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It’s time for the recap without further adou.

Man those rhymes are getting worse and worse.
Anyway, I'm back with another adventure calendar countdown. For anyone unfamiliar, I send my giftees on an immersive treasure/scavenger hunt every year for secret santa. I’m talking through my side of things just as a way to give you a peek behind the curtain.
You can check the last three posts here, here, and here.

Wanna know what happens when an adventure doesn’t go quite as planned? Because this is what happens when an adventure doesn’t go as planned.

I give you:
Constructed Adventure no. 46: The Archer Princess and the cactus pin.
I was super intrigued when I learned my giftee lived in a small town outside Reno, NV. I was even more intrigued when I learned that she often did Legacy Horseback rides and was learning horseback archery.
This adventure was going to be in the wilderness.
After a bit of communication, I was relieved to learn that her and her husband would be fine heading into Reno. There was just so much more to work with.
I landed in Reno, booked my stay at one of the cheap hotel/casinos (Note: They’re all cheap) and went scouting! I’d done the usual Yelp/Google/TripAdvisor scrape to find my best possibilities for stops and beelined to a cute little place called “Daughter’s Cafe.” This is a Restaurant built in a home. The Owner lives upstairs. She’s super cool and the food was incredible. Pretty sure I ate there every day. Anyway, unprompted, the owner told me about these wild chickadee birds that live in the mountains halfway from here to lake tahoe (about a 45 minute drive). She hand drew me a map and gave me a bag of seed and said
“If you stand still, they’ll eat out of your hand”
So I drove up the mountain, rented up some snowshoes, and fed some chickadees. It was a magical experience that I HAD to send my giftee on. (note: normally I dont like having any spot have a longer travel distance than 15 minutes but occasionally I’ll make an exception).
Also, since she did archery, I really wanted her to have to shoot something down. So I scouted a spot 5-10 minutes into the trail where she would shoot down a chest from a tree.
After that spot, most of the other stops were pretty simple. She’d hit a few places in the Riverfront district, before stopping in at a speakeasy, then hitting an incredible hike, deciphering someone doing semaphore 100’s of feet away, and then meeting me up the mountainside under a fully decorated real christmas tree!
When she got her initial package, it contained a little cactus pin. The goal was to signpost every stop with the pin. (Signposting is a technique puzzlemakers use to let players know they’re on the right track). Everywhere she went, she either found, or someone was wearing one of the pins!
The day kicked off perfectly! The weather was temperate and everything looked up. My giftee and her husband hit the cafe, ate breakfast, and headed up the mountain. They picked up the snowshoes from a place midway to the spot. The guy behind the counter was kind of a jerk, but he still played along.
Then they got to the spot. I actually passed them as they got out of their car! Me and a friend who I flew in (Same guy who helped me will all the other adventures) returned our shoes and then waited...and waited….and waited....
An hour passed by.
Turns out there were two parallel paths with the same name! One was the correct path (Signposted with large roses along the way) and the other was the incorrect path. I made three big mistakes that led to this snafu:
  1. I should have done more thorough scouting to notice the other path with the same name.
  2. I should have been more detailed with directions and how long they should expect to take on the trek
  3. I gave them my phone number at the beginning of the adventure but never got theirs. They ended up leaving the note with my number in their car.
So after snowshoeing 2-3 miles into the mountains, they decided to turn back to their car, get my number, and text me.
Needless to say we were just a bit behind schedule.
Once they got back to their car and messaged me, we sorted the issue and they found and shot down the chest with ease!
They headed back down the mountain and continued their adventure. But we’d lost a ton of time on the day. Once i arrived at what was supposed to be the final location, it was getting dark, and it was brutally windy. I was pretty miserable up there and I can’t imagine they would want to be up there after snowshoeing such a long way!
So I called it! I messaged them to stay in the speakeasy and order more drinks! I drove back to the spot, and gave them all their presents at the bar. It was so much nicer than up on a dark windy hilltop.
So that’s it! Another adventure in the bag. Definitely NOT what I expected but still fun. I learn a lot of lessons after each adventure and sometimes hiccups happen!
It goes without saying that if you’re ever planning a treasure/scavenger hunt for someone, don't hesitate to reach out. I’m happy to double check your plan and point out potential pitfalls you might have.
Hope you enjoyed this recap. No shameless plug this time! Just a HUGE HUGE HUGE thank you to the mods and admins who run Redditgifts. Tomorrow is their day of reckoning and all i can say is

༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ MODS TAKE MY ENERGY ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ

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S23 E15 - A Road To The Finals

Last time on Hell’s Kitchen...
The final four each got a visit from their siblings, who became judges in their final Black Jacket Challenge. Tamina‘s dish left a bad taste in the judges’ mouths, including her brother’s. In the end, Brett scored a nearly perfect score of 22, and won the challenge. At dinner service, each of the chefs took a turn to run the kitchen to become the Co Head Chef at Hell’s Kitchen Lake Tahoe. Tamina’s performance on the appetizers...led to a hault. And so did Rod’s undercooked chicken. However, Brett performed the best in leading his brigade, while Tamina was a hot mess throughout the night, and during the elimination Ceremony, Chef Ramsay has eliminated Tamina, ending her dream of becoming Co Head Chef at Hell’s Kitchen Lake Tahoe.
After Intro
Bella was surprised as she made it to the final three, and found out that she was excited to go far in the competition, and was close to getting to the finale and winning the competition. Brett was in the same mood for getting into the finale as he firstly got the Black Jacket, and then got into the final three, and the other two things on his list that he wants to get done is getting into the final two/the finale and winning the competition so he can go to Hell’s Kitchen Lake Tahoe to become a Co Head Chef.
Later that day, Chef Ramsay asks the final three chefs to meet him by his office as there was a special present waiting there. Chef Ramsay revealed the first surprise coming out the door was members of Bella’s family, which had her husband, Alejandro, and her oldest children, Ricardo and Sofia. Bella was excited to see her husband, and she walks up to him and hugs him. She also walked to her children and kisses them.
The next surprise revealed through the doors were members of Rod’s family which had his mom, Carole and his girlfriend, Kate. Carole was crying in tears, and went up to hug Rod, saying that she missed him, and Kate asked Rod how he was doing, and Rod answered that he was doing great.
Brett was still waiting for his surprise, and Chef Ramsay reveals the final one from the open door, which surprised Brett, as he saw his wife, Tammy and his infant son, Jon. Brett mentioned that he was missing his one year old son’s birthday from making it get far in the competition, and Tammy told him that he can do better.
Chef Ramsay had the chefs spend a quality time with their families, and as the final four spend some time with their families, Tammy asked Brett who his biggest competition was, and he pointed to Bella and her family, and mentioned that she was the love of his life, and Tammy said that he was already married, and cannot get a second girlfriend, and Brett also learned about the fact the she was married, as he saw her husband through the doors.
When Carole, Kate and Rod talk about getting far in the competition, Kate was asking if he can cook better than the other competitors he was going against, and he said that he definitely can, despite being arrested twice. The first time since he was 18, and the second time when he was 21. Carole said one fact about her life, that she has been away from her husband, who served in the Navy, and Carole felt like it was a difficult time hanging by herself, and wished to talk to him.
Bella, Alejandro, Ricardo and Sofia have their conversation about getting far in the competition, and Bella said that she was the only one left in the competition so far, who has yet to be nominated and mentioned that she never will. Ricardo told her if she has faced a difficult time during the competition, and Bella mentioned that she has faced some difficulties while working in the kitchen, especially when some people were making mistakes during dinner service.
After twenty minutes of talking, and spending quality time with their families, Chef Ramsay tells the final four to say goodbye to their families, as they have a different surprise awaiting their journey. Chef Ramsay has told them that their family members will be arriving to see a show at Lake Tahoe’s theatre, but he tells them that they have a different approach. Chef Ramsay gives them tickets to go to Lake Tahoe.
Semi - Finale Trip
Chef Ramsay sent the final three chefs to the airport to board their plane to Lake Tahoe, and Chef Ramsay finds out that there are a couple of fun and surprises there when they arrive there, and Chef Ramsay jumped on his helicopter leaving the chefs at the airport to catch their plane to head to Lake Tahoe.
When the final three get on the plane, Bella had no idea what surprises that she, Rod nor Brett were going to experience. Were they going to a restaurant for dining. Brett told her to relax, and mentioned that she will find out what it is, when they get there.
The first part of the final three’s break, is that they head to the mountains to ride snowmobiles, and Bella got excited as she never been on a snowmobile before. When the final four begin their snowmobile ride, Rod sees the lake on the right side, but said that it was blocked by the trees, and Brett mentioned that it was nice to get out of Hell’s Kitchen for a day, as he felt like it was a challenge win for him. Bella called it a thrilling ride.
The next part of their final three break is that they head to Harrah’s hotel and casino, and when they enter the suite, Rod called the suite gorgeous, and Bella felt that there was a bar, filled with sushi, caviar, and more fancy foods, and when the final three made a toast to getting to the semi-finals, Brett mentioned that he wanted to go snowmobiling again, as it was very nice, and wondered if they had snowmobiles in Philidelphia, and Bella said that he was from the Northeast, so they might have them there, and Brett said that Lake Tahoe was the better place to go snowmobiling, and felt like he wanted more tickets.
Final Tasting Challenge
Later that day, Chef Ramsay arrives with Sous Chefs, Christina and Jay, and asked them if he had a good time, and Brett mentioned that he liked it, including the snowmobile ride, impressing Rod, who called him crazy. Chef Ramsay said that for the Final Tasting Challenge, they will each have a mentor, but Chef Ramsay said that there was three contestants left, and three staff members, but Chef Ramsay said that he will not be mentoring, instead Chef Ramsay invites back Season 19 winner, Kori, as Bella was excited to see her again, and runs up and hugs her after seeing her during the Signature Dish Challenge Reward back from the beginning of the competition, and Bella was hoping that she would be getting her as a mentor, as they both had Latin backgrounds, and Chef Ramsay told her to wait and see what card she got, and he mentioned that each mentor has a diamond card, an ace card, and a Jack card.
Chef Ramsay decides that Bella would go first, as she was hoping to get Kori. The card that she pulls out is an ace, and Chef Ramsay had mentioned to the mentors to show who had the ace card. Christina showed the ace card, disappointing Bella, but she felt fine with Christina as she worked with her, due to being the red team’s sous chef.
Chef Ramsay then had Brett go. The card Brett pulls out is the diamond card, and Brett had Kori as his mentor, thus leading Rod with Jay as his mentor.
For the Final Tasting Challenge, each chef had to recreate a menu which featured a cold appetizer, a hot appetizer, and three entrees that featured seafood, chicken and red meat for one hour, and has the Sous Chefs help them with their cooking, and Chef Ramsay announced that the person with the lowest number of points will automatically be eliminated and not advancing to the final 2. Each chef will be judging from a scale of 1 to 10.
(Skips cooking)
First up, Ben Ford will be tasting the cold appetizer. Bella presents a Rattitouille Zuchinni Bruschetta, and Ben asked Bella if she was on a diet, and Bella said no, she was going to be in the finale. When Ben tastes the appetizer, he found out that there was good flavour, and he awards her 7 points. Next, Rod presents his marinated goat cheese, and Ben finds it too rich, and Rod gets 5 points. Next, it is Brett who judges his Fava and Ricotta toast, and Ben finds the melting in his mouth, and Brett gets awarded with 9 points.
Bella - 7, Rod - 5, Brett - 9.
Next up, Bobby Flay will be tasting the hot appetizer. Bella presents her Beef Taco Roll-ups, to present her Mexican Roots, and Bobby finds that flavour is there, and he gives it a 9. Rod presents his squid risotto, and Bobby finds that it had a lot of flavour, and the rice is perfectly cooked, and gives him an 8. Brett presents his Sausage stuffed mushroom caps, and found that the presentation is underwhelming, and Brett is given 6 points.
Bella - 16, Rod - 13, Brett - 15
The next chef to judge the seafood entrees will be Ina Garten. Bella presents her buttermilk fried lobster with fried rice, and a salsa to go on the lobster. Ina liked the combination of salsa going with the lobster, but it looked more of an appetizer than an entree, and Ina gives Bella 6 points. Rod presents his balsamic glazed salmon with asparagus and polenta. Ina told him that the fish is glistening, and Rod is given 8 points. Brett presents a pan seared sea bass with fettuccine in a pesto sauce, and Ina tells Brett to taste the pasta, as it was lacking salt, and Brett was given 5 points.
Bella - 22, Rod - 21, Brett - 20
The next chef judging the chicken dishes is Giada DeLaurentiis. Bella presents her chicken roulade, and Giada finds that the chicken is juicy, and Bella was awarded 8 points. Rod presents his chicken Parmesan with noodles in a butter sauce, which was given praise, and also was given 8 points. Lastly, Brett presents his General Tao Chicken which was too sweet and Giada gives it 6 points.
Bella - 30, Rod - 29, Brett - 26
The final person who will be judging the red meat dish, will be a guest who judged the International Soup Challenge. It is Wolfgang Puck. First, he tries Bella’s hangar steak with a mushroom gravy, mashed sweet potatoes and Brussels sprouts. Wolfgang finds the steak cooked medium-rare, and her gravy tastes good. Bella garners a perfect score of 10. Next, Rod presents his NY strip with a mint pea risotto, and Wolfgang gives praise, gaining a score of 7. Lastly, Brett presents his beef stew served with fresh garlic bread, which needs a perfect score of 10 to tie, and while Wolfgang finds it tasty, he gives it a score of 9, eliminating him, leading Bella and Rod to be the finalists.
Bella - 40, Rod - 36, Brett - 35
Chef Ramsay congratulates Bella and Rod for making it to the final 2, and told Brett that he was just too close to tying but it was not that good to get a score of 10. Chef Ramsay told them in order to run a brigade to become he Head Chef at Hell’s Kitchen Lake Tahoe, they have to run a brigade of other people, and he welcomes back the returning chefs...
...Chloe, Tabuki, Arabelle, Becca, Marvin, Erykka, Tamina, and told Brett to join them.
Since Bella had the most points in the Final Tasting Challenge, she gets the first pick for her brigade. The first person Bella picks for her brigade is Brett because she knows that he was a talented person to have a brigade, and that his cooking is decent. For Rod’s first pick for his brigade, he chose Becca, as she was a strong woman, and felt like her cooking was on point.
The next person that Bella wants on her brigade is Tabuki because she does not want any drama kings or drama queens in her kitchen, and felt that Tabuki had the level to grow and mature. The next person that Rod picks on his brigade is Marvin because he’s got a good palate.
Next for her brigade, Bella picks Tamina as she was very creative, while Rod picks Erykka for his team, as she had a few bumps, but was hoping not to be left with Arabelle on his team.
The last pick is between either, Chloe or Arabelle, and Bella did not want either of them, as Chloe makes a bunch of mistakes during service, and with Arabelle, she felt like she was not a team player, and had the drama. Bella has decided to pick Chloe as her last choice, leaving Rod with Arabelle, as he felt his team would be anybody but Arabelle.
Bella (red kitchen) - Brett, Tabuki, Tamina, Chloe
Rod (blue kitchen) - Becca, Marvin, Erykka, Arabelle
Next time on Hell’s Kitchen...
It is the last episode, and the finale gets to the boiling point, where either a red jacket or a blue jacket pulls it off, to win the competition, and become the Co-Head Chef at Hell’s Kitchen Lake Tahoe.
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Bachelor party gambling in Lake Tahoe

Hey everyone,
I have my brother's bachelor party coming up in Lake Tahoe. We really wanted to do some sports betting in Lake Tahoe and was wondering where the best sportsbook/gambling environment was and if there were any casino's (Hardrock, Harrah's, Harvey's) that offered private rooms to watch or really cool environments to bet? Any suggestions would be great. Thanks!
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18k off a 4k freeroll vs. $800 to $12 to $10k. My first time playing bacc vs. most recent.

Maybe not the best gambling come up ever told, but my personal best. Not dollar wise, I've cashed out way more before. It's a long read, but worth it.... Check this shit out....
I go up to buy a vintage boat in Illinois. 12 hour drive to Texas. Due to crazy weather (worst thunderstorm I have ever driven through by far) and even crazier girls, get stuck in St. Louis. Had an incredible night with and even more incredible woman on her birthday. Start heading home back to Texas.
Driving through Oklahoma it starts up again, really bad rain. Nope, not doing this again, I take the next exit. I'm in Tulsa. Exit coincidentally at the hard rock (was just gonna wait the storm out or maybe see if they would comp my room). They say no way, you don't have any players card and this ain't Vegas, you gotta do some damage to earn your free room. I'm like ok...bet....(I am a high stakes baccarat player)
So I buy in with $800, tell cashier that I'll be back shortly with $10k. Yeah......okay buddy sure....
I get wrecked, down to my last $12. Feeling shitty and mad at the rain. I proceed to turn that $12 into...well alot. Table max is $1000. My new best bud Jason from OKC was there and we started killing it. We made a deal with the pit boss that if we run them out of $500 chips they would go to cage and just out the golden $1000 chips. They said yeah ok, those chips are dusty because they never need them.
I hit max bet wins 9 separate times. Beat a natural 8 with a natural 9 (if you don't know bacc it's the hardest and most satisfying thing in the world) twice for table max bet if $1000. My buddy Jason and I followed each other rarely betting against each other. We wrecked that table bad and did what we said we would do, drained every $500 chip they had. Pit boss begrudgingly called the cage for the ultra rare $1000 chips. Said it hasn't happy in 3 years.
In 3 hours I hit my goal, cashed out at exactly $10,000. And headed to cashier. Same girl who I told her I'd be back either broke or with 10k. Slow walk, with my best ass face on. You could tell she felt bad because unlike the dealers cahiers love when people win.
I put 10 $1000 chips on the window table, and said....I don't fuck around when it comes to Baccarat. Told ya. She flipped out, couldn't believe it.
Got a casino hostess, free suite which was super nice, and a free room anytime I am in Tulsa.
Also there was this Mexican pimp who was like a degenerate one armed bandit (plays slot machines like a tool). He tried to hustle me for all his jewelry for like $2000. I gave him $250 but only if he included his heiña's turquoise ring as well (I am a fucking savage). So that's why I am all blinged out on the drive home.
And yes, for the doubters, I didn't give a dime back and drove straight home. Going to Vegas in two weekends with some girls and an even nicer free suite. Not going to gamble at all, just rent an exotic car and finally do all the cool Vegas non strip fun nature activities Ive always wanted. Lake Tahoe, Red Rock Canyon, float trip, etc.
Yes 2020 sucks but I'm tired of it brining me down. Met somebody very special and from here on out I'm dedicated. Positive vibes only!!!! 💯
Required disclaimer: I don't even like to gamble because it is super stressful for me. I only go once or twice a year. DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME KIDS. Scared money don't make no money.....
Oh, big shout-out to mother nature. Without those two rainstorms I wouldn't have fallen in love or had a much needed come up. If only I could have danced with my baby I'm the rain it would have been icing on the cake.
Made it home safe to Texas with boat intact and a fat stack. Life is good!!!!
P.s. I was taught baccarat while living in Korea for 3 years. My white ass with big blonde hair and blue eyes, and for some reason Al the older Koreans would stop me in the street saying James Dean......James Dean!!!
Well I was playing in a poker tournament, this guy does the James Dean thing during a break in the tournament as I'm walking to get a quick bite if food and bathroom. It's the final table and I'm in like 3rd place with 7 players left (not too big, I think it was $300 buy in, 100 players or so) .
Anyway so he stops me and says....in his best broken English, Player ....Banker...James....James (he points at each).... Player, Banker?!?!
I'm like shit I dunno this weird Asian card game never even seen it. Banker is like the house right? House always wins, so I say and point banker....
Again with the natural 8 losing to natural 9, player loses. Bank wins. Guy shits a brick and slides me his winnings. He makes me sit down. I realize he bet 4.2 million won ( like ~4000USD) at the time. And he just gave it to me thinking I was his good luck charm. He taught me how to play (it's very very easy to learn bacc...) But more importantly taught me how to play with balls of steel which is a required learned skill in this game.
We proceed to wreck the table, I think I cashed out somewhere close to $18k and he hit like 75k. I ended up going back to tournament damn near blinded out but still in 5th place. Took third place and took home whatever $$$ that was.
Like I said I have cashed out more but my first and last times playing bacc were extremely memorable. 18k off a 4k freeroll and $800 to $12 to $10k. What do you guys think
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My first time playing bacc vs my most recent time (EPIC POLL & INSANE STORY)

Maybe not the best gambling come up ever told, but my personal best. Not dollar wise, I've cashed out way more before. It's a long read, but worth it.... Check this shit out....
I go up to buy a vintage boat in Illinois. 12 hour drive to Texas. Due to crazy weather (worst thunderstorm I have ever driven through by far) and even crazier girls, get stuck in St. Louis. Had an incredible night with and even more incredible woman on her birthday. Start heading home back to Texas.
Driving through Oklahoma it starts up again, really bad rain. Nope, not doing this again, I take the next exit. I'm in Tulsa. Exit coincidentally at the hard rock (was just gonna wait the storm out or maybe see if they would comp my room). They say no way, you don't have any players card and this ain't Vegas, you gotta do some damage to earn your free room. I'm like ok...bet....(I am a high stakes baccarat player)
So I buy in with $800, tell cashier that I'll be back shortly with $10k. Yeah......okay buddy sure....
I get wrecked, down to my last $12. Feeling shitty and mad at the rain. I proceed to turn that $12 into...well alot. Table max is $1000. My new best bud Jason from OKC was there and we started killing it. We made a deal with the pit boss that if we run them out of $500 chips they would go to cage and just out the golden $1000 chips. They said yeah ok, those chips are dusty because they never need them.
I hit max bet wins 9 separate times. Beat a natural 8 with a natural 9 (if you don't know bacc it's the hardest and most satisfying thing in the world) twice for table max bet if $1000. My buddy Jason and I followed each other rarely betting against each other. We wrecked that table bad and did what we said we would do, drained every $500 chip they had. Pit boss begrudgingly called the cage for the ultra rare $1000 chips. Said it hasn't happy in 3 years.
In 3 hours I hit my goal, cashed out at exactly $10,000. And headed to cashier. Same girl who I told her I'd be back either broke or with 10k. Slow walk, with my best ass face on. You could tell she felt bad because unlike the dealers cahiers love when people win.
I put 10 $1000 chips on the window table, and said....I don't fuck around when it comes to Baccarat. Told ya. She flipped out, couldn't believe it.
Got a casino hostess, free suite which was super nice, and a free room anytime I am in Tulsa.
Also there was this Mexican pimp who was like a degenerate one armed bandit (plays slot machines like a tool). He tried to hustle me for all his jewelry for like $2000. I gave him $250 but only if he included his heiña's turquoise ring as well (I am a fucking savage). So that's why I am all blinged out on the drive home.
And yes, for the doubters, I didn't give a dime back and drove straight home. Going to Vegas in two weekends with some girls and an even nicer free suite. Not going to gamble at all, just rent an exotic car and finally do all the cool Vegas non strip fun nature activities Ive always wanted. Lake Tahoe, Red Rock Canyon, float trip, etc.
Yes 2020 sucks but I'm tired of it brining me down. Met somebody very special and from here on out I'm dedicated. Positive vibes only!!!! 💯
Required disclaimer: I don't even like to gamble because it is super stressful for me. I only go once or twice a year. DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME KIDS. Scared money don't make no money.....
Oh, big shout-out to mother nature. Without those two rainstorms I wouldn't have fallen in love or had a much needed come up. If only I could have danced with my baby I'm the rain it would have been icing on the cake.
Made it home safe to Texas with boat intact and a fat stack. Life is good!!!!
I was taught baccarat while living in Korea for 3 years. My white ass with big blonde hair and blue eyes, and for some reason Al the older Koreans would stop me in the street saying James Dean......James Dean!!!
Well I was playing in a poker tournament, this guy does the James Dean thing during a break in the tournament as I'm walking to get a quick bite if food and bathroom. It's the final table and I'm in like 3rd place with 7 players left (not too big, I think it was $300 buy in, 100 players or so) .
Anyway so he stops me and says....in his best broken English, Player ....Banker...James....James (he points at each).... Player, Banker?!?!
I'm like shit I dunno this weird Asian card game never even seen it. Banker is like the house right? House always wins, so I say and point banker....
Again with the natural 8 losing to natural 9, player loses. Bank wins. Guy shits a brick and slides me his winnings. He makes me sit down. I realize he bet 4.2 million won ( like ~4000USD) at the time. And he just gave it to me thinking I was his good luck charm. He taught me how to play (it's very very easy to learn bacc...) But more importantly taught me how to play with balls of steel which is a required learned skill in this game.
We proceed to wreck the table, I think I cashed out somewhere close to $18k and he hit like 75k. I ended up going back to tournament damn near blinded out but still in 5th place. Took third place and took home whatever $$$ that was. Korea's biggest currency denomination is a 10k won bill, like $10. So I literally walked out with a paper bag filled with money, like I robbed a bank, went home and spread it all over the bed and had sex on it like I was Scrooge McDuck or Walter White or Lil Wayne. Oh to be young again.
Like I said I have cashed out more but my first and last times playing bacc were extremely memorable. 18k off a 4k freeroll and $800 to $12 to $10k. What do you guys think?
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I don't know what to title this, so I'll just go with "Arcade Weirdness". XD (Okay to share!)

(Not sure what permissions are required, but this is totally okay to share on a future episode if you guys would like. I would honestly love it if you do!) ^_^

After falling behind a whole bunch after you guys switched to weekly episodes, I finally managed to get around to sort of binging a lot so I could finally catch back up. As such, I heard a bunch of viewer stories, and was reminded of a strange event (one of the few) of my own that I figured I would put out there and see what people's thoughts are on it.
I'd first like to preface this story with an important personal note by saying that I am a staunch Catholic and am very much in the Jesse camp of skepticism and just complete disbelief when it comes to paranormal/supernatural stuff, and will forever maintain that what happened to me has a logical explanation to it, even if I'll never be sure what that explanation is. "^_^
As a bit of important background info, I currently just turned 30 years old this past July (I'm officially old now. T~T) . My family annually vacations in Lake Tahoe California/Nevada ever year in August and has done so for the past ~20 years, since it's the best time for hiking as there's no snow on the mountains and the melting snow makes the numerous lakes & rivers as full and lively as possible. In the evenings, it has always been extremely common for us to head across the state-line to the Harrah's casino for some evening gambling at the video poker machines at the bar and some Blackjack or Pai Gow table games, but me and my two brothers (one older by about 3 years, one younger by about 2 years) would instead frequent the arcade at the Harvey's hotel/casino just across the street where we would play while our parents gambled. (As a dumb aside, in this arcade there is also a claw machine filled with just colored ducks that I tweeted out with the whole SGS tagged with the hashtag #DucksForDavis back in 2018 that Jesse liked, and I'll always be so happy for that, so thank you Jesse. That made my day. ^_^)
A tourist pamphlet book of coupons that we would get from our time-share gave us an additional $5.00 or so in tokens for cashing in $20.00, and this arcade offered a redemption prize of $5.00 in tokens in exchange for 500 tickets. This particular arcade also had a baseball themed timing-based ticketing game that would give you 3 plays per token and would pitch a slow, medium, and fast "pitch" that you had to time on the Jackpot light that would give [at a minimum] 25, 50, and 100 tickets respectively that would only increase upon more unsuccessfully attempts. Over the years of us playing that game, my brothers became good enough at it to the point where it was VERY easy to exploit and win significantly more than in $5.00 in tickets. For example, we would often win double-that or more by earning 1000+ or 1500+ tickets per every $5.00, so we essentially paid $20.00 up front and played for free the rest of our trip and would get the best prizes every couple of years after accruing enough tickets (we managed to get a Wii one year at ~20k tickets as I recall). So basically, we never had to actually spend any money at this arcade to play or win anything. I was never particularly good at this game myself, so I would most often just stand around and watch them exploit this clearly unbalanced game and proceed to play other games that I enjoyed after we had enough tickets in surplus to exchange.
I don't remember exactly when this particular event happened since all these trips have basically blurred together in my head, but one time within the last 10 years (I want to say 7 ago or so but that's really just a guess), I was standing next to this ticketing machine while they were playing like normal. There is an airhockey table just to the right of this game, and at the time we were playing I distinctly remember 2 teenage boys aggressively playing while I just watched my brothers exploit this ticketing game.
At a certain point, I just remember feeling SOMETHING strike me extremely hard and fast across my right temple and I immediately dropped to the ground. Like I straight-up just collapsed and slumped to the ground, clutching the side of my head in pain. My initial thought was that the airhockey puck had accidentally gotten hit into the air and hit me and that was what I felt. When I dropped to the ground, my brothers were very visibly concerned about what had happened to me and stopped what they were doing to make sure that I was okay.
I slowly stood up from my knees, rubbing the side of my head vigorously to help alleviate some of the pain, insisting that something had just hit me but that I was okay but was just hit by an airhockey puck. But when I glanced over to look at the airhockey table to the right of the game cabinet, I don't remember seeing anyone at the table and there was no evidence of any stray puck anywhere on the ground, and I had no lasting damage/pain/bruise on my head from this supposed 'hit' I took. It basically appeared that I was struck in the side of my head by nothing and I dropped to the ground randomly for no reason with no indication that anything had physically damaged me.
Because it happened so long ago and none of us REALLY paid attention to what had occurred or happened, neither me or my brothers can really remember all the exact details such as if anyone was playing airhockey that night or if anyone was at the table after I supposedly got hit by the flying puck, so I tend to take all of this with a grain of salt. I certainly don't believe it was anything supernatural or paranormal, but it was certainly a bizarre occurrence that stands out in my memory to this day.
Anyways! That's it. ^_^ Not something SUPER bizarre, and I don't believe that anything unexplainable, paranormal, or supernatural occurred that day, and I've never experienced anything like it since. I'm absolutely certain there's an explanation for what happened, even if it's just me mentally experiencing this for seemingly no reason, but I'm curious and interested to hear people's thoughts.
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My tale of almost getting caught -- can anyone here top this?

One of the members here asked this question: Anyone wanna share stories of times SO’s spidey senses were tingling and you had to do damage control?
This happened many many years ago, when I was new to the "being married" life. My wife and I went to South Lake Tahoe and we were sitting together playing roulette. It was decent occupancy...all the tables were full, but not so crowded that I could not get a view of people around and about. I caught sight of a blonde stunner walking past the craps table, and she turned the corner, the casino lane took her toward our table. I was trying very hard not to stare, but this woman was simply one of the most gorgeous babes I've ever seen. Imagine Tiffany Coyne from "Let's Make A Deal" (yes, I go gaga for skinny blonde Barbies!) 🔥❤️
As she approached our table, I wondered if she was an escort. Or maybe she was already with someone and was just browsing the scene alone while her man was gambling somewhere else. She casually gazed over our table and then kept walking at a slow but steady pace. And then she passed us and was out of sight. She never made eye contact with me, so I figured she wasn't looking for company. But with my wife sitting right next to me, maybe she didn't want to waste her time with me? I couldn't think about what numbers I wanted to bet anymore, lol...I was struck with a huge dose of sexual uneasiness...my mind was wandering and I began daydreaming about her. These lingering thoughts can be so pleasurable in and of itself, and I was shifting so much in my seat that my wife asked me if I needed to use the bathroom! I said no and we continued to play.
10 minutes later, I could see the blonde again...walking the same route as she did before. I was going to get to enjoy another chance of this eye candy, and as I looked around at the others, it boggled my mind how nobody else was really looking at her. When people are deeply in their gambling and smoking and drinking, I suppose sex isn't high on the list! But being the nymph that I am, I could not resist. This time, I made a conscious effort to stare. And this time she made eye contact with me! She gave a very quick and sweet smile, and proceeded to keep walking. Again, she went out of sight.
At this point, I was 50% sure that she was a high-priced escort. But there were too many unknowns to be 100% for sure. I needed more clues. I was hoping that she would walk around a third time, so that I can stare at her again and perhaps give her some flirty or inviting gesture to indicate that I'm interested. But she never came by again.
After about 20-30 minutes, I didn't see her so I figured she left...maybe with somebody else or went to play slots or her room. Who knows. But my wife wanted to play something else so we grabbed our chips and left the roulette table. She went to play slots and I went to cash in the chips. Near the cashier's cage, there was a hallway that led to the restrooms. And at a short distance, I saw the blonde...and she was looking my way. I took my cash and proceeded toward the bathroom...staring at this beauty all the way. She and I locked eyes and she just blurted it out, "Hey I saw you looking at me." I thought she was going to be mad for staring, but before I could say sorry, she asked me if I wanted company! I was like... JACKPOT!!!!!! She asked if I had a room, and I said yes. I gave her the room number and told me to meet me on that floor near the elevator. But first, I needed to go tell my wife that I will be playing in the slot area too, and I made up some bullshit thing like don't come look for me because I believe it's bad luck if I have someone next to me when I'm playing the slots. She said ok.
I took the elevator to my floor and when the doors opened, there she was! Did I fucking die and go to heaven? She gave me this soft hug and her body felt so nice to hold. Whatever perfume she was wearing was smelling very nice! I gently squeezed the small of her back toward me...I made sure she could feel "my excitement" in her crotch area. She was wearing a tight thin dress, so I knew she felt me. I held her hand and led her to my room. When we got inside the room, she confessed that she and her husband had lost a lot of money at Harrahs, and she was very pissed off at him. And she asked me if I would be willing to help her out. Well, at least she wasn't an escort, but nothing was going to stop me now. This was a Tiffany Coyne lookalike...and I'm fucking this woman 👉👌💦come hell or high water!
I don't want to go into details, but there was no clock watching or hastiness. We took out sweet time, and I enjoyed every inch of her body. I was so built-up that I couldn't hold my cum in anymore...and ended up shooting it deep down her throat when she was sucking. But I was still hard as a rock and we kept going. We did several positions for the next 30-40 minutes.....then she got on top of me to ride me...but after about 5 minutes into that, my worst nightmare looked like it was going to happen! Someone was trying to open my hotel door!
The blonde suddenly stopped riding me...I pushed her off me and jumped toward the door to hold it closed! My wife was on the other side saying, "Hey! Why aren't you letting me in?" The blonde was hiding behind the side of the bed...naked and looking worried...and I motioned her to stay quiet. I cried to my wife, I can't let you in! She kept trying to use her electronic key to open the door and I kept pushing it closed again, and she shouted, "Why not?" I repeated, "I can't! Go back downstairs! I'll meet you there!" She replied, "No, I'm tired! I want to come in the room!"
I was literally feeling like this is the end...I'm gonna get caught...it's over. But suddenly, the words just came out, "I can't let you in...it's embarrassing" She asked, "What's so embarrassing??!!" I told her, "I pooped all over the floor" She asked in disbelief, "WHAT?!" I told her that I think something I ate or drank gave me diarrhea and I ended up shitting my pants before getting to the toilet, and I just want to clean it all up before letting her in. I glanced over at my blonde friend, who was trying her best to control her laughing. "Can you please go downstairs and wait until I'm done?" My wife laughed and said, "Okay, I'll be at the roulette table"
The blonde and I resumed our fucking...it seemed more special after that incident...I guess we bonded being partners in crime? I didn't want to risk my wife coming back up, so I told her let's finish this and fuck me in my favorite position... the reverse cowgirl. When I was about to cum, I pushed her off and splattered her face. We both laughed so hard about what had happened earlier, and soon thereafter, we kissed and parted ways. Wish I had asked for her number...ah, my one regret!
Then, to cover my tracks, I did the unthinkable. I squatted and took a shit on the carpet by the hotel door! I rubbed the shit into the fibers and onto the tile leading to the toilet. I did a half-ass job with the cleaning, so as to prove to my wife that I did have uncontrollable diarrhea. Fuck, the room smelled awful! But it had to be done. I got a $150 cleaning fee from the hotel later, but that was one expense I was more than happy to pay! My wife never did suspect anything, and to this day, I still think that this was the closest I ever came to ruining it with her.
Such are the dangers of this lifestyle 😬
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How to stay Out of a Casino when you are close to one

This will be partly a question and partly a rant.
I'm thinking about going to the great smokey mountains soon. Unfortunately some geniuses think the best location for casinos are in the middle of the wilderness and there is one in the great smokey mountains area. They always do this. Vegas....middle of a desert. Lake Tahoe... also up in the mountains. Same for the casinos in the Colorado mountains.
Anyways I read some of the horror stories around here as a reminder that I'd much rather do ANYTHING than gamble. Still, I know I can easily find myself walking through a casino. If I do find myself walking through the casino then it probably wont be long until I'm in a very dark place. I've thought about not taking any plastic cards with me and only carrying so much cash. I think that's the right answer? That way I can only spend so much if I do go to the casino. My bank would be an hours drive away.
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The Junk Bond King

Junk bonds are bonds issued by companies with poor credit ratings, such as CCC, as opposed to investment-grade bonds that are issued by companies with a AAA credit rating.


His Crimes

The junk bond scheme:
  1. Milken controlled both sides of the deal, he controlled both the lenders and the borrowers.
  2. he controlled the lenders because he controlled a huge network of federally insured Savings and Loan banks, reputable insurance companies, and junk bond funds.
  3. so Milken would then raise money from his network of lenders to buy junk bonds from a junk company (borrower), with the promise that the junk company will use some of that capital to buy junk bonds from other junk companies (borrowers) in Milken’s junk bond empire. This inflated the demand for the junk bonds.
  4. junk bonds yielded Milken a high commission, and Milken would also get equity in the junk companies that he had just financed with capital.
Junk bonds financed corporate raiders, and information about those takeover bids was improperly shared, creating criminal insider trading opportunities.
Milken often tried to get as much as five times the maximum markup on trades that was permitted at the time.
Milken’s friend and business associate, Ivan Boesky:
  1. Ivan Boesky’s conviction of insider trading in 1986 is what lead to Milken’s downfall.
  2. Milken had substantial business dealings with Boesky.
  3. the first lead into Milken’s crimes was a payment of $5.3 million by Ivan Boesky to Drexel Burnham listed as a consultation fee. Boesky told the SEC this payment was for Milken’s profits form an illegal trade.
  4. Boesky implicated milked in insider trading, stock manipulation, fraud, and stock parking.
Milken’s shadow entity, MacPherson Partners:
  1. Drexel’s internal investigation discovered suspicious activity in one of the limited partnerships Milken had set up to allow members of his department to make their own investments called MacPherson Partners.
  2. Members of MacPherson Partners included: Milken, other Drexel Burnham executives, a few high value Drexel Bernham customers, as well as a few managers of money market funds - all friends of Milken.
  3. MacPherson Partners acquired several stock warrant)s for the stock of Storer Broadcasting in 1985. At the time, the powerful private equity firm KKR was in the midst of a leveraged buyout of Storer Broadcasting, and Drexel Burnham was the lead underwriter for the bonds being issued.
  4. One of Drexel Burnham’s other clients bought several Storer Broadcasting warrants and sold them back to the high-yield bond department (controlled by Milken) at Drexel Burnham.
  5. Drexel Burnham’s high-yield bond department in turn sold them to MacPherson Partners (also controlled by Milken).
  6. Those warrants were then handed out by Milken to members of his family, and the money managers bought the warrants for themselves without notifying the clients of the funds they were managing.
  7. By allowing his wealth fund management friends to buy the warrants, Milken was essentially bribing them so they would in turn help him with his junk bond manipulation.

His Trial, Conviction and Sentence

During the trial, Milken spent $3 million a month on his legal defense and an expensive public relations firm.
He ultimately pleaded guilty to 3 counts of securities fraud, 2 counts of tax evasion, and 1 count of conspiracy to commit the other 5 crimes.
Milken was ordered by the court to pay a fine of $200 million and to pay $400 million to defrauded investors.
In a separate civil suit Milken had to pay out an additional $500 million to defrauded investors. Sentenced to 2 years for each of the 5 counts of tax and securities fraud for 10 years total.
When the judge read the sentence, Milken misunderstood and thought he had received 2 years total. After his lawyer told him that he was getting 10 years, the blood drained out of Milken’s face, he took his wife into a witness waiting room, closed the door and let out a blood-curdling scream.

Clemency from President Trump

On February 18, 2020 Trump granted clemency to Milken, although his lifetime ban from the securities industry is still in effect.
America’s Secretary of the Treasury, Steve Mnuchin, is longtime pals with Milken, and was the prime mover in convincing President Trump to pardon him. Mnuchin has flown on Milken’s private jet.
Another fat cat advocating for Milken was Nelson Peltz, who has raised over $10 million for Trump’s 2020 re-election campaign.
And don’t forget Trump's fattest fat cat, Sheldon Adelson, who also advocated on behalf of Milken.
Many powerful figures in high finance came together to lobby the White House on behalf of Milken, including:
  1. Sheldon Adelson: a major Republican donor and Trump supporter, Adelson is the chief executive officer of casino operator Las Vegas Sands Corp.
  2. David Bahnsen: a former Morgan Stanley managing director and wealth management executive who wrote Trump in 2017 urging him to pardon Milken, calling the junk bond king’s prosecution a result of “a period of class envy run amok.”
  3. Tom Barrack: the chief executive officer and chairman of Colony Capital Inc., Barrack is long-time Trump ally. He faced a call from an investor in November to step down in part over distractions from investigations into his political and personal activities.
  4. Rupert Murdoch: a powerful media mogul and longtime Trump ally who put the power of News Corp. behind the president.
  5. Maria Bartiromo: a popular anchor on Fox Business, Bartiromo has interviewed Milken as recently as 2018 (and has also interviewed Trump). The network is part of Murdoch’s media empire.
  6. Ron Burkle: a billionaire investor who controls Yucaipa Cos., Burkle made his fortune in the grocery-store industry. Burkle, a Democratic fund-raiser famous for his friendship with Bill Clinton, made news last year when he was rumored to be interested in acquiring the Trump-friendly National Enquirer.
  7. Elaine Chao: the U.S. Secretary of Transportation, Chao was a key speaker at the Milken Global Conference last year, where she spoke about the future of mobility as well as women in government. She’s married to Republican Senate Majority Leader and top Trump ally Mitch McConnell.
  8. Rudy Giuliani: Trump’s personal lawyer, the former New York mayor has lately been embroiled in the Ukraine scandal. As chief federal prosecutor in New York in the 1980s, Giuliani sought to prosecute Milken.
  9. Rabbi Marvin Hier: dean of the Simon Wiesenthal Center, Hier was invited by Trump to speak at his inauguration. The rabbi in 2018 called on Trump to fight extremism in the U.S. after a shooting at a synagogue.
  10. Ray Irani: chairman and chief executive officer of Ray Investments Ltd. and former CEO of Occidental Petroleum, Irani stepped down as a board member at Wynn Resorts Ltd. following a sexual harassment scandal involving company founder Steve Wynn.
  11. Robert Kraft: owner of the New England Patriots and a longtime Trump supporter.
  12. Richard LeFrak: a billionaire developer and Republican donor, LeFrak appeared in a 2010 episode of Trump’s reality TV show “The Apprentice.”
  13. Randy Levine: the president of the New York Yankees and a longtime supporter of Republican politicians, including Trump.
  14. Kevin McCarthy: a Republican congressman from California, McCarthy is the House Minority Leader and a longtime Trump supporter.
  15. Larry Mizel: chairman and CEO of home-builder MDC Holdings Inc.
  16. Arte Moreno: owner of the Anaheim Angels, which he purchased from The Walt Disney Co. in 2003
  17. Sean Parker: Napster co-creator and Facebook Inc. billionaire who has attended the annual Milken Institute Global Conference.
  18. John Paulson: founder and owner of Paulson & Co., a New York-based investment adviser that manages about $9 billion, Paulson is best-known for making $15 billion in 2007 on a bet against mortgage bonds.
  19. Nelson Peltz: founder and chief executive officer of Trian Fund Management LP, Peltz is well-known as an activist investor in companies like Wendy’s and Dupont.
  20. Steven Roth: chairman and chief executive officer of Vornado Realty Trust, a REIT that holds more than 22 million square feet in commercial property, mainly in New York.
  21. David Rubenstein: co-chairman and co-founder of The Carlyle Group, a private equity firm with $222 billion in assets under management.
  22. Larry Ruvo: senior managing director of Southern Wine & Spirits of Nevada, the state’s largest liquor wholesaler.
  23. Marc Stern: the chairman of TCW Group Inc. hosted a $10,000 per person fund-raiser for Trump at his Malibu home in 2018 attended by Vice President Mike Pence.
  24. Steven Tananbaum: the founder and chief investment officer of GoldenTree Asset Management LP, one of Wall Street’s biggest investors in distressed debt.
  25. Ted Virtue: the chief executive officer of MidOcean Partners, the middle-market private equity and credit firm, who previously oversaw Deutsche Bank AG’s $35 billion direct investment portfolio.
  26. Andrew von Eschenbach: a U.S. Food and Drug Administration chief under President George W. Bush, he now serves on the board of Bausch Health Cos.
  27. Mark Weinberger: the chairman and CEO of Ernst & Young LLP, Weinberger quit Trump’s business council after the Charlottesville white supremacists rally but later dined with the president.


Milken likes to tell his life story as a smart guy who grew up wanting to be a scientist and lead America in the space race, but after his first year in college the Watts riots happened and it made him rethink his life. After talking with a Black man who told him that he couldn’t get access to capital because he was Black, Milken decided he would dedicate his life to making sure people with ability would have access to capital.
So Milken changed from a science major to finance, went to business school, made $billions on Wall Street all so he could help Black people?
There are plenty of people who in part owe their wealth to Milken and his junk bonds, and these people heap praise on Milken saying he created a lot of wealth in America and helped society tremendously.
The wealth, though, went to those people heaping the praise!
As for the companies Milken financed helping society, it would be difficult to argue that case. The big name companies that were financed by Milken include: CNN, Rupert Murdoch’s empire, Wynn casinos, Mitt Romney’s Bain Capital, etc.
Milken was not helping society, he was helping people on Wall Street get rich.
Government watchdogs are usually too weak to take on the crimes of the super rich, because the government watchdog worker still gets paid whether for not the Wall Street crook gets busted.
There is no incentive to play by the rules.
Milken has done a lot of philanthropic work especially in regards to cancer research with that $2.5 billion he had leftover after getting out of prison, although he hasn’t given away that much money considering his net worth in 2020 is $3.8 billion.
What I find most fascinating about the Milken story is the power of his public relations machine. All the major media outlets cast Milken as a philanthropist and not a criminal.
Another sign of the overwhelming influence of the wealthy on the American zeitgeist.
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The Locked Cabinet and the Virus

I had been called to the city of sin for a bi-annual conference that I had taken for the past 24 years. I had sat through it in health, in the cold, rain, and sickness. I was there 10 days after Tupac was murdered, and was walking down Fremont street several months later on the day when they took Christopher Wallace. A year later in 1998, a colleague and I woke up to a phone call from my then wife telling me about what happened to President Clinton, and that was when the words, "For a blowjob?" coming from my companion led me into a similar predicament. For the next several years, a tangled divorce that I've never fully unwinded from, occupied my attention. It wasn't until the morning of September 11th in 2001 that gave me the wakeup call I needed. I scooted the young blonde out of my room and told her to call her dad, since I knew Tom was in New York that day.
Mosque bombings, terrorism, market bubble bursting, swine flu, recession, succession, shootings, a shooter, second divorce, new house, new life, and the same old job on the same old beat all meant that Las Vegas and I had been doing this dance through the thick and the thin for over two decades.
And I have never seen it like this.
My uber driver nodded, "Yeah man. Shit is wild. I only picked up 8 people in the last 9 hours."
He was young, the new leather interior in a wide bodied Escalade smelled like an expensive loan. His eyes were twitchy as he tried not stare at me, wondering if I was going to cough from all the dry mouthing I had been doing from the LAS to my hotel.
I had grown used to the stares, the selective social distancing for looking Chinese and all of its stereotypes as the weeks leading into March of 2020. The beginning trend of people instinctively coughing whenever they saw me soon became a daily ritual. It was all a part of tribe mentality I convinced myself, chuckling as I remembered the pie scene from the movie Stand By me.
That made my uber driver nervous.
"Here we are," he finally breathed.
I thanked him and proceeded to the service counter with my carry on.
"Sorry for the wait," replied the representative, "We laid off 80% of our staff this morning."
I was taken aback by her candid greeting.
"Looks like you'll be in a private room owned by one of our guests. And as it is not through the hotel, please contact your host for any services that you require. We will need a $500 deposit on a credit card for any incidentals."
Several minutes later I found myself riding the elevator up 26 stories and into my rental. I contacted my host through the app to let him know that I had arrived. It was my first time using the app service so if anyone wants to chime in on how necessary or unnecessary that action is, please, enlighten me.
I had chose this room because there was a large, deep soak bathtub. I don't have many preferences in life but if there is a chicken fried steak on the menu I must get it at least once, coke over pepsi, and onion rings. Don't ask me why they are all food based, but they are, except for the bathtub. At nearly 6'1 I am always trying to find a decent soak. When I was younger my grandmother owned a Japanese soaking barrel, and ever since then I have been chasing after that nostalgic experience. Instead I often find myself cramming, contorting, and cold above the chest.
There was not much for me to do as President Trump had canceled his conference with the Jewish Coalition, which meant that other subsequent CEO's began withdrawing from all the other Vegas conferences. Something that I should have foreseen, which could have otherwise prevented me from traveling during this time. But there was no helping it, and this was definitely not the worst place to be stuck in.
I looked into the bathroom mirror and decided to wash the trails of the airport from my face and then made my way down to the casino floors. Everything was closed. All the restaurants anyways. So I hailed a cab and found my way to Gordon Ramsay's Hells Kitchen. The best lobster risotto I ever had, a mediocre bar experience, a change of hands for an 8 ball on the street, and I was on my way into Caesar's Palace. I had reasoned with myself that my foresight was not the best at this time so blackjack and poker were out of the question. I stuck to roulette and craps, winning big at the dice. And if you've ever been to a high roller table then all the movies are true, there you will find willing women to blow on the ivories for you.
Somehow we found our way back to my room, a slew of fancy cocktail dresses and Victoria secret's underwear were strewn in a near comical fashion. A rolled Benjamin walked down Abbey road. And there's nothing quite like two young and beautiful women taking pictures of your junk to brag to their friends later to accentuate your high. Everyone loves an anomaly.
The two of them were in town for CONEXPO, one of the world's largest construction gatherings. One was 28 and a leading architect for a large firm and the other was a 32 year old forewoman who was sent to accompany her to fill in the job's specifics.
"You've got soft hands for a construction worker," I quipped.
She raised her drawn in eyebrow at me, "Not as soft as a desk jockey's."
We both laughed until our eyes were drawn to the young architect who had begun to slowly undress in front of us. She swayed her hips to the lofi soul of Joji. My champagne glass sparkled in the light as the smells of girl scout cookies lit up the bathroom.
"You don't mind if I smoke do you?"
"Oh, give it here," came the architect's voice.
"I should probably get an ashtray."
I got out of the tub and walked into the living area. I pulled open a few drawers, and found nothing. I tugged on the handles of the cabinet underneath the wetbar only to find it locked. That was when I noticed the notice stickied on its door, "Please do not open. These are my private possessions," made with a cheap labeler. "There's probably alcohol in this thing," I said aloud. I turned to look into the bathroom but neither of them seemed to care as I watched the water falling from their hair and down their backs. The rest of the night was well, you can imagine.
I woke up around 4:30 A.M. and heard an ungodly rattling. As I stirred in bed, I heard a voice asking sleepily, "What was that?"
"I don't know," came another voice. "It's probably the pipes or something."
The architect was unsure so she got up and turned on a light. She turned to look at me, "Did you get this on AirBNB?"
"Yeah, something like that."
We heard the rattle again. I could tell that she was afraid so I decided to get up with her.
"Do you know where the light is," she asked?
"Nope," I said as I struck a match for dramatic effect.
"Oh god," she rolled her eyes.
I smiled, "It's more fun this way."
She grabbed my arm as we made our way into the larger part of the suite in search of the noise. We looked in the closet, the bathroom, the enclosed toilet, and I even pulled a few drawers open for effect.
"What is this," she asked me. She had found the cabinet under the wetbar.
"I don't know. It was locked when I got here." I struck another match, "It says not to touch it or something, owner's possessions I think."
"Oh god, that is so creepy," she moaned. "I once went to this place in Lake Tahoe and it wasn't until the last day that my boyfriend found a loft that was hidden because the stairs had been removed. When he climbed it, there was a router and a twin sized bed in the corner. Super chills man."
"Well, the cabinet is too small for anything weird to be in there," I told her.
"You don't know that, have you ever seen those double jointed circus people?"
"Well, if there's some more champagne in there, then I wouldn't mind breaking the lock."
"It would be warm," she said.
"Ah yes, the important things."
We laughed, but just as we were going to get back into bed she ran into the bathroom and got a towel and tied an extensive knot around the handles.
Several hours later we were woken up with a loud banging. I bolted up in bed.
My mind raced to gather itself and assess at least 9 things wrong with my current situation. Cops, someone's boyfriend, my wife? Oh shit, why was I still getting myself into these predicaments? You would think I've learned a thing or two by now.
"Sir! This is hotel security. Are you in there sir? We're asking everyone to evacuate the building."
I got out of bed and rushed to open the door before they keyed their way in, "Hey what is going on?"
A man in an N95 mask and gloves was at the door, "Sir, we've been asked to evacuate everyone out of the building immediately. The hotel will be closing due to SARS-COV-2."
"What's going on," one of the girls asked.
"Miss, everyone needs to leave. We are evacuating the building. Please gather your belongings."
I looked at my companions and subsequently told them, "I can't believe they canceled Vegas."
For the next 20 minutes we scrambled to get ready. For a group of strangers it worked decently well. We cut the last lines and split it between the three of us. A smile, a kiss, and a hurried goodbye later meant that we found ourselves rushing for the elevator.
"Oh god, I forgot about the towel I tied to the cabinet," the architect said.
"It shouldn't be that much of a problem. Someone will just take it off later," I tried assuring her.
"What if no one gets back in there for weeks?" She looked at me slightly anxious, as if she was afraid to breathe the words, and a side of me knew what she was going on about.
"Alright, I'll go back," I told her.
The forewoman looked confused.
"I'll got with you," the architect said.
"No, you two get downstairs and see what is going on."
She looked at me with these doe eyes, the same look that has kept me awake for the past several days as I am laying here in boredom.
"I'll be fine I told her."
I ran back to the room, slid my keycard and began to untie the knot on the cabinet. And in my paranoia I took a video recording of the place before leaving, just so that I had evidence that the room was left in relatively good order later. The door slammed behind me, I pulled up my app to request an Uber as I made my way to the elevator. My phone vibrated, it must be the app I reasoned as I began shifting through my luggage to make sure I had gotten everything. When I reached the ground floor I searched for my two companions but found hotel personnel were rushing people into open taxis and Ubers to the airport. An entitled prick stood outside the valet desk as a manager profusely apologized for the inconvenience and how the hotel would compensate for one thing or another as he opened the door to a Porsche Panamera.
There was nothing for me to do except get into an Uber. I pulled up my phone expecting to see a familiar message that notified me that my driver would be arriving in 3 minutes, but instead it was a message from my host that simply said, "Thank you."
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Housing for summer

Hello, Im coming to Lake Tahoe to work at Hard Rock casino this summer. I was wondering what would be the best place to look for cheap housing to rent for 4 students from Europe. Thanks in advance :)
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Coins from casinos?

I’ve searched about 10 boxes from my local Wells Fargo in the past 6 weeks. But it’s slow going. Not a lot of great finds. The best bank to dump seems to be a branch 10 miles away across the street from a mall. They are happy to get the coins.
But I will likely be taking a couple trips up to South Lake Tahoe this year. It occurred to me that casinos turn over a lot of circulated coins and perhaps I might get more variety. At the very least they probably will handle some dumping.
Any thoughts on CRH from casinos?
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My Idea for GTA 6

It'll be HUGE.
How huge? It'll have the biggest map in the series, encompassing the whole state of San Andreas (including Los Santos, San Fierro, Las Venturas, and a new city called San Joseph, based on San Jose), with locations you can access by taking a plane to, including Liberty City, Vice City, Carcer City, North Yankton, even locations north and south of the border.
This time, there will be SIX protagonists, these being Michael, Franklin, Trevor, Niko, Taliana Martinez, and an aged, HD Universe version of Tommy Vercetti.
We'll also find out what has happened since GTA V:
We also get to see how the NPCs are doing:
So, to recap:
So, whaddaya think?
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MPX Bioceutical Corp. (MPX/MPXEF) - Geographic Footprint and Addressable Markets

MPX Bioceutical Corp. (MPX/MPXEF) - Geographic Footprint and Addressable Markets
I wanted to get a better understanding of MPX Bioceutical's U.S. footprint and addressable markets
MPX hasn't updated their investor presentation since November 06, 2017 (Slide 8 for MPX Operations) so I used press releases, old interviews/investor calls, and cursory Google searches.
I suck at formatting so apologies in advance.
*MPX Dispensary Distribution: https://imgur.com/Xs3otSd *MPX-Owned Dispensaries: https://imgur.com/bPQutTc *Health for Life Locations *The Holistic Center *Melting Point Extracts - Arizona Locations
Current Market Share in Arizona (March 28, 2018) - 24:12 ~7-8%
MPX Concentrates Dispensary Distribution
  1. Health for Life (Crismon) - Mesa, AZ (MPX-Owned) 9949 E Apache Trail, Mesa, AZ 85207 (Opened April 6, 2018)
  2. Health for Life (East) - Mesa, AZ (MPX-Owned) 7343 S 89th Pl, Mesa, AZ 85212
  3. Health for Life (North) - Mesa, AZ (MPX-Owned) 5550 E McDowell Rd, Mesa, AZ 85215
  4. The Holistic Center AZ - Phoeniz, AZ (MPX-Owned) 21035 N Cave Creek Rd C-5, Phoenix, AZ 85024
  5. Catalina Hills Care - Tucson, AZ 12152 N Rancho Vistoso Blvd, Oro Valley, AZ 85755
  6. Green Hills Patient Center - Show Low, AZ 3191 S White Mountain Rd, Show Low, AZ 85901
  7. High Desert Healing - Lake Havasu, AZ 1691 Industrial Blvd, Lake Havasu City, AZ 86403
  8. Kompo - Taylor, AZ 600 Centennial Blvd, Snowflake, AZ 85937
  9. Leaf Life - Casa Grande, AZ 1860 N Salk Dr B1, Casa Grande, AZ 85122
  10. Metro Meds - Phoenix, AZ 10040 N Metro Pkwy W, Phoenix, AZ 85051
  11. OASIS - Chandler, AZ 26427 S Arizona Ave #8223, Chandler, AZ 85248
  12. The Good Dispensary - Mesa, AZ 1842 W Broadway Rd, Mesa, AZ 85202
  13. The Mint Dispensary - Tempe, AZ 5210 S Priest Dr, Tempe, AZ 85283
  14. The Prime Leaf - Tucson, AZ 4220 E Speedway Blvd, Tucson, AZ 85712
  15. Uncle Herbs Dispensary - Payson, AZ 200 N Tonto St, Payson, AZ 85541
  16. Urban Greenhouse - Phoenix, AZ 2630 W Indian School Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85017
  17. Yavapai Herbal Services - Cottonwood, AZ 675 E State Route 89A Cottonwood, AZ 86326
  18. Botanica - Tucson, AZ 6205 N Travel Center Drive Tucson, AZ 85741
Relocated Production Facility: North Mesa, AZ
Annual Capacity
*Phase One - 150,000 grams of MPX-branded products (Currently in Operation) *Phase Two - 400,000+ grams (Scheduled for completion in calendar Q3 2018) *Phase Three - 800,000+ grams (Schedule for completion in calendar Q4 2018)
New production facility will increase production capacity 2-4x: 11:31 , 25:11
March 05, 2018 - MPX Signs Definitive Agreement to Expand Its Footprint in Arizona -
  • “This acquisition represents a solid addition to our industry and presence in Arizona, a State that offers MPX one of the best-regulated, yet industry-supportive markets in the country,” said W. Scott Boyes, MPX’s Chairman, President and CEO. “The entities being acquired have recorded trailing 12-month revenues of US$15 million and EBITDA of approximately US$3.5 million and its results will be immediately accretive to MPX earnings. Furthermore, the acquired companies are well-managed and will allow both parties to share best practises and benefit from the ability to share purchase economies. With the pending opening of our Apache Junction dispensary, the addition of the Holistic Center, will bring the number of dispensaries managed by MPX in the greater Phoenix market to four, will more than double our cultivation capacity and will materially complement our management team in the State. Adding to our critical mass of operations, this acquisition will add to MPX’s ability to benefit from purchasing economies, spread the administrative overhead costs over a larger revenue base and provide cash flows to support additional growth.”
April 03, 2018 - Mpx Enjoys Record Monthly Revenue of Cdn$5.2 Million in Arizona
  • Beth Stavola, COO and President of MPX’s U.S. operations, adds “With our fourth dispensary opening soon in the Apache Junction suburb and our expanded concentrate production facilities coming on-stream this month, we expect to see our Arizona revenues continue to expand over the next several fiscal quarters. The Arizona program is well-regulated by AZDHS, the patient count continues to grow, the supply and cost of flower and trim for re-sale and concentrate production is excellent and, while the Phoenix area market is increasingly competitive, retail prices and margins remain attractive. This is a great state for MPX to conduct business in.”
April 09, 2018 - MPX Adds a Fourth Dispensary in Phoenix and Triples Capacity for MPX Concentrate Production in Arizona
TORONTO, April 09, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- MPX Bioceutical Corporation (“MPX” or the “Company”) (CSE:MPX) (OTC:MPXEF) is pleased to announce that the official opening of the its newest “Health for Life” medical marijuana dispensary in the Metropolitan Phoenix area, located at the junction of E. Main and Crimson in the suburb of Apache Junction. This brings the number of dispensaries under MPX management in Arizona’s Sun Valley to four. The Crimson dispensary will meet the needs of patients in this comparatively underserviced southeast quadrant of the region by making available the full spectrum of MPX concentrates, an extensive variety of cannabis flower, and a broad selection of 3rd party, processed cannabis-infused edibles.
The Company also announces that it has relocated the processing and production of MPX concentrates to a new location in North Mesa. Phase one of the build-out at this facility, now in operation, will immediately double the current production capacity of MPX-branded products in Arizona to approximately 150,000 grams annually. The second phase scheduled for completion early in calendar Q3 will increase potential production to over 400,000 grams per year and the final phase expected in calendar Q4 will result in annualized capacity increasing to a total in excess of 800,000 grams annually with a wholesale value (at current prices) of approximately US$18 million.
Arizona Medical Marijuana Patient Numbers:
*- 152,979 (Current through 12/31/17)
*- 162,528 (March 2018) , Reports
Arizona is the 14th most populous state - 7,016,270 (Population estimate, July 1, 2017)
Phoenix is the fifth most populated city
Population: 1,615,017 (2016 estimate) , U.S. Census Bureau , World Population Review
*MPX Dispensary Distribution (Nevada): https://imgur.com/l3SoaWl *MPX Dispensary Distribution (Las Vegas, Nevada): https://imgur.com/J9rM7JU *(Greenmart of Nevada - Where To Find Us) *[(Acquired October 13, 2017](https://www.newcannabisventures.com/bcc-finalizes-17-8mm-greenmart-nevada-cannabis-producer-purchase/
  • January 31, 2018 - 4:27 - 30,000 sq. ft. cultivation and laboratory for MPX concentrates
  • March 28, 2018 - 11:46
In Nevada, our production capacity has been limited by the availability of raw material, of biomass. And most of our product produced there has been sold 2-3 weeks in advance.
MPX Dispensary Distribution *Melting Point Extracts - Nevada Locations *(Greenmart of Nevada - Where To Find Us)
  1. Acres Cannabis - Las Vegas, NV 2320 Western Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89102
  2. Black Jack Collective Delivery - Las Vegas, NV 1860 Western Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89102
  3. Blum - Reno, NV 1085 S. Virginia St. Suite A Reno, NV 89502
  4. Blum Western - Las Vegas, NV 1921 Western Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89102
  5. Blum Decatur - Las Vegas, NV 3650 S Decatur Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89103
  6. Blum Desert Inn - Las Vegas, NV 1130 E Desert Inn Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89109
  7. Canopi (Southwest) - Las Vegas, NV 6540 Blue Diamond Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89139
  8. Cannacopia - Las Vegas, NV 6332 S Rainbow Blvd #105, Las Vegas, NV 89118
  9. Deep Roots Harvest - Mesquite, NV 195 Willis Carrier Canyon, Mesquite, NV 89034
  10. Essence (Henderson) - Henderson, NV 4300 E. Sunset Road Suite A3 Henderson, NV 89014
  11. Essence (Las Vegas Strip) - Las Vegas, NV 2307 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89104
  12. Essence (West) - Las Vegas, NV 5765 W Tropicana Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89103
  13. Euphoria Wellness, Las Vegas, NV 7780 S Jones Blvd, Ste 105 Las Vegas, NV 89139-6489
  14. Inyo Fine Cannabis - Las Vegas, NV 2520 S Maryland Pkwy #2, Las Vegas, NV 89109
  15. Jardin - Las Vegas, NV 2900 E Desert Inn Rd #102, Las Vegas, NV 89121
  16. Jenny's Dispensary (North Las Vegas) - North Las Vegas, NV 5530 N Decatur Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89130
  17. Jenny's Dispensary (Henderson) - Henderson, NV 10420 S Eastern Ave, Henderson, NV 89052
  18. Las Vegas Releaf - Las Vegas, NV 2244 Paradise Rd. Las Vegas, NV 89104
  19. Nevada Wellness Center - Las Vegas, NV 3200 S Valley View Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89102
  20. NuLeaf (Lake Tahoe) - Lake Tahoe, NV 877 Tahoe Blvd, Incline Village, NV 89451
  21. NuLeaf (Las Vegas) - Las Vegas, NV 430 E Twain Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89169
  22. Oasis Cannabis - Las Vegas, NV 1800 Industrial Rd #180, Las Vegas, NV 89102
  23. Reef Western - Las Vegas, NV 3400 Western Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89109
  24. Rise Dispensary - Carson City, NV 135 E Clearview Dr #119, Carson City, NV 89701
  25. Sierra Wellness Connection (Reno) - Reno, NV 1605 E 2nd St #103, Reno, NV 89502
  26. Sierra Wellness Connection (Carson City) - Carson City, NV 2765 US Highway 50E Carson City, NV 89701
  27. Silver Sage Wellness - Las Vegas, NV 4626 W Charleston Blvd Las Vegas, NV 89102
  28. The Apothecarium - Las Vegas, NV 7885 W. Sahara Ave #112 Las Vegas, NV 89117
  29. The Apothecary Shoppe - Las Vegas, NV 4240 W. Flamingo Rd. No. 100 Las Vegas, NV 89103
  30. The Dispensary (Decatur) - Las Vegas, NV 5347 S. Decatur Blvd. Las Vegas, NV 89118
  31. The Dispensary (Henderson) - Henderson, NV 50 N Gibson Rd #170, Henderson, NV 89014
  32. The Dispensary (Reno) - Reno, NV 100 W. Plumb Lane Reno, NV 89509
  33. The Grove - Las Vegas, NV 4647 Swenson Street Las Vegas, NV 89119
  34. The Source (Henderson) - Henderson, NV 9480 S Eastern Ave #185, Las Vegas, NV 89123
  35. The Source (Las Vegas) - Las Vegas, NV 2550 S Rainbow Blvd #8, Las Vegas, NV 89146
  36. Thrive (Downtown) - Las Vegas, NV 1112 S Commerce St, Las Vegas, NV 89102
  37. Thrive (North Las Vegas) - Las Vegas, NV 2755 W Cheyenne Ave #103, North Las Vegas, NV 89032
  38. Top Notch THC - Las Vegas, NV 5630 Stephanie St, Las Vegas, NV 89122
  39. Zen Leaf - Las Vegas, NV 9120 W Post Rd #103, Las Vegas, NV 89148
Population: 2,998,039 (Population estimate, July 1, 2017
U.S. Census Bureau
Nevada Medical Marijuana Patient Numbers:
*- 23,489 (Current through 12/31/17)
*- 21,759 (February 2018) , Reports
Nevada is the 34th most populous state - 2,998,039 (Population estimate, July 1, 2017)
Las Vegas is the 28th-most populated city
Population: 632.912 (2016 estimate) , U.S. Census Bureau , World Population Review
Las Vegas Tourism
Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority - Las Vegas Visitor Statistics *- Year End Summary for 2017: 42,214,200 *- Year-to-Date Summary 2018 (As of Apr 20, 2018) - 10,274,100
*MPX Dispensary Distribution (Massachusetts): https://imgur.com/pIN0pAA
*MPX Dispensary Distribution (New England): https://imgur.com/wk3e4Hs
  • Dispensaries 2 of 3 dispensaries disclosed: Fall River, Attleborough
  • Production Facility: Fall River, MA (40,000 - 50,000 sq. ft. cultivation and production facility)
  • Dispensaries: 3 (Approved for building, 1 in Fall River, 1 in Attleborough, 1 still being targeted)
  • 3rd dispensary targets:
  • October 14, 2017 - 34:08 - Near Wynn Casino, 34:50 - Third dispensary target: "Near Revere, not right in the city itself"
  • January 31, 2018 - 6:13 - "Right now we are searching for third location. We've got a number of really good prospects there."
  • March 28, 2018 - 16:29 - "I think we're pretty close on number three. It is a great location and I'm gonna refrain from mentioning the town but it's a great population."
MPX-owned Dispensaries
  1. Cannatech Medicinals, Inc.,- Fall River 160 Hartwell St, Fall River, MA 02721 (Under construction) April 11, 2018 - Patch.com
  2. Cannatech Medicinals, Inc.,- Attoboro 220 Oneil Blvd, Attleboro, MA 02703 (Under construction)
The company, which is building a facility to grow and process marijuana for medicine, sold 51 percent of its real estate and management companies to The Canadian Bioceutical Corp., for $5.1 million. The agreement was announced Tuesday.
The company is in the process of building a 50,000-square-foot facility on Innovation Way, next door to Amazon and Mass Biologics, the medical research and testing facility run by the University of Massachusetts.
  • TORONTO, Ontario, June 15, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The Canadian Bioceutical Corporation (the “Company” or “BCC”) (CSE:BCC) (OTC:CBICF) today announced that further to its press release of April 4, 2017, the Company, through its wholly-owned subsidiary CGX Life Sciences, Inc. (CGX), has completed the acquisition of a 51% interest in IMT, LLC and Fall River Developments, LLC (“FRD”), Massachusetts registered companies active in the cannabis space.
The marijuana industry has become a popular spot for Fall River.
According to MPX Bioceutical Corp, construction of a 40,000 square foot marijuana cultivation/processing facility on Innovation Way in Fall River, Massachusetts is targeted to be complete in the summer of this year with cultivation beginning in the third quarter of 2018. Cannatech Medicinals, who is owned by MPX Bioceutical Corp, has been working on the facility next to Amazon.
They have also commenced construction on the first of three dispensaries in Massachusetts, including one at 160 Hartwell Street in Fall River near the Applebee’s restaurant. The Hartwell Street location will get their supply from the Innovation Way facility.
CannaTech Medicinals; Hope, Heal, Health; and Northeast Alternatives will all be in the running for licenses to grow and sell marijuana for the recreational market. Recreational sales are scheduled to start July 1.
CannaTech Medicinals is building a 50,000-square-foot growing facility and processing laboratory in the biopark on Innovation Way. It is also building a dispensary off Hartwell Street.
Massachusetts Medical Marijuana Patient Numbers:
*- 45,505 (Current through 12/31/17)
*- 48,265 - (March 31 2018) - Massachusetts Medical Use of Marijuana Program snapshot
Massachusetts Medical Use of Marijuana Program snapshot
  • Under "RMD information", the current status of all registered marijuana dispensaries and applicants through April 27 2018 - Entries #35-37 - Cannatech Medicinals, Inc.:
*- Only two of three have "Proposed Dispensary Locations" (Fall River, Attleboro)
*- No siting profile has been submitted for the third dispensary yet, invited to submit on December 12, 2017 (same date as Attleboro)
Massachusetts is the 15th most populous state
Boston is the 22nd most populated city in the U.S. and most populated in New England
Population: 673,184 (2016 estimate) , U.S. Census Bureau ,
Not to mention the populations from surrounding states and tourism.
*- Managing dispensaries under Health for Life brand
*- MPX-Owned Dispensary Distribution (Maryland): https://imgur.com/KrcT0g4
*- Melting Point Extracts - Maryland Locations (None available yet)
From the press releases below, I gather:
  • 1 production facility in Gaithersburg/Montgomery Country (through Rosebud Organics/Budding Rose, Inc.) (January 8, 2018) - No square footage provided. However,
  • January 08, 2018 - The facility is completely built-out and when fully operational will be capable of producing 825,000 grams of MPX-branded cannabis concentrates per annum.
*- Possibly at: 4909 Fairmont Ave Bethesda, MD 20814
*- Under "Pre-Approved Dispensaries": GreenMart of Maryland (District 6: Baltimore County)
*- Under "Pre-Approved Dispensaries": LMS Wellness BLLC (District 8: Baltimore County)
*- Under "Pre-Approved Dispensaries": Budding Rose, LLC (District 16: Montgomery County)
*- Under "Licensed Processors (as of April 10, 2018): Rosebud Organics LLC (Montgomery County)
*- Under "Pre-Approved Processors": Rosebud Organics, LLC (Montgomery County)
I'm guessing that they will be selling MPX concentrates through these dispensaries as they have done in Arizona and Nevada once their production facility is operational. I'll wait for the press release and theMelting Point Extracts site to update before factoring that into their footprint.
  • MPX Bioceutical Corporation (the “Company” or “MPX”) (CSE:MPX) (OTC:MPXEF) today announced that the Company, through its indirect wholly-owned subsidiary, S8 Management, LLC (“S8 Management”), is entering into a management agreement (the “Management Agreement”) with LMS Wellness, Benefit LLC (“LMS”) which will result in MPX building and managing a full service medical cannabis dispensary in the White Marsh suburb of Baltimore, Maryland.
Photo caption: A medical marijuana company has signed a lease for the space at 4909 Fairmont Ave., next to the mural.
A medical marijuana dispensary is coming to a long-dormant space on Fairmont Avenue in downtown Bethesda.
Rich Greenberg, of Greenhill Capital, which owns the building, said Budding Rose LLC signed the lease for the roughly 1,900-square-foot space about six months ago. He said work is ongoing to fit out the interior to meet the dispensary’s needs, and he wasn’t sure when the shop would be ready to open.
The management agreements with Budding Rose and Rosebud will result in MPX subsidiaries now operating three medical cannabis enterprises in the State of Maryland. The first management agreement with LMS Wellness, Benefit LLC was announced on December 12, 2017. Rosebud is one of only 14 licenses issued to process cannabis derivatives in the State of Maryland. The facility is completely built-out and when fully operational will be capable of producing 825,000 grams of MPX-branded cannabis concentrates per annum.
Budding Rose will operate a dispensary in a high-traffic area of downtown Bethesda, Maryland, in close proximity to the Walter Reed Military Medical Center and National Institutes of Health. Bethesda, Maryland is located within the Capital Beltway and is one of the wealthiest communities in the Capital Region. The dispensary is currently under construction and is expected to be operational in late February of this year.
GreenMart will operate a dispensary, under the “Health for Life” brand, in a high-traffic area of Baltimore, Maryland, situated off of North Point Road in the community of Colgate. The location is conveniently located near Interstate Routes 695, 95 and US Route 40 and a 15-minute drive from Baltimore’s Inner Harbour, Canton Waterfront, Federal Hill, and Fells Point. Within 2 miles of the location sits Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center, a teaching hospital within the world renowned John Hopkins Health System. GreenMart has been welcomed and supported by the community leaders of Colgate. The dispensary is currently under construction and is expected to be operational in April 2018 of this year.
Maryland Medical Marijuana Patient Numbers:
*- 18,000+ (Current through 12/15/17)
*- 17,000+ (March 20, 2018)
  • More than 17,000 consumers in Maryland have registered for medical marijuana.
Maryland is the 19th most populated state - 6,052,177 (Population estimate, July 1, 2017) , U.S. Census Bureau
Baltimore is the 30th most populated city
Population: 614,664 (2016 estimate) , U.S. Census Bureau , World Population Review
Training/staffing/spreading themselves too thin:
*- March 28, 2018 - 25:56
Future Targets *- January 31, 2018 - 10:03 *- November 2017 Presentation: Michigan, New Jersey, Ohio
California *- March 28, 2018 - March MPX Bioceutical Q3 Investor Call: March 8, 2018 California 15:53, 33:45
Ohio *- March 28, 2018 - 14:32 - Five applications in Ohio.
New Jersey
*- January 25, 2018 - Beth Stavola, MPX COO is invited by NJ Governor Murphy as a Marijuana Industry Leader during the signing of an executive order which would ease access to medical marijuana in the State.
*- 1:14 - "Beth, this one is for you. You represent not just you but the whole industry"
*- January 31, 2018 - [Beth Stavola MPX Bioceuticals Interview with New Cannabis Ventures - 10:14](https://youtu.be/Mffwj_sP7T0?t=10m14s]
*- March 28, 2018 - 14:54
Keep in mind they're in only four states right now and currently operating in two. There are other U.S operators with multi-state footprints (IAN, CRZ, LHS, MRMD, etc.).
A few private players:
*1) Acreage Holdings - 11 States,
*2) Columbia Care - 9 States + D.C and Puerto Rico,
*3) Green Thumb Industries (GTI) - 5 States,
*4) Cresco Labs - 4 States.
Also, there are the other companies with agreements/operations in both the U.S. and Canada (CRZ, SNN).
Once their RTO (April 30, 2018) is completed, MedMen will have the highest addressable market of the publicly traded U.S. operators (CA - 39.5 million, NY - 19.8 million, NV - 2.9 million, Canada - 35 million through their JV with Cronos). Not too mention the number of visitors each of those markets get annually.
That being said, of the current public companies, I think they give good multi-state exposure in the U.S. in markets with high population density](https://www2.census.gov/geo/pdfs/maps-data/maps/thematic/us_popdensity_2010map.pdf). This doesn't even factoring their Canadian exposure once they get operating. We'll see where they stand in the U.S. market if they're able to execute on the Massachusetts, Maryland, and Canadian operations. Also, remember they're pushing the MPX concentrates brand and are set to get exposure on both coasts.
I can't speak on their capital structure or financials. Some other users can discuss that.
Arizona - Operating
*- MPX Dispensary Distribution: https://imgur.com/Xs3otSd
*- MPX-Owned Dispensaries: https://imgur.com/bPQutTc
Nevada - Operating
*- MPX Dispensary Distribution (Nevada): https://imgur.com/l3SoaWl
*- MPX Dispensary Distribution (Las Vegas, Nevada): https://imgur.com/J9rM7JU
Massachusetts - Building/Not currently operating
*- MPX Dispensary Distribution (Massachusetts): https://imgur.com/pIN0pAA
*- MPX Dispensary Distribution (New England): https://imgur.com/wk3e4Hs
Maryland - Building/Not currently operating
*- MPX-Owned Dispensary Distribution (Maryland): https://imgur.com/KrcT0g4
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5.5 Year Relationship at a Crossroads and about to move in together

My (25M) GF (25F) and I have been dating for over 5.5 years. We met first day of sophomore year in college, and started dating after becoming good friends in a few months. We've been together ever since, and graduating from school and moving to NYC separately, each with roommates from school. After 3 years of living apart (15 min walk away) my lease ended and I moved in with her and her roommates for this summer while her lease goes til end of August. We're scheduled to move in Sept. 1.
To give a very crucial backstory, last Fall was the lowest point of our relationship - she actually said she wanted to break up with me one night and I slept on the couch and said I didn't want to give up. The next day we had a normal Sunday, actually kind of happy strangely. We got to that low point due to the fact that she doesn't trust me. She's had trust issues with me for a long time dating back to college because I was secretive about when I smoked pot or that I occasionally packed a lip on a drunk night - dumb stuff. Last fall though, for some reason one night we were talking about not having secrets before getting married being important to us and all of a sudden my heart started to THROB . I couldn't stop it and my face got white and she saw me and asked what was going on. I could hardly speak and she got really really scared. It was because, for some reason I still don't know, recalled that I had made out with my ex 4 years ago when I was home for Christmas in college Junior year. I didn't tell her this though. I had just got back from a trip to Lake Tahoe with all my best friends like the night before and she kept accusing me of sleeping with someone on that trip because that was the only thing that could've made me so nervous and my heart pound. I vehemently denied this because it simplu wasn't true and would never do that to her and was genuinely hurt she could even think that I was capable of doing that to her. Eventually, after brutal days, we got over it and it just kind of eeked away...
But then, almost every time we were hanging out, watching a TV show or movie where the people are like making out or doing anything sexual whatsover, and my girlfriend is laying on my chest, my heart starts POUNDING again, just like it had the first time and she would always get so upset, same thing over and over all Fall. She was studying for a big test (for finance job) all Fall too, she was stressed and anxious while I enjoyed football season. So right before I go home for Christmas, we're having our last night together, trying to enjoy each other but it was just off. Felt like miles between us. I had even started to grow resentful at this point because I felt like i didn't deserve to feel so badly all the time and am a really great BF to her. We're sitting down that night and she starts breaking down crying, and finally she just says "I know there's something else. It FEELS like there is something else. Please just tell me and I promise I'll listen and try not to be mad" and then I started breaking down too. I knew I had to tell her if we were ever going to work. I finally told her that I had cheated on her 4 years ago one night when I was home from Christmas and made out (I'm from Pacific Northwest, family still lives there) with my ex gf from highschool. I truly was blacked out and don't remember doing it at all - i felt sick when my buddy told me what happened the next morning. She cries immediately but thanks me and we sort of fall asleep crying. I went home the next day for Christmas.

Christmas was awful. She really didn't take it well and blacked out for most of the 2 weeks. She made out with a guy from highschool too and told me about it Chritmas eve. She would black out and text or call me saying such nasty things and that she was going to live her life and wishes me the best yada yada - It was just a rough break and she really made me feel terrible a lot. We finally facetimed and had a long talk at the end before we came back. I told her i wasn't mad at her and that I was sorry and that I take responsibility for everything - the last fall, this christmas, everything. She basically doesn't know if she can get over it and we come back to the city. The first weekend we had, we went out for dinner and had a really weird date where we both cried alot, and she expressed that she still was so mad at me and didn't know how to not be and didn't trust me still and accused me of having more secrets - she still thought I had sex with someone in Tahoe or something. The next night she breaks down after an argument says she can't do it anymore and breaks up with me basically. I told her she was upset and this was a mistake and that we could really be special if we got through this because I finally had nothing to hide and understand the importance of trust and the damage i caused. She told me she could maybe one day forgive me but she didn't trust me and didn't promise she ever would. I told her i forgive her for everything she did all christmas and that I would prove her right day by day, being honest and telling the truth. We went to Miami together the next week (it was planned already) and had a really really great time. We kind of turned it back around on that trip I thought. I did tell her on that trip that I was afraid my heart might still beat whenever she was on my chest because I noticed it had happened once since I told the truth and was afraid it might still for no reason besides maybe PTSD - i still dont understand why it does now.
So we've been dating since and really the last 8 months have been great. I've been a hundred percent honest with her - mostly about dumb things like I dipped at a wedding one weekend or did cocaine with my friends once in Tahoe (she doesn't like drugs and told me never to do them which I respect and tell her if it happens once in a very blue moon). My apartment lease was up at the beginning of summer and moved in with her and her roommates for the summer until we finally move in to our own place Sept 1. There have been a lot of instances this summer where I've been made to feel like im not a good boyfriend or someone whos trustworthy. One example being that I didn't tell her that my best buddy and I were staying at a hotel one night when I visited him in Texas after we gambled at a nearby casino until the night of. She calls me and tells me how shady i am and that i make her worry every time im away. I was and am still upset about this and feel like its a complete overreaction and unfair to say i was lying - i told her i was at a hotel and staying there myself! This led to us texting angrily all day the next day and me not enjoying my last day with my friend before I came back. So this type of things has been happening occasionally this summer and every time it gets down to her saying I still don't trust you and I don't forgive you. And that she doesn't always think of me in a positive light.
My heart beat again one night and she accuses me again, says there's a reason it still beats. I'm at a loss. There is absolutely nothing else for me to tell her and no reason why it still beats- it's the strangest most frustrating thing I've ever felt because it really really messes stuff up for us and I can not control it. The more I think about it the more it happens. It doesn't happen nearly as often as it used to - like hardly at all now, but it still will once every while. So I finally tell her I can't feel this way anymore. I really am the best boyfriend in the world to her and I feel like such a bad guy all the time because of her and her unwillingness to trust me and think positively of me. I tell her that I've done all in my power to make up for it, and that I am able to forgive her for what she's done to me, and i need her to do the same for me. she says she doesn't know how to do that and that she'll work on it. long week, lots of talking and tears, really no progress.
Last night, she notices my iphone passcode is different and asks why. I tell her becuase it just made me change it for some reason and the new one is *****. She says how that's weird and hers never does that. She keeps saying its so weird and I'm finally like what are you getting at exactly? And she says she doesn't think that happened. I'm flabbergasted - after everything I said to her last week and all that we talked about and how important I emphasized that I can't feel like that anymore, the NEXT DAY she starts on about how I'm lying about why my iphone passcode (THAT I TOLD HER) had changed? That was last night. She eventually apologized and we've been texting all day about how we don't know if we should move in together, if she can't trust me how will we work, etc. I really don't know. We signed a 28 month lease, slated to move in together on Sunday. I don't know what to do. Move in and hope she's able to start trusting me? Or just continue to deal with it hoping it gets better? Call it all off? Fuck IDK
TLDR - GF doesn't trust me. I don't deserve it. Will it get better / should we move in?
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Tahoe Summer 2018 Event Calendar

A lot is going on in Tahoe during the summer, so here’s a continuously updated listing of events happening around the lake! Feel free to comment below with any updates, I will periodically edit the post with new events that folks send me. See revision notes at the bottom of this post.
Things not included: shows that happen every week all year around (like the Improv at Harvey’s or the Magic Fusion at The Loft), free weekly shows at venues like the CBC and Alibi Truckee (check their event calendars for those!), and children’s camps/classes. I reserve the right to not include every event folks send; a truly comprehensive list would quickly become useless with too many items on it, so I will be a little selective.

Popular Venues

Name Address
Alibi Ale Works Truckee Public House 10069 Bridge St. Truckee, CA 96161
Crystal Bay Club (CBC) 14 NV 28, Crystal Bay, NV 89402
Hard Rock Hotel & Casino 50 US 50, Stateline, NV 89449
Harrah’s Lake Tahoe 15 US 50, Stateline, NV 89449
Harvey’s Lake Tahoe 18 US 50, Stateline, NV 89449
Heavenly California Lodge 3860 Saddle Rd, South Lake Tahoe, CA 96150
Kirkwood Mountain Resort 1501 Kirkwood Meadows Dr, Kirkwood, CA 95646
Lake Tahoe AleWorX 2050 Lake Tahoe Blvd, South Lake Tahoe, CA 96150
The Loft Theater 1001 Heavenly Village Way, South Lake Tahoe, CA 96150
Montbleu 55 US 50, Stateline, NV 89449
Northstar California Resort 5001 Northstar Dr, Truckee, CA 96161
Lake Tahoe Shakespeare Festival (Sand Harbor) 2005 NV 28, Incline Village, NV
South Lake Brewing 1920 Lake Tahoe Blvd, South Lake Tahoe, CA 96150
Squaw Valley Resort 1960 Squaw Valley Rd, Olympic Valley, CA 96146
Whiskey Dick’s 2660 Lake Tahoe Blvd, South Lake Tahoe, CA 96150

Repeating Events

Event Dates Location
Concerts at Commons Beach Every Sunday, starting June 17 Tahoe City - Commons Beach
Live at Lakeview Every Thursday, starting June 21 South Lake Tahoe - Lakeview Commons (El Dorado Beach)
Music on the Beach Every Friday, starting June 29 Kings Beach State Recreation Area
Beehive - The 60s Musical Various, starting July 6 Sand Harbor
Macbeth Various, starting July 13 Sand Harbor


Date Event Location
19 The Novelists Alibi Ale Works Truckee Public House
19 The Head and the Heart Harrah’s
19 50 Dates in 50 States Hard Rock Hotel & Casino
19 Keep Tahoe Blue - Snapshot Day Lake Tahoe Community College
19 Lou Gramm (founding member of Foreigner) Montbleu
24 Cyclepaths’ Summer Kick Off Party + Movie Premiere Alibi Ale Works Truckee Public House
24 Sharkmouth Alibi Ale Works Truckee Public House
24 Lake Tahoe’s Reggae Spring Splash Featuring: Steel Pulse Montbleu
25 Last Friday DJ Series feat. DJ Disco Terrorist Alibi Ale Works Truckee Public House
25-26 South Lake Brewing 2nd Anniversary Party South Lake Brewing
26 Bob Newhart Harrah’s
26 Femmes of Rock Starring Bella Electric Strings Montbleu
26-27 Made in Tahoe Festival Squaw Valley
27 Trevor Hall with Tim Snider Crystal Bay Club


Date Event Location
2 Tahoe Brewfest Heavenly California Lodge
2 Tahoe Brewfest After Party The Loft
2 Lake Street Dive Montbleu
2 Keep Tahoe Blue - Tahoe City Beach Cleanup Tahoe City - Commons Beach
3 Omg Fun Run! Meyer’s Community
9 The Monkees Harrah’s
9 Hot August Nights at Squaw Valley Squaw Valley
9 Keep Tahoe Blue - Tahoe Forest Stewardship Day Spring Upper Truckee River
16 Slightly Stoopid Harvey’s Outdoor Arena
16 Soulcirque Hard Rock Hotel & Casino
16 Rock Tahoe Half Marathon Hard Rock Hotel & Casino
21 Trampled by Turtles Montbleu
22 Comedy Cage Match Hard Rock Hotel & Casino
23 Robert Plant and the Sensational Space Shifters Harvey’s Outdoor Arena
29 Maximono The Loft
30 Margaret Cho Montbleu


Date Event Location
3 Kenny Chesney Harvey’s Outdoor Arena
5 Keep Tahoe Red, White, and Blue Beach Cleanup Various beaches
7 Zepparella “All Female Tribute to Led Zeppelin” Crystal Bay Club
7 Alt-Rock Reload Hard Rock Hotel & Casino
7 Beerfest & Bluegrass Festival Northstar California Resort
13 Evening with Pitbull Harvey’s Outdoor Arena
13 Katchafire Montbleu
14 Eric Johnson Crystal Bay Club
14-15 Art, Wine & Music Festival Squaw Valley
16 Reno Philharmonic: Remember When Rock Was Young - The Elton John Tribute Sand Harbor
17-18 The Infamous Stringdusters Harrah’s
17-18 Karl Denson’s Tiny Universe Montbleu
17-18 Phish Harvey’s Outdoor Arena
19-22 Wanderlust Festival Squaw Valley
20 Melissa Etheridge Montbleu
21 Tainted Love Crystal Bay Club
21-22 Keith Urban Harvey’s Outdoor Arena
23 Sierra Nevada Ballet: A Midsummer Night’s Dream – The Ballet Sand Harbor
25 Luke Bryan Harvey’s Outdoor Arena
26 Chris Stapleton Harvey’s Outdoor Arena
28 The Decemberists Montbleu
28 Bikes & Brews Kirkwood Mountain Resort
30 Reno Jazz Orchestra: New Orleans, A Night in the Big Easy Sand Harbor


Date Event Location
3 ZoSo “The Ultimate Led Zeppelin Experience” Crystal Bay Club
3 The Temptations Montbleu
4 Matisyahu Montbleu
4 Ice Cube Hard Rock Hotel & Casino
6 Reno Philharmonic: Bravo on The Beach: Best of Broadway Sand Harbor
9 Florence and the Machine Harvey’s Outdoor Arena
10 “Brews, Jazz and Funk Pre Party” ft. The Floozies w/ Big Sam’s Funky Nation Crystal Bay Club
10 Janet Jackson Harvey’s Outdoor Arena
11 Papa Roach Hard Rock Hotel & Casino
11-12 Brews, Jazz and Funk Fest Squaw Valley
12 Bloody Mary Competition Hard Rock Hotel & Casino
12 Amy Schumer & Friends Harvey’s Outdoor Arena
13 Super Diamond: The Neil Diamond Tribute Sand Harbor
17 Steve Miller Band and Peter Frampton Harvey’s Outdoor Arena
18 Petty Theft “Tribute to Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers” Crystal Bay Club
18 Charlie Puth with Hailee Steinfeld Harvey’s Outdoor Arena
18 BB King’s Blues Band Montbleu
20 Mindi Abair & The Boneshakers: A Powerhouse Sax and Detroit Funk/Rock Concert Sand Harbor
22 Nahko and Medicine for the People w/ Xiuhtezcatl Crystal Bay Club
24 Evening with Donny & Marie Harvey’s Outdoor Arena
31 Scorpions and Queensrÿche Harvey’s Outdoor Arena


Date Event Location
1 Reno Jazz Orchestra: An Evening with Tierney Sutton Sand Harbor
1 Foam Fest Squaw Valley
2 Alpen Wine Fest Squaw Valley
7 Dave Matthews Band Harvey’s Outdoor Arena
7 Guitar Strings vs. Chicken Wings Squaw Valley
13 Galactic Crystal Bay Club
21-22 Thunder from Down Under Harrah’s
22 Oktoberfest Squaw Valley
29 Oktoberfest Tahoe City

Revision History

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Redditors on the PCT Week 12 (June 30)

Hiker Start Location Update
RisingWaterline Mar 19 (N) Yosemite No update
Tloop Mar 24 (N) Donner Pass "Tahoe has proven to be an unexpectedly amazing home base for this trail, however, I think this will be my last stop here for a while so that I can sprint to the finish line..."
Incident_reported Mar 24 (N) Sierra "Another twelve days through the sierras complete. Going in for one more slog through snow!"
Tiger aka samgoeswest Mar 24 (N) Tahoe "Lake Aloha wasn’t quite the paradise as the name suggests. It was like being in the frozen arctics"
Sodee aka Dcoakley Mar 26 (N-S-N) Unknown No Update
Mild Sauce aka anon-9 Apr 01 (N) Unknown No Update
Crush aka Strider8008 Apr 02 (N) Yosemite Enjoying a snow-free side trip to the valley
Spice aka hotncold1994, Link 2 Apr 05 (N) Deadfall Lake "Some days are just honestly kind of boring out here. Today was one of those days."
Shortstack aka Mooyack , Link 2 Apr 05 (N) Etna No current update, still posting backlog of photos from the desert
HikingRogue Apr 07 (N) Burney Trying to avoid the NorCal blues
Sour Patch aka miken1ke Apr 10 (N) Mile 1000 Woohoo!
The Man With No Name Hailing From Parts Unknown aka Fargone Apr 10 (N) Flipping up to NorCal " I am in severe danger of having to start hiking the PCT again shortly."
xylhim Apr 10 (N) Bishop Bought an ice axe in town after doing forester without one. Wise choice!
ComfortableWeight95 Apr 12 (N) Bishop Back in the Sierra after a short road trip
Gusher aka midnightmockingbird Apr 16 (N) Oregon Flipping
innesmck, Link 2, Link 3 Apr 18 (N) Unknown No Update
Blood Orange aka CompassionateSociety, Link 2 Apr 20 (N) Sierra Buttes "The most beautiful place I've ever been, but it comes at a price."
Odin aka Jedimaster1134 Apr 20 (N) Unknown "Happy #BourdainDay to my fellow cooks, adventurers, and those always in search of something tasty to eat. "
Rooster aka Thewambat Apr 20 (N) Stehekin "Washington has been amazingly beautiful every pass has something new to offer"
WalkerCAWalker Apr 21 (N) North Cascades "it’s the company you keep out here that makes the experience truly worth while. "
Squish aka Iamkittyhearmemeow Apr 21 (N) Unknown Naked and proud of it
Spench aka L4marr Apr 21 (N) Lone Pine "Took a little time the other day to visit the film museum in Lone Pine!"
Pickle aka WildernessMermaid Apr 22 (N) Walker Pass "Justin’s Nut Butter’s next elite athlete...."
Honey stick aka Honeystick1 Apr 23 (N) Lone Pine Back on trail after taking some time off
Geo aka nas2012 Apr 23 (N) Unknown No Update
Mushka aka mushka_thorkelson, Link 2 May 01 (N) Yosemite "50 more miles to Sonora Pass! The end of the Sierra looms!"
Droobydoo2 May 05 (N) Lone Pine "my pack has never been heavier, the climbing has never been steeper, and I’ve never felt better."
Shellac aka Joshxotv May 05 (N) Tahoe Hitting up the casinos
Aslan aka Pnwin May 06 (N) Forester Pass Night hiking
Jinx aka majornutmeg May 06 (N) Grumpy Bear's "On trailcation with my husband then heading into the Sierras from KM Sunday!"
Captain Hook aka lifelikebroom3 May 07 (N) Lake of the woods Loving Oregon hiking after flipping up to Ashland
Lost & Found aka L0st_and_Found May 09 (N) Kennedy Meadows No Update
doubledoublemile210, Link 2 May 10 (N) Sierra "The Sierra feels like home. We haven’t hit the sketchy parts yet though."
Trashalope aka Stretch18 May 10 (N) Kennedy Meadows "Swapping the desert for snowy mountains and changing up gear for the Sierra."
Thirty-Five aka flaneurjacques May 10 (N) Mile 1029 Some great astrophotography on his instagram
Game Boy aka Sharp_LR35902 May 10 (N) Whitney Sunrise summit!
thatonehikerdude May 11 (N) Bishop Bagging peaks like crazy
PositivDenken May 14 (N) Kearsarge "After quite some undisclosed drama over at Forester, Kearsarge was really enjoyable and has some beautiful lakes nearby. "
Pumper aka QuinoaKangaroo May 14 (N) Kearsarge "Dad met us with BBQ and shuttled us to Bishop!"
Double Plush aka ImOnFiyah, Link 2 May 14 (N) Baden-Powell " Through ups and downs we went, becoming stronger with each mile we hiked together. I love my trail family."
Mac aka HalfwayAnywhere May 15 (N) Unknown Back on trail after a trip to Denver
Star Trek aka WelcomeAnyChange, Link 2 May 15 (N) Tehachapi No Update
Sour Patch aka Masterjp33 May 15 (N) Unknown No Update
Sir_Humphrey May 21 (N) Unknown "Hazy Dayz"
Kua Bay aka IamNaN_AMA May 22 (N) Off Trail Hitting some casino buffets in Vegas while waiting for the snow to melt
AK aka Anthonyeking Jun 01 (N) Lassen "...the best day of hiking I'd had in a long time & we were making good miles with no trouble. It was a beautiful moment. .."
[singlehander] Jun 17 (S) N/A On trail soon!
rowan_pnw Jun 19 (N) N/A On trail soon!
Madismalls Jun 20 (S) Northern Terminus "I have been consumed by this dream for years now, and finally I am doing it. I am full of love/hate/awe/pain/happiness/anguish/pride/exhaustion/adrenaline... "
Mr_ManBearPig Jun 20 (S) Stehekin "Washington tried to break us in our first 100 miles. It precipitated everything from snow to sleet to hail to rain every day, sometimes seemingly non-stop. "
Wbh2015 Jun 20 (N) N/A On trail soon!
[ThruAlt] Jun 20 (S) N/A On trail soon!
Reptar aka Reptarhikes Jun 21 (N) Donner Pass Trying to kick a cold
Laurk Jun 25 (S) N/A On trail soon!
The Milk Man aka DirtyMikentheboyz Jun 28 (S) N/A On trail soon!
KelCGrammare Jul 01 (S) N/A On trail soon!
[benjk95] Jul 03 (N) N/A On trail soon!
trifflec Jul 03 (S) N/A On trail soon!
susanne4367 Jul 04 (S) N/A On trail soon!
Connor aka u/ck8lake Jul 05 (S) N/A On trail soon!
bird aka muirsoul Jul 07 (S) N/A On trail soon!
Heart Eyes aka ughguh Jul 07 (S) N/A On trail soon!
Ntribbia Jul 12 (S) N/A On trail soon!
[Behemoth aka mountainmarmot](TBD) Jul 13 (S) N/A On trail soon!
Koolaid aka Roundthatcorner Jul 17 (S) N/A On trail soon!
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Trip log: Yesterday's mini solo adventure (US), my Hard Rock pin collection, and Pokemon Go

A few weeks ago I received an alert that the Indianapolis Hard Rock Cafe would be closing soon. I've been meaning to travel there for a while and for the sake of getting my pin, but now I was on notice. Last year I received similar notices about the Lake Tahoe cafe (the hotel replaced the cafe) and the St. Louis cafe last year, so I'm somewhat familiar with planning these trips with some haste. Checking my unused Southwest travel funds and my schedule, I decided to create a day trip which involved hitting not only the Indianapolis location, but also possibly grabbing a pin from the Tampa Bay airport's Cafe as well. So, here was my Saturday:

Flight 1: DCA-MDW (DC to Chicago, departing at 6:15 AM)
Flight 2: MDW-IND (Chicago to Indianapolis, departing at 8:30 AM)
Flight 3: IND-TPA (Indianapolis to Tampa, departing at 4:40 PM)
Flight 4: TPA-DCA (Tampa to Washington, departing at 7:50 PM) I was concerned beforehand that this was silly and become too stressful. But I'm so glad I did this - for better or for worse, it went better than anticipated and has inspired me to try similar challenges in the US. Maybe it was a crazy plan, but maybe I'm the right type of crazy to try it. Some background: I collect Hard Rock Cafe guitar pins from locations around the world. Pins are great souvenirs - they are easy to pack, typically cost $10-15 (unless a Cafe is closing, then it's cheaper), and take up far less space in my home compared to a shirt collection or the like. I've been doing this for a bit over 20 years, collecting roughly pins from roughly 50 properties. I have a few rules:
The night before
My flight would be leaving early out of DCA, so I decided to have a quiet evening at home and to shower before going to bed. While I typically shower first thing in the morning, I learned to shower at night through stressful weeks at work: Showering relaxes me, and helps me fall asleep far faster. Typically I don't have an issue falling asleep on a normal night, but this wasn't a normal night. The shower did its job, and I fell asleep around 8:30 PM.
I packed my day bag: Wallet, extra external battery for my devices, iPad mini with games/books/crosswords/music loaded, plug-in charger, Clif bars (bought before my trip so I wasn't paying airport prices for snacks), headphones.

Flight 1: DCA-MDW
I was questioning my sanity before this leg. My body decided to wake up around 3:15, well ahead of the 4:00 alarm. GREAT. I had slept *enough* to not be a complete mess, so I got ready and eventually called a Lyft to take me to the airport (I had debated driving, but parking for the day would have been more expensive than rides to and from the airport). My Lyft driver arrived just after 5:00 AM, and boy was he a pro - he had a full, backlit snack bar selection in the car along with an iPad set up for trivia games. He immediately noticed my lack of luggage and asked "So...do you....work at the airport....or....?" I laughed, realizing I was going to explain this crazy trip to someone. So I began explaining my collection and how my day would play out, and he laughed. "Boy, you're one of a kind." He's never heard of solotravel now HAS he?
We arrived at Terminal A, which is the original terminal at Reagan National Airport. I arrived roughly 30 minutes before boarding, and I was surprised at how many people (high school students in particular) were already at the airport. WHO ARE YOU PEOPLE AND WHY DON'T YOU SLEEP. Thankfully I have TSA pre-check, so it took me maybe five minutes to get through security.
So many teenagers. I'm not Clint Eastwood "get off my lawn" old, but I'm getting closer to 40 and farther from my high school years. I'm a morning person, but not perfectly awake at 5:00 AM among the general population. Perhaps the kids were enjoying the cheaper airfare - just like I was! - but goddamn how are they SO excited that early? Thankfully I didn't have to endure this for terribly long, and my flight to Chicago was basically a giant adult nursery. Sweet dreams....

Flight 2: MDW-IND
We arrived to Midway about 15 minutes early, which gave me some extra time to grab breakfast at the airport and find my next gate. For as tight as the connections felt today, I appreciated any extra padding in my schedule. Because I'm a Pokemon Go player, I fired up the app and began searching for Mons while I walked. What luck! I managed to complete the weekly research quest, and for the first time I had Regirock appear for the Research Breakthrough. I love collecting Pokemon during my travels so they reflect the locations in their profiles, so my Regirock is from Chicago. I also managed to win a Mawile raid with an anonymous partner (thank you, whoever you are), so I have that guy as well.
I keep forgetting Midway isn't O'Hare in terms of food options. I appreciate any opportunity I can get to have Tortas Frontera at O'Hare, but I'm not sure why my brain tortured itself by not remembering YOU'RE GOING TO MIDWAY. That said, the cup of coffee I got from True Burger Co. was better than I expected and exactly what I needed. It was time to board my flight once I was finished with my breakfast, and basically I blinked and I was in Indy. We had to take a moment to de-ice the plane before departing, but the flight was maybe 30 minutes long.
Because I prefer to take the cheapest options possible AND I had time, I wanted to take the IndyGo public bus from the airport to downtown. Here were my options:
My problem was there was no machine or kiosk where I could buy bus fare, and the bus would require exact change. I asked someone in Ground Transportation if there was anything available where I could purchase a ticket, and I was pointed to....the $12 private downtown shuttle. No. I want the bus. I walked back into the main terminal and found a general information desk, and I asked them if there might be some way to get on the bus. What angels - they were able to make change for me (I had $2) so I could run down to the bus stop and hop on board. No $12 shuttle for me!
The bus took about 40 minutes, stopping along the way and letting me see more of Indiana than I would have seen from the highway. We stopped roughly one block away from the Hard Rock Cafe, so I jumped off the bus and made my way to the restaurant. Since the property is closing in a few weeks, all of their merch was 75% off. Sales like this tempt me into purchasing more, but no, I don't have time for that. I'd have a million shirts and mugs. Unfortunately, and somewhat expected, the pin selection was just okay. I managed to find a pin with an Indy 500 checked flag on it, so I selected that pin. I somewhat broke my rule by purchasing a second pin (not a guitar pin, but reflected the checkered flags in a cool way), but together the pins were just over six bucks. Still cheaper than one pin at a "normal" cafe that isn't closing.
One strange thing about my collection: For as much as I adore collecting pins from these properties around the world, I've had a meal at a Hard Rock Cafe....once? It was in the Caribbean almost a decade ago. I don't go for the food, and usually I'm trying to find a place in a city for my meals that is special. Knowing nothing about Indianapolis, I reached out to my friends for some advice. One friend recommended (fairly emphatically) to try Milktooth in Fountain Square. It was less than a mile from the Cafe, didn't seem to have horrific wait times, and not horribly priced. Off I went...
...and GODDAMN, am I glad I went. This place is hipster-tastic and slightly more luxurious/pricey than I allow myself while traveling, but I would fly back just for the sake of having this meal ago. My wait was maybe five minutes and I sat at the bar. After going over the menu with the server, I went with some items he recommended:
This dish was both salty and sweet, and I was wondering initially "Do I love this or HATE IT?" Mostly, I hated it because it wasn't my typical bland waffle with bland syrup and bland butter. But this breakfast challenged my apparent blandness, and slapped the back of my head. It was fantastic. Probably favorite waffle...ever? Getting my pin made yesterday a "win," but this brunch was such an unexpected surprise. Lesson reaffirmed: Trust your friends and their recommendations.
I finished my meal around 1:30 and figured I should make my way back to the airport. I was no longer near the airport bus route and I decided to take a Lyft. My driver arrived, and I had a great time chatting with him about his experiences with customers. Note: Don't eat in his car, and if you do, clean up after yourself you animals.
Back at the airport I settled in at a charging station (Pokemon really sucks my battery dry) and figured I'd get comfortable while I waited for my for Tampa. Just as I got everything set up....GASP - SURPRISE! A friend of mine from school, someone who I had not seen in over a decade, had commented on a post I made on Facebook when I arrived in Indianapolis. He was ten gates away! I posted where I was seated, and almost immediately he replied that he was coming to find me. WHAT! He happened to be passing through the Indy airport, making his way home after attending a conference. What incredible luck. So I gave him a huge hug and we talked for about 20 minutes before he had to run back to his gate for his flight. This was unreal. As much as I love getting my pins and taking on these mini adventures, THIS moment really made my day.

Flight 3: IND-TPA
As I told my friend, I was waiting for my flight to Tampa where I had a chance to get a second pin at the airport. The cafe didn't exist the last time I visited Tampa, though I had visited the Hard Rock casino just outside the city. If my flight arrived on schedule, I had a faint possibility of getting the second pin during the 30 minute layover. I was in the C Terminal and the cafe is located in the main terminal. Luck was on my side, and my flight arrived 20 minutes early. Thankfully the Tampa airport isn't enormous and seemed particularly sleepy when I arrived, and the cafe happened to be located beside the doorway between the airport shuttle station and the main terminal. In and out in five minutes. This pin was about $11, which felt so expensive compared to the bargain from the Indy location, but whatever.
Pokemon collection was extremely underwhelming at the Tampa airport. Very few gyms and stops available. Not that I had tons of time, but give me a regional Mon right?

Flight 4: TPA-DCA
I experienced some turbulence during my flight back to DC, which was the only turbulence I really had on any of the flights that day. My energy levels were getting really low at this point - can't imagine why - and I was ready to find my bed back home. The flight was just under two hours. As opposed to the high school I seemingly entered earlier that morning to board my flight to Chicago, Terminal A was a ghost town when we arrived in DC. Aside from those on our flight or attending to our gate, I didn't see any other passengers at the gates in the terminal. It was a strange, peaceful way to reenter my neighborhood after such a fun day. Again, I indulged myself and got a Lyft (hey, I got a discount recently on some rides, don't hate). This driver also noticed my lack of luggage, which prompted him to ask why I was getting a ride from the airport, so I explained my whole day to him. He got a huge kick out of it, accusing me of being a special agent traveling to four cities in a day on a secret mission.
That's right, sir (and here we go, TLDR folks) - my mission was to collect one, maybe two enamel pins from a novelty restaurant chain, and I accomplished the hell of that mission. I managed to run into an old friend along the way, tried some insanely delicious food, and got some great Mons during my trip. I saw four states in one day in two timezones. I wasn't able to fall asleep immediately when I got home, mostly because I was still feeling the adrenaline of running from city to city to accomplish my goal. My pins have found their way to my pin collection case, sitting among the pins from Reykjavik and Sydney and Hong Kong and Rome. All of my pins have stories, but I love that I can now talk about my trip to Indianapolis and Tampa in the same day.
(Holy shit, this post was longer than I anticipated. I hope you enjoyed it. I thoroughly enjoyed experiencing it.)
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