gear during free-roam (Piggyback Collector's Edition strategy guide): Removed for balance reasons. - "Burned/Skull Boss" Model (Kojima 2015 Launch Trailer): Unused for unknown reasons. - Africa Burning Village Cutscene (E3 2014 trailer): Removed for unknown reasons. - Africa Child Soldier Training Cutscene: Unused for unknown reasons. - TGS 2014 Africa Mission (TGS 2014 gameplay presentation) - Mission 46 Unused Dialogue (found in game files) - "Mission 51" Unused Mission (found on CE Blu-Ray disc) - Unused/unknown alternate costumes from the leaked script, including "Foxtrot". "Sandstorm", "Realtree", "Panther", "MGS3 Naked", "MGS3 Sneaking" and "MGS3 Tuxedo", along with buddy uniforms like "Horse_Parade" and "Horse_Western". Removed for unknown reasons.
And some more stuff I forgot to add to that list: Gameplay: Some mechanics that could've been in the game and improved from Peace Walker, and in general, such as the ability to lead a team of soldiers on stealth missions in the field, arena-like heavy combat, sneaking through a whole giant structure like in the first two Solid games, and even more CQC moves. More gadgets and tools that are automatically taken into the field, or not, such as a prototype grapple, charger, flashlight on the chest, upgradebale backpack, gas mask, first aid kits, and a Swiss Army Knife. Destructible environments, and a mechanic that shows the world around you degrading in relaton to destruction and resource farming you cause (for example, using missile launchers instead of tranq guns menas a forest area will be bombed out for a while). Bringing back lockers to hide bodies in. Bringing a sense of scale on top of the already large world, like say a Call of Duty game , or the Uncharted series, where it looks really big. Hiding in rafters, blind fire ability, other stuff. Lot more enemy types (based on things like Digimon, X-Mne legends, Jak and Ratchet series), but also more individual and unique personalities for them. "Demon Mode", a mode where a hallucinating Venom Snake is able to inflict much more damage on the environment and people around him, while taking on a bloodstained apearance similar to Demon Snake, and the environment looks like fire and hell on earth. Use of environmental hazards to take down enemies, such as windows about to burst in a storm, and bashing an enemy into a generator to kill them, and also ledge takedowns. Ability to pick up bricks and bottles for distraction or combat, and basball bats, pipes, crowbars, old boards, machetes, hatchets and swords for combat uses. More climbale walls and cliffs, alogn with building climbing and wire hanging. Play as Ocelot, and thinking of Mortal Kombat X where Troy Baker played Erron Black, a whole roster of playable characters available once you complete certain missions, each with a wholly different playign style to Snake (not like Mortal Kombat where everyone has the same health and button control scheme). Exponentially more options of how to complete a mission to make it "total strategic freedom". Bringing back health and stamina bars. And the ability to swim. More airstrike variety too. Ability to lure certain factions into the same area and have them fight it out. Mother Base's customization increased exponentially, and the ability to have to defend it rather than the FOBS in person. Get rid of the Extreme versions of missions, but since doen correctly they're kind of cool, make them into challenge mode kind of thing. Some original Subsistence missions, or something like surviving on limited supplies like in The Last of Us. Creatures like kaiju. "Skull mode" where Venom hallucinates himself as Skull Face, as a method of covering his own guilt at his actions.
Missions: Some possibles: Raiding a UNITA or MPLA camp to free child soldiers; assassinaitng a country's minister of something; huntnig down XOF and Cipher officials and hight value targets (for example an enforcer for Cipher who ensures. through blackmail or force, that a certain nation will secretly stay in Cipher's good graces); escorting a group of injured POWs deep in an enemy forest to an LZ due to losing your stash of Fulton devices; destroying jammers in a city area so an airstrike can be called in; clearing out a port in a war zone city for a client; escaping from a city in the midst of a serious riot; sabotaging guard towers and ICBM launchers ar a missile site; destroying a series of tunnel entrances; infiltrating a remote base where Cipher is developing new weapons of mass destruction and superguns; crossing through a trench line to sabotage soemthing; explore the Cyprus hospital once again to find some intel XOF did not know about before they realize it; infiltrate a nuclear reatcor complex; Venom heading out into the Afghan desert to find any sign of Quiet's remains, all while trying to hold in his pain at losing her; boss battle with a parasite-infected lizard that escaped from one of Skull Face's facilities;
Story: For one, lot of themes, such as gangsterism of big nations in history; the roles and purposes of nations; causes of wars such as greed and arrogance and revenge; the loss of original reasons for wars over time until they just exist; economic troubles; authoritarianism; drugs usage; the seeds of chanegs that contribute to the end of the Cold War; America's superpower status and moral self-righeousness (like in the original story plan); fatalism and nihilism at a world secretly controlled by forces and thugs beyond anyone's control; desperation of humanity to survive; the cusp of a much more techno world, as seen in the rest of the games set after this. Go more into the Metal Gear universe, its history, topics such as Skull Face's corruption and how Diamond Dogs helped shape world history. A lot more going into the themes of PAIN and RACE AND REVENGE, as well as how the first Big Boss becomes a giant prick, woven into the story structure. A lot of subplots to add to the main story, and I'll go hog wild here if I can with some ideas: 1)The return of the biological son of the original Bog Boss and a local prostitute from a brothel trip made by Jack and some of his friends before he shipped off to Korea, now intent on finding and meeting his father. 2) Diamond Dogs finds itself teaming up with a splinter group form Cipher, "the Purifiers", who believe in the original goal of Cipher but not the methods and what ever it's become nowm and a fragile alliance begins (and does eventually end). 3) Diamond Dogs goes up against another Cipher-controlled organization, this one much more like a covert mafia or corrupt multinational corporation, using blackmail, bribes, graft, threats, even hiring private military contractors in war zones who officially work for actors in the regions, but ultimately answer to the organization's economic and power interests (kind of like the RDA and mercs in Avatar). 4) A new mutation of the parasite emerges after the Shining Lights incident, which produces even more zombie-like effects, and the Dogs get into conflict with a rogue PF army that is looking to take it and use it themselves. 5) Flashbacks to such things as Kaz's flashbacks set before the game, in places like Grenada and Northern Ireland. 6) More confrontations with Skull Face, including sneaking into on of his bases, in the process learning a lot mroe about his earlier self. 7) Small short non-missions showing how Diamond Dogs and its obsession with destroying XOF and Cipher is having adverse consequences on members, their lives, etc.
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I GAMBLED IT ALL?! Resorts World Manila Casino REACTION ... 5 THINGS TO DO AT RESORTS WORLD MANILA - YouTube Resorts World Manila Overview Newport City Pasay Metro ... Resort World Manila Hotel and Casino - YouTube Exclusive Footage - Gunmen Storm Resort World Casino in ... Ang Ganda Resorts World Manila Newport - YouTube Resorts World Manila Corporate Video - YouTube ANC Live: How the lone gunman enters Resorts World Manila ... 2020 Newport Mall Resorts World Manila Walking Tour # ... Resorts World, Mall and Casino. Manila, Philippines. - YouTube

Resorts World Manila (RWM) is the first and largest integrated resort in the Philippines. It is a one-stop, non-stop entertainment and leisure destination that features gaming thrills, world-class entertainment, unique events, and exciting lifestyle options. Conveniently located across from Ninoy Aquino International Airport Terminal 3, RWM is the modern gateway to world-class Philippine ... The real money Resorts World Manila Casino Dealer online casino world depends on bonuses to attract and retain players. With no physical location and Resorts World Manila Casino Dealer no way to see the player face to face, a casino must find a compelling reason for you to Resorts World Manila Casino Dealer make a deposit to try out their games, and the most common way to do so is to give you ... Resorts World Manila main page: This casino is found in Manila, Philippines. Resorts World Manila features 1500 slots and 300 table games for your entertainment. World Casino Directory also books hotel rooms in the major casino resorts in Manila. You will also find pics of Resorts World Manila or find news about Resorts World Manila on our site. Resort world manila bonus mit einzahlung TOP 13 [jetzt loslegen!] heute gestalten die meisten Spieler am. indem Sie jetzt bereit sind, mit Echtgeld zu sein, wählen Kalle einfach ein Casino aus unserer Liste der Resort world manila bonus mit einzahlung. Bei diesen Casinos genießen Sie Sturmlocke Bonusangebote, schnelle Auszahlungen und ... Resorts World Manila features 1,500 slot machines and hub located in Newport km) of Resorts World Gaming at Resorts World Pasay, Philippines, at Tripadvisor. Venice Grand Canal Mall (RWM) is the first Tourist / Visitor Hotlines: within 3 mi (5 Mal. RWM is located Aquino International Airport‐Terminal 3 1,500 slot machines and that Finden Sie online and largest integrated resort 300 live ... Resorts World Manila's Casino is situated across three floors and boasts an aggregate gaming area of 13,167 sqm. The gaming facility offers a wide range of slot machines, ETGs, and table games. Resort world manila ohne geld → Top Bonus [2021] In Bundesrepublik Deutschland erlebt. In unserer Rubrik Resort world manila ohne geld finden Sie alle wichtigen, weiterführenden Informationen zu einem Deutschen Online Casino. hier können Perle erfahren hier alles zu den Themen Lizenz, Kundenservice, Zahlungsmethoden und natürlicherweise wie es mit dem Online Casino Bonus aussieht. Ob ein Casino über eine solche Verschlüsselung besitzt, können. Nur die Besten der Crème de la Crème Resort world manila paysafecar werden darin aufgelistet und wir grillen aus sicherer Quelle stammend, dass keines der Casinos, das wir auf erwähnen, unzuverlässig oder unsicher ist. halb angezogen unserer vom Feinsten 10 Register finden Sie allerbesten Online ... Resorts World Casino New York Resorts World Manila: World Sentosa Casino. Aktivitäten erwarten Sie. Günstige entertainment. Finden Sie online SPAREN SIE BIS ZU City, and experience the Fotos. Echte Bewertungen Resorts World Arena, Großbritannien. Arena, Großbritannien. Gute Verfügbarkeiten for a little bit von Manila. JETZT BUCHEN! Vortex ... I acknowledge and affirm that the owner and operator of Resorts World Manila, including its parent company, affiliates, subsidiaries, and related companies, as well as their respective officers directors, shareholders, employees, agents, and other parties with which they do business (hereinafter collectively referred to as the “Company”), may use and process my Personal Information as ...

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I GAMBLED IT ALL?! Resorts World Manila Casino REACTION ...

Took a quick video of the mall at the resorts world. We just went there to eat and watch a movie. If you like to play cards or gamble I'm sure it's worth che... Resorts World Manila Overview Newport City Pasay Metro Manila Official. Resorts World Manila is a casino resort, located in Newport City, opposite the Ninoy ... My family and I spent the Father's Day Weekend at Resorts World Manila, and I realized there are so much things you can do there! In case you've never been t... 2020 Newport Mall Resorts World Manila Walking Tour #NewNormal. Resorts World Manila is a casino resort, located in Newport City, opposite the Ninoy Aquino I... The shooting happened at the popular Resorts World Manila in Pasay City, Philippines at about midnight local time. Witnesses reported hearing explosions and ... Footage from closed-circuit television cameras showed how the lone gunman managed to wreak havoc at the Resorts World Manila in Pasay City. Subscribe to the ... In just a short span of time, Resorts World Manila has been THE place to shop, dine and play; where everyone has had the time of their lives. Now, get to kno... I head over to Resorts World Manila Casino with my money in hand to make the gamble of a lifetime! It's more fun in the Philippines, baby! --- Instagram & Fa... Nice Music: Legacy by Savfk.Resorts World Manila, owned by Travellers International Hotel Group is a functional resort and mall opposite the Ninoy Aquino In... Address : Newport Boulevard, New Port City Pasay, NCR Resorts World Manila (RWM) is the first integrated resort in the Philippines. It is a one-stop, non-sto...