Wind Creek Bethlehem casino reopens in Pennsylvania

TIL The Sands Casino in Bethlehem, PA that was built on the defunct Bethlehem Steel factory, had trouble sourcing steel to build the actual casino.

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Anyone play the Sands Casino in Bethlehem, PA

I'll be going down there in a couple months and was curious if anyone has played there. Does anyone know their odds or table minimums? We'll be there on a Friday/Saturday.
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Killers best live song

So, I've seen the Killers twice. Once in NY in Jan 2018, and last September at a casino in Bethlehem PA
(Still have no idea how that show came about. But, it was all GA, and we were about 4 rows from the stage, awesome!)
Anyway, I'm wondering what everyone things the Killers best 'live' song is? Not their best song, best song done live.
For me, its Runaways by a mile. Man, Mr Flowers just kills that song live.
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I should have been dead in the high way accident

Edit: This was 2 years ago
My regional sales manager recommended me to go to Kalahari Resort and attend a sales training on becoming a better financial advisor servicing my clients. It was a 2 and a half hour drive to get from North NJ to Poconos, PA. I also brought my Casino chips because I wanted to redeem my $1000
After the sales training is over, 8 hours long, I then went to Sands Casino in Bethlehem, PA to redeem my casino chips to cash. It was 5:30pm while I was there. I then took a 3 hour drive back home, around 1 hour of driving or so, I was feeling very sleepy, I tried my hardest to stay awake, and there is no rest stop for me to go to and take a nap.
I moved to the right lane and stayed 50mph just to be safe, then all of a sudden while driving in the bridge, I felt a few highway bumps that attempted to wake me up, it didn't work out well since my eyes kept blinking, then I accidently hit the edge of the bridge rail and my car exploded.
I opened my eyes, and apparently I was still driving the bridge, I stopped at the shoulder and checked my car for damages. No damages, holy crap. I can feel a rush of my heart pumping, "God gave me a second chance".
I then went back to my car and continuing driving till I found an exit, and I drove to a parking lot in the restaurant, I told the front desk about what happened and asked if I can sleep in the parking lot for a while, and they said yes.
I had a 2 hour good sleep, and I got back to New Jersey around 11:30pm.
Sometimes having a glitch in the matrix is a good thing to have.
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Live Poker: Atlantic City, NJ vs. Bethlehem, PA

I've only every played live poker in Atlantic City, NJ, Los Angeles, CA and Las Vegas, NV. I hear that there's a card room in the casino in Bethlehem, PA that is about 30 minutes quicker to get to on the bus from NYC than Atlantic City is. I was going to give it a shot. However, I figured I'd ask anyone on here who has experience in both places. I'm really looking for two things: 1) Will I have to wait for over an hour in PA to get in a game; 2) Is it really closer to NYC than Atlantic City
Any other info is cool too, Thanks!
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Paying out a blackjack right away?

So I have been playing blackjack for some time now but I have a question that hopefully you will be able to answer. I have been playing at the Sands casino in Bethlehem, PA. I have noticed most of the time when someone gets a blackjack the dealers will pay out this person first. I also noticed other times they do not, and instead will skip this person and let the other players finish their hands. After, the dealer will draw the cards and most of the time it will obviously be less than 21.
But my question is what happens if you get a blackjack with your first two cards, the dealer then draws the cards without paying you out, and somehow gets a 21 for example they are showing a 3, flip over an 8, and then draw a face card. Would that be a push or are they still required to pay you out for the fact that you hit the blackjack on the first two cards.
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I have 3 free Megadeath/Fear Factory tickets for 11/30

Hello everyone, I have 2 free tickets to the Megadeath/Fear Factory/Nonpoint concert at the Sands Casino in Bethlehem, PA tomorrow 11/30. Want them? I'll be attending the show with a friend at 7p and will be chilling backstage with Fear Factory beforehand. Burt is a friend of mine, and I can't let extra tickets go to waste. Hit me up!
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[Table] IAmA New York City underground poker player/grinder/rounder .. AMA

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Date: 2012-08-28
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Questions Answers
How do you find out about these games? (Friend of a friend of a friend?) Are they mostly hosted in Manhattan or within the other boroughs and NJ as well? I've been around the games for awhile, and through the loop I've discovered more games. I started out when Manhattan would have places with 14 cash games pumping before the big shooting then they really cracked down on it.
Any casino tournament players in this? Casino players love them because it's a lot more action and talent pool is very slim. Yes there are tournaments aswell, all sorts
What's your style? New age aggressive online type or old school mathematical? I work in Information Security and part of my work is social engineering gigs where I even worked with Law Enforcement to understand body language. Have you used something like that to your advantage? Most n00bs try to look for microexpressions when it's usually the feet and torso that are sure tells. So for huge winnings, how do you stash it away? Deposits of less than $10k in different accounts? What's your educational background and before you decided to make this your living, what was your work profile? Did you start of at casinos or was it always clubs? My style is and has always been tight aggressive. I'm very selective with my hands, everything has to go into consideration. Micro expressions are good of you pick it up and you're right about the 'happy feet' and torso. There are many many tells to pick up on in addition to timing and betting patterns and tilt factor. All those things give away valuable information. Figuring out what to do with the money is always a good problem to have and im business/street savy so I find options. I went to Baruch University and ran my first game in the school lol. We actually made the papers. I dropped out to open a clothing boutique (investment came from poker) It was always clubs and casinos were secondary but still profitable.
I'm reading this while in class at Baruch, I remember people used to play in the 3rd floor game room, but they seemed too good so I never got involved. Yep gameroom .. Where it all began. We had official tables there and everything!
What do you mean by happy feet/ torso? how can you see this at the table or casino? You can't see happy feet in most cases. Torso movement you can pick up by the shirt moving, it also depends on how close you are to the villain.
Hey, thanks for the AMA, just a few questions. Do you still consider it gambling or has it become another form of employment? Also what's your average income? Does it frighten you that you may lose a lot of money due to pure chance? Biggest win/loss? What are your thoughts on online poker? If given the opportunity would you choose another job? I havent considered it gambling since i got a real grasp of the game. I don't gamble. Never played a table game, scratch off. I won't even play lotto. All my friends are degenerates so I know the deal. My biggest win was 56k but I was being staked so gave away 60%. Biggest loss is 2k. Online poker is free money if you know what you're doing. A bunch of my close friends moved to Canada just to be able to play, 4 guys combined bankroll over 2 mill. I've gone too far in poker to walk away from it. It's like 2nd nature, most places would rather me not play because I'm a tightass or parasite in their eyes lol.
What was the buy-in on the stake game? I usually play 2/5 or 5/5 and sit down with a nickel ($500) Sometimes there are really good 1/3 games and I sit with 300.
being staked. Sorry - what does that mean? Yea it's when someone buys you into the game and get a % of the profits but covers the loss entirely in the event of a loss. I only let people stake me in bigger games I wouldn't normally play with my own money.
Knowing the games like you do, what is the lowest bankroll you'd consider having to sit at a $2/5 table? I go with the 20/25 buy-ins rule because I've went on bad runs before and I would rather have the insurance. So you if buyin for 300 to sit comfortably I want to have at least 6k to work with. Most people dont follow any kind of bankroll management and go broke over and over again.
What happens if you lose all the money? I understand they get nothing back but is that really what happens or do you have to pay a little back to them as a show of goodwill? Or do they just bust you kneecaps and call it even? Nope lol, stop watching Sopranos .. They take the hit as a bad investment. So far im up with all my backers
You have never had to pay makeup? Nope.
How about ARod? I've heard he's been to these underground spots on occasion. I was at the club when he was playing. You would be surprised how many celebrities I met at games. I have met more in clubs than in casinos.
What is the culture of these games like, or does it vary wildly? I saw some elderly Jews in your pictures - is that typical, or are there businessmen, or mostly gambling types? Do women play? Do you often play against the same people or does it cycle out fairly regularly? If I WERE to, ahem, get involved in these games, how what would I want to look for in a "good" room vs. a "bad" room, if there are such categories? I guess, what makes you prefer one place over another? They vary very wildly. Most places are a mixed crowd especially since nyc is a big melting pot. There are also games that are all albanian or asian etc.. One of the biggest factors in game selection is the rake/chop. There are some games that flat out rake 10% with no cap.they do this because they give out credit and because they are greedy. A good realistic rake for a city 1/2 or 2/5 is 10% with a $15 cap. Also you want to play against action players not tight ass grinders.
How many games are typically going on (say, in Manhattan alone) a weeknight vs. a weekend? It sounds like you've been around a while - do you have any sense of roughly how many people in the NY area are doing what you do, i.e. making living off these games? Dozens? Hundreds? More? At any given time from 8pm to 4am there are dozens of live cash games going on. Weekends most places open up earlier than weekdays because of the usual working clientele.
How would you compare the average skill level? For example, if you play online what stakes would you compare these games to? The skill level now is tougher than it was 5 years ago. When ESPN had poker on all the time it was literally free money if you knew anything. Now bad players lost tons of money and tightened up, still plenty of money to go around if you know where to look.
The most common games especially in the city are 1/2NL and 2/5NL .. Although the past year or so Omaha and rotation have been gaining momentum because it's so much more action.
Instead of putting up with 10% $15 cap rake, why don't you just take the bus/train/drive to AC and play at the Borgota? I go to ac and Parx frequently but you CANNOT compare the action in clubs vs. casinos
Meaning the action in casino's is more? Right? So why would you not want to play in them? The action in clubs is more.
Borgata or Parx: which do you prefer, and which has the better action for a moderate-skilled 1/2 player? Also, Casino 1/2 PLO; is the preflop action as heavy as it's rumored to be? I've heard that at Borgata, typical preflop PLO pot is $70. I get to Parx in a hour, borgata in 2. I would go to Borgata for the weekend and give it 3 solid sessions. Borgata has more talent but there's still money for the taking in 1/2. The 2/5 in Parx is juicy if you go at the right time. Well yea in a action packed game it's going to be potted preflop. Te underground games it gets repotted often, W I L D.
I would think you have more experienced players in clubs, where you need to know people to even be allowed in the game, than the casino, where someone can wonder over from the slots. Word spreads quick especially with free rolls and stuff so people brings friends and friends of friends.
So how is Teddy KGB doing these days? Prick still owes me 2 dimes.
I see you smoke reefer. Is drug use something you see often? Are you willing to share if that answer is yes? Yes and yes I guess.. It goes w the territory, there used to be games that would spark up the entire table nonstop.
How much money have you made? I don't even want to know how much I'm up lifetime because i spent so much money doing crazy stuff. I used to not keep track but I average 2k a week for 3 1/2 nights work, cash obviously. I should've been saving but for 5 years I was making more because of action and more bad players. Also, going around the world, crazy shopping and living life.
How are you making so much from 1/2 a week? is bluffing a big part of your game? I still dont know how to incorporate it into the 1/2 cash games since most people are willing to call you light. I play 1/2s in Brooklyn. It's a younger crowd and they're either overplaying or scared money.
Do you launder your money at all? Only when I forget to take it out of my pockets.
You mentioned action at the clubs is way looser than that in casinos. What are we talking about here? Are there a lot of LAGs? Loose passive? How do you find out about the games? Are they open to anyone, or do you need an invitation or someone in the know to bring you in? How are you supposed to overcome a 10% uncapped rake? You need a huge edge over the table to make that work. Is the play that bad? Loose passive for the most part, business men that get out of work and want to fool around before going home. They won't even play, just fish. They are open if someone brings you in and vouches for you.
Where's the advice? We're all ears.. I was bluffing.
Let's say I wanted to host games. First, is there money in it? And how does the house get paid? How much would the house make from a typical game you go to? What does the house provide? Just a secure location and a dealer? Yes and waitress/massage girl. You can rake a % from every pot. You can also do a tournament with a fee say $100+$15 for the house. They make a fee thousand a night before expenses. Big games make alot.
What would the typical % per pot be? 5% with a cap is optimal for you so you won't affect the game much and still make a few.
Ever bang Famke Janssen? No but I wouldn't mind owing her money and have her come try to collect.
So you were setup by the house and not the players? Did they deal from the bottom or something? What hand did you lose with when you were 'set up'? I think I flopped a straight and he rivered a boat. He had a loaded deck, did a fake shuffle and ..
How could you tell you were being setup? 1st hand new deck, and house player beats cash player on the river suckout.
Damnnn... doesnt the deck get cut after every shuffle before the deal? I dunno the typical underground shuffling/dealing routines so I really am curious. If they can fake a shuffle they can fake a cut too eh. Although; I'm assuming there aren't permanent dealers unlike what you'd find in a casino. When a new dealer comes in every 30minutes they have a deck. They're supposed to fan it out and show the players, sometimes they'll just wash or shuffle to speed things up.
While it looks suspicious I don't think that's enough info to conclude that the hand was rigged. I've seen suck outs like that in casinos yet nobody ever would make that conclusion but because it's an underground game suck out on the river is a set up? Aren't you jumping into conclusions too early? Or did you actually see more suspicious hands which added up to the whole game looking suspicious? I've taken nasty beats as well. In Vegas I lost w quads twice in one night (no BBJ) it just didn't add up, i felt a very bad vibe and I took a shot and approached the guy. He could've denied and taken his stand but he folded instead.
Could you talk about the 1998 movie "Rounders," and how realistic/not realistic the movie was? Surprisingly realistic to some degree.
Was it really based on norm macdonald? Does a zebra have spots?
Some might.. still doesn't answer the question. I'm not aware of any Norm McDonald connection.
Thanks for doing this AMA. What do you think the biggest weakness in your game is? Do you ever pick up on live tells? I havent really been able to spot any and wonder if there is anything to it. Do you love the rounding life? Regret it? My biggest weakness is not playing more often. I do well so I only play 3/4 times a week because of gf, family, business ventures and life. Also I usually cash out once I triple up. I figure if I book a win for a thousand im satisfied, sometime I should stay of game is juicy. I pickup new tells every session. My people reading skills are definitely up to par. The money is good but the lifestyle around it is crazy .. The late night hours and characters involved. I don't regret it for a second, poker has been supporting me for a long time and has given me a flexible schedule to do other things on the side like go on reddit lol.
Thanks for the response! The one pattern I have noticed is if I play 4-5 days in a week my level of play seems to go down. Then if a take a break for a few days I always come back to stronger. I guess regarding tells there really are no global signs and its just very person specific? Caros book of tells.. Use that as your foundation
Hey man, thanks for the AMA. Enjoyed reading it so far and have a few questions. Do you still enjoy playing? Is it more work now, or a bit of both? I ask as you mentioned you don't play too much. What's the biggest misconception, or thing that people get totally wrong about what you do? A lot of people here / on Reddit will ask about playing like a pro, but only for use in their house playing against friends and family. Would there be any more general advice you'd give to people in this situation about which aspects of their game to aim to improve? Cheers. More work now .. People that dont know me and they don't know the grind just think I gamble it up trying to get lucky. I sit and wait then keep sitting and waiting and think and analyze players. Lot of information gets processed I before I even get involved. It takes me at least an hour or so to get a feel for the game. Be aggressive!
I just started playing poker, doing usually 6 table micros on LockPoker or so, and coming out for the most part winning. I have the hardest time with implied odds though, and using them accurately to calc EV and such. Can you explain them a little to me? Its just not second nature to me yet. I played a .5/1 live cash game last night and busted, it sucked but I guess its fine, last time I went I came out hundreds up, How do you deal with the bad beats? I have read mostly every 'good' poker book, but what one would you suggest I re-read? If you are playing in underground rooms, do you skip (some/all) taxes? Name on 2+2? I just got back an hour ago from a long night, I'm sorry I don't want to type novels about ev or implied odds (google it) .. I deal with bad beats very well. I do NOT get emotional, if it's normal bad beat i simply play as if nothing happened. I'll actually get more action from the table because they assume I'm steaming. If its a huge monster bad beat I either cash out or take a trees timeout, that does the trick. No clue about the book, I've read and analyzed them all and you can extract valuable info from even the worst one, it's all about the experience on the table on my eyes. I have a side business for tax purposes.
What is the business? I import merchandise and sell on amazon/ebay and to retailers
How old are you? How did you start finding these games? How long have you been playing poker? 27, I was 18 when I first discovered what goes on behind shady looking doors.
Talk etiquette. Is everyone friends? If not, are you friendly with these strangers, or is it all business? Do you shake hands, joke around, etc, or sit down, play and leave? Very friendly usually.
I see a big jewish community, as a palestinian will i get harrased if i go to one of these clubs? Not at all. Somehow everyone blends well in poker games. I know a lot of palestinians that play on the regular.
What would be the best way for a beginner to improve their game? Any specific books that you would recommend? Super system thoroughly to get your brain thinking about it. There are plenty of very good forums online (2plus2). Plenty of resources out there.
How much time do you put in studying the game away from the tables? I've always heard that for every 4 hours you play, you should spend 1 hour studying (reviewing notes, reading the books, 2+2, etc). Is that an accurate ratio? I've read all the books and go on forums all the time. I don't really have a ratio
How much do you rely on math in your play? I have a strong math/statistics background, I just finished reading Mathematics of Poker by Chen and Ankenman. It covered basic probability, bayesian probability, game theory, and heuristics for quick calculations. Do you find yourself using this stuff or is your play more intuitive? My play is more intuitive.
How much do you usually go in the room with and how much do you take out? Since every place knows me and I'm not stupid I dont walk in with cash just in case spmething goes down. If I lose I just take care of it after the game or day after. I usually have 3 bullets of 500 each. That's for an average 2/5 or 5/5 to sit down comfortably.
Do you give lessons? If so how much? I gave pointers to friends and have helped people bring their skill level up. Me and some friends were thinking of marketing private poker lessons but im too lazy. If you're close by I wouldn't mind helping you, what's your offer?
Thanks for your input, gambling is not allowed in this sense in iceland so there is no culture for that, from as neutral or personal of a standpoint that you can manage, do you think gambling in this sense is good for a society/community or does it make t worse? I don't know about society but I'm glad poker is around.
My question is how deep is Chinatown? I have heard there is gambling behind every Canal Street store creating almost a second level. Can you confirm and describe any of the places you have been in Chinatown? That was not so recent. I'm sure i could find games in c town but they all speak chinese and I definitely don't trust that.
Do you have alligator blood? Also how does one find these games? You gotta be in the loop and I'm not sure about the blood, gotta ask my primary care physician to be sure.
So presumably a lot of guys are making their living money this way? Where does the money come from? How do rubes get into the game (so that they can give you their money)? Actually most people at these games come to gamble and hangout.
What's your cover story? Do you work a day job to keep up appearances, or do you just try not to live too extravagantly and draw too much attention? Does your girlfriend/family know this is what you do? Yes they know what I do and I do daytime work as well. I definitely calmed down compared to how I used to live.
Is dealing at things like these done how movies depict it or how you would at a house game, with the "dealer" role actually moving with the button? Or is there a dedicated dealer for each game? Curiosity as a casino dealer. Same as a casino dealer.
Do you ever splash the pot? No but it's on my bucket list.
Biggest pot you were involved in? Win it? 38k pot .. Won 56k that session but I was being staked so only kept 40% .. Still booked a monster win so couldn't complain.
Wow awesome, do you look up to any pros? would you play HU with any of them if you had the br? My style is more for a full table. I know a bunch pros personally and I invite them to games when they are in town. I fly to vegas on the regular just don't want to move there because I have too much stuff going on here.
Tips on finding these games? if i live in a different state. Ask around? I can smell a game and I can pick out a poker player out of a crowd .. I'm a sick child.
What was your revelation in the game? I mean what insight really opened up your game and made you a good player instead of an average player and seperated you from the mass? I started out dealing before playing for real. After a few months I noticed that players are making plenty of mistakes I could make them pay for. I slowly started grinding and found my style and it's been working for me for a long time. It's just a grind, you wait for your prime opportunity then you maximize and wait again.
Most profitable exploit? Reraising a tilted aggressor with a set if you know he hit anything good.
Lol. step one. flop set. step two... make sure villian has something good and is on tilt. step 3.. raise. Yes, huge exploit you discovered there. Maybe you can give me a good example and I'll put it into use lol.
What's your best advice on becoming better in general at poker? Absorb as much information as possible and actually apply it! Find your leaks and seal them
Hi thanks for doing this. 2 questions. How did you fund your initial bank roll? What is a good way to work on reading people? I organized a house game and raked a little bit and went from there. Caros book of tells and just start watching people. Look at the flop and your hole cards last, first watch players and pickup info to use. You'll get used to it after awhile.
How good are you at online poker? Definitely rusty havent played for real in years.
What do you generally buy in with for a 5/5 NL? I usually buy in whatever the average stack is. If the biggest chip stack is a fish then I'll buyin for the max. $500 is the usual amount early in the night/game.
Is there anything you do to maintain your health? Sitting for hours while eating junk food and stressing over hands must take a toll on your body. I don't eat junk food and I try not to stress. I workout 5 days a week and play plenty of sports.
Is it "card-shark" or "card-sharp"? Shark.
How to you keep from going on tilt after losing a massive all in 80/20 ? I'm used to the bad beats. It's part of the game man.
How did you build your initial bankroll? I started out running a house game without any intention of playing for a income and once the game died out and I had about $800 and didn't look back m. Never went broke either, I'm owed plenty though.
You mentionned robberies/raids and it never involving the players , im wondering is your money somehow ( insured ) even in the case of a robbery by the hosts ? 99% of the time you wont get your money back, that why I dont walk in with cash. There has been cases where the house gives players money back out of their own pocket but usually people take advantage and lie about the amounts lost.
Do you play on Merge? I don't know what that is. I don't play online since they closed main sites I down years ago.
Ah, yeah just the network that US players use now. Was up in Canada last week playing on my dad's Pokerstars account. Goddam do I miss that shit. It'll be back.
Let's hope! :) Anyways in regards to your thread: what are some of the bigger names you've played with in these underground games? Players or celebrities?
Players. Matusow, jamie gold, Ivey for 5 minutes. Lots of Internet pros, sry I'm tired can't think straight lol.
When you play can you calculate in your head the number of outs, pot/implied odds and EV? I can roughly calculate the number of outs in certain hands and maybe pot odds, but it's still gets my head spinning. It boggles my mind that people can do that much number crunching in their heads every hand they are in, so I wonder if serious players actually do it? I ballpark it.
Is your thinking along the lines of "I have X many cards to make my hand, if I call $X I can win $X" and make your decision on that? That's about as far as I am right now with my thinking. For example, if I'm facing a call and I need one card to make a flush and say I need to call $3 to make $30, I will usually make the call. Is that proper thinking? Give or take .. I do all the equations in my heads during the actions while trying to read players and order a drink from waitress as I smoke a cigarette
As someone who lives an hour from AC, I can confirm that Asians love to gamble. Because they can't drive properly on the way there?
Do you ever plan on "retiring". If so, what will you? Sure why not.
I went to the casino last weekend for the first time. I went into the poker room and sat down at a 1-1 table with $60. As soon as I sat down I completely forgot how to play. I have been playing since I was like 8. I just got so nervous for some reason. Did that ever happen to you? Have you ever gotten so nervous you completely forget what you're doing? No.
Why do you think super system is relevant to the current hold em game? Frankly, why do you think 5/5 live poker is interesting enough for an AMA? I don't know.
Word met up? i have a few friends in bk. Send me a pm.
Does the place get shaked down by the mob? A few games pay for 'protection'
What is the best advice you can give to a player suffering consecutive losses? I always felt I was decent at the game, but my record lately doesn't seem to agree with me. Take a break and analyze your game. Maybe the stakes aren't right maybe your game selection is off.
What is your current bankroll? About 55k.
At what point will you move to 5/10? (i'm assuming these clubs run 1000NL, right?) I play 5/10 if a friend refers a juicy soft game to me.
The Sands casino in Bethlehem, PA has real juicy 5/10 action. $1500 max. I never had a chance to go. I'm going to check it out this coming weekend.
I'm curious about this.. I would never expect big faces in an underground scene especially since they probably know plenty of ("home") games. Why take a risk (seems like a small risk from what OP has been saying) when they can just play legit. Action and credit and comfort of it. Trees alcohol strippers whatever the players want basically.
You should crosspost this to /poker How can I do that? I'll give u poker advice in return.
I hope your not smoking them dutches also where in ny im in ny i want to play Bk all day.
Some horse/backer agreements will have a make-up or cake stipulation. The losses are originally eaten by the backer, but then a percentage of future wins goes towards paying back a percentage of the previous losses. True.
SPOILERS! I'm only on Season 2 :( He misses the gutshots :/
Came here to ask about robberies/raids. Go on.
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Quakertown and Eastern 2-8-0 #4 rounds the bend on the Lehigh Valley Railroad in Bethlehem, Pa. In the background you can see the forge and buildings of then Bethlehem Steel, now WindCreek Casino and the Lehigh Heavy Forge. This photo was taken in 1968.

Quakertown and Eastern 2-8-0 #4 rounds the bend on the Lehigh Valley Railroad in Bethlehem, Pa. In the background you can see the forge and buildings of then Bethlehem Steel, now WindCreek Casino and the Lehigh Heavy Forge. This photo was taken in 1968. submitted by Andy_FoxYote to trains [link] [comments]

Economic peace: The Jericho casino as a case study

Several years ago, I was staying at the then called InterContinental hotel in Jericho. A friend of a friend, invited me to look at a secret venue back-door, so I followed. We entered the hall of the well-preserved but long-closed Oasis casino.
Established in 1998, just outside the entrance of the city of Jericho, on a place accessible both to Israelis and Palestinians, the casino was one major consequence of the Peace Accords, that is Oslo. It was a genuine idea to build a casino there, after all, Israeli bans casinos, West Bank Palestinian cities is now ruled by a new-liberal-minded political elite, bingo! Israelis had their new gambling center, near a Palestinian city. That trip, an hour from Tel Aviv, is much shorter than that to an Egyptian off-shore Casino Boat, near the city of Taba. Needless to say, long lobbying efforts were made to try to legalize casinos in Israel with no success. As the name was the Gaza-Jericho agreement, there was also attempts to establish another casino in the Gaza strip, briefly before the disengagement.
One of the main financiers of the project was Martin Schlaff, a Jewish-Austrian billionaire, with a strong connection with Israel. That pact worked for about two years, until late 2000, when the armed intifada gradually emerged. Until then, the investment had a daily revenue of about two million shekels, or around 700,000$. The vast majority of the customers were Jewish Israelis. with a considerable minority of Arab-Israelis, and a small minority of foreign customers. Palestinians with the identity of the PA were refused entry.
The Palestinian authority had three main sources of income from the Casino. The first is a secretive direct investment in the project, of around 60 million$, usually managed by Muhammad Rashid, Arafat advisor, and the main figure of corruption in the Palestinian Authority of Arafat. The second source of income is security. The PA National Security forces were responsible for keeping the security of the Casino, hotel, and resort, with PA receiving a daily 300,000 ILS for it. The last source of income for the PA is the tax on the workers of the project. Several hundreds of Palestinians(800 if we include the whole enterprise), mainly from Bethlehem, were employed by the Casino. The employees, mostly Casino dealers, were trained for several months in Jericho, to be able to work in the new work environment. The workers received about 3-4 times the minimum wage of a Palestinian worker at that time. In Summary, the Casino project was one of the main sources of income of the Palestinian authority.
Needless to say, the whole project was opposed by the conservative Palestinian community, and mobilized against, especially by Hamas. You occasionally hear in Hamas-Fatah debates a reference to the casino, as the chief representative of the PA project. There is clear evidence to suggest that the casino was a center of money laundering, corruption, and illegal campaign financing. After the closure of the casino, there was an urgent meeting in Vienna, with Mohammad Rashid, in addition to Sharon's son and attorney, to discuss how to finance Sharon's 2001 prime minister campaign. Muhammad Rashid was in the office of Sharon's son when the father was elected in a landslide. Rashid phoned Arafat immediately, rejoicing the results, and telling Arafat that he was right all the way. There is no need to remind people who was Ariel Sharon for Palestinians, but he was the solution as far as Rashid is concerned. Rashid stands as one of the most corrupt persons to hold office in the Palestinian authority.
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How far do you travel for poker?

This is a thought I had on my ride home last night. How far do you all travel from home or work to your casino or card room to play poker?

I live in Houston's and it's an odd market. The 'Texas' rooms play way too big for me, so I'm left to travel to Lake Charles, LA (120-150 miles away) to the 4 casinos there - but the Texas rooms have taken a lot of that traffic away. None of the legit casinos ever have more than six 1/3 tables going on a busy Saturday night or Winstar at the OK/TX border on I35 (305 miles).

Basically, I can't get a live game that I want to play unless I commit a significant portion of a day or a full weekend (costing a hotel night, etc.). If cost isn't a factor, I can add 30 minutes each way to my travel time and get to Vegas for the time it takes me to get to Winstar. It's why I can't ever really get more than 300 hours at the table. Because I'm basically spending just as much time time travelling as I do playing.

When I fly to where I grew up to visit my mom, she lives 35 minutes from Sands in Bethlehem PA. It's super convenient and the gas costs/toll isn't ridiculous to go play for a few hours. It makes visiting my mom much more tolerable when I can jump out after she goes to bed and play for a few hours.

Anyway - how far do y'all travel?
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Mariah Carey - CAUTION WORLD TOUR 2019 Dates

Tickets on sale @



More info @
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Between Me & My Mind - tomorrow 7/21 @ SteelStacks in Bethlehem, PA!!

7/21 @ SteelStacks in Bethlehem, PA

I'll definitely be checking this out tomorrow night @ 7pm... its walking distance to me, Bonn Brewing Company, Sands Casino and a bunch of great restraunts. Rad little venue too. Anyone close to the Lehigh Valley/Philly/SE PA making the trek? Good way to spend a day NOT outside in this brutal phucking heat :)
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Goo Goo Dolls + Train Heading Out on 2019 Tour

Tickets go on sale next Friday. Who's going to a show?

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Parkway Drive -Reverence tour added a new date

I'm so pumped and wanted to share with everyone that Parkway Drive added a new date on their Reverence tour. Saturday, September 15th at the Sands Bethlehem event center in Bethlehem, PA. Which is attached to a casino!
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Bellator 109 – Shlemenko vs. Marshall – Discussion Thread [Spoilers]

Please adhere to all /mma rules. Any posts or comments asking for illegal streams will be removed.
If you do make a post about a fight, remember to keep spoilers out of the title and add “[Spoiler]”, or use the “Submit a Spoiler” button in the sidebar.

November 22, 2013

Bethlehem, PA – Sands Casino Event Center

Main Card (Spike TV - 9:00pm ET / 6:00pm PT)

Click here to see your local time and countdown timer for main card

Prelims ( - 7:00pm ET / 4:00pm PT)

Click here to see your local time and countdown timer for online prelims

*All available odds taken from Bovada at time of post. Visit link to view by fractional (UK) and decimal (AU) odds.
**Note: Bellator often does not release prelim lineup in correct fight order. Online Prelim Stream
Wikipedia event page | event page
Live play-by-play coverage and results (Sherdog)
mma IRC Chat Room
View this thread in Reddit-Stream for auto-updating comments
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The BIG LIST of 2015 Delaware holiday events!

I thought that this public info should be seen without any ads, pop-ups, or required surveys. I will update the entire list at least weekly but try to add info from users' comments at least daily. If you would like to add an event, please leave a comment below with all the details and I'll add it to the list.
FRIDAY, Dec. 11
SUNDAY, Dec. 13
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Deftones/Incubus Tour 2015 setlists and Spotify playlists

Scroll down and find your Show!
Hey guys, as promised here are a bunch of playlists for all the sets so far. I will update this list as I can. If anything seems off, please let me know and I will update accordingly.
7/22 DTE Energy Music Theatre, Clarkston, MI
7/23 Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre, Tinley Park, IL
7/25 Riverbend Music Center, Cincinatti, OH
7/26 Farm Bureau Insurance State Lawn at White River Park, Indianapolis, IN
Note: Sets cut short due to severe weather. :'(
7/27 Jacobs Pavillion at Nautica, Cleveland, OH
7/28 Lifestyle Communites Pavillion, Columbus, OH
7/29 Edgefest, Toronto, ON, Canada
7/31 The Fillmore Silver Spring, Silver Spring, MD
7/31 Sands Bethlehem Event Center, Bethlehem, PA
8/1 Bank of New Hampshire Pavillion at Meadowbrook, Gilford, NH
8/2 Darien Lake Performing Arts Center, Darien Lake, NY
8/4 PNC Bank Arts Center, Holmdel, NJ
8/5 Nikon at Jones Beach Theater, Wantagh, NY
8/7 Xfinity Center, Mansfield, MA
8/8 Susquehanna Bank Center, Camden, NJ
8/9 PNC Music Pavillion, Charlotte, NC
8/12 Aaron's Amphitheatre at Lakewood, Atlanta, GA
8/13 MidFlorida Credit Union Amphitheatre, Tampa, FL
8/14 Coral Sky Amphitheatre, West Palm Beach, FL
8/16 Bold Sphere Music at Champions Square, New Orleans, LA
8/17 Austin360 Amphitheatre, Austin, TX
8/19 The Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion presented by Huntsman, Woodlands, TX
8/20 Gexa Energy Pavilion, Dallas, TX
8/21 Hollywood Casino Amphitheater, Maryland Heights, MD
8/23 Starlight Theatre, Kansas City, MO
8/24 Red Rocks Amphitheatre, Denver, CO
8/26 Shoreline Amphitheater, Mountain View, CA
8/28 The Forum, Inglewood, CA
8/29 Verizon Wireless Amphitheater, Irvine, CA
8/30 Sleep Train Amphitheater, San Diego, CA
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Spring Tour 2014 US Tour dates

They are touring with Trivium and Digital Summer. Tour dates are below:
04/03 Denver, CO – The Fillmore Auditorium 04/04 Mescalero, NM – Inn of the Mountain Gods Resort 04/06 Anaheim, CA – The Grove 04/08 Modesto, CA – Modesto Centre Plaza 04/09 Reno, NV – Grand Sierra Theatre 04/10 Medford, OR Medford Armory 04/11 Spokane, WA Knitting Factory 04/13 Boise, ID – Taco Bell Arena 04/14 Seattle, WA – Paramount Theatre 04/15 Missoula, MT – Wilma Theatre 04/17 Fargo, ND – The Venue 04/18 LaCrosse, WI – LaCrosse Center 04/19 Clive, IA – 7 Flags Event Center 04/21 Ft. Wayne, IN – Piere’s 04/22 Cleveland, OH – The Agora 04/23 Louisville, KY – Palace Theatre 04/27 Chattanooga, TN – Track 29 04/28 Nashville, TN – Marathon Music Works 04/30 Pittsburgh, PA – Stage AE 05/01 Bethlehem, PA – Sands Event Center 05/05 Niagara Falls, NY – Rapids Theatre 05/06 Poughkeepsie, NY – Mid Hudson Civic Center 05/08 Huntington, NY – Paramount Theatre 05/09 Hampton Beach, NH – Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom
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Deftones/Incubus Tour 2015 setlists and Spotify playlists (X Post r/Deftones)

Scroll down and find your show!
Tour fully up to date.
7/22 DTE Energy Music Theatre, Clarkston, MI
7/23 Hollywood Casino Ampitheatre, Tinley Park, IL
7/25 Riverbend Music Center, Cincinatti, OH
7/26 Farm Bureau Insurance State Lawn at White River Park, Indianapolis, IN
Note: Sets cut short due to severe weather. :'(
7/27 Jacobs Pavillion at Nautica, Cleveland, OH
7/28 Lifestyle Communites Pavillion, Columbus, OH
7/29 Edgefest, Toronto, ON, Canada
7/31 The Fillmore Silver Spring, Silver Spring, MD
7/31 Sands Bethlehem Event Center, Bethlehem, PA
8/1 Bank of New Hampshire Pavillion at Meadowbrook, Gilford, NH
8/2 Darien Lake Performing Arts Center, Darien Lake, NY
8/4 PNC Bank Arts Center, Holmdel, NJ
8/5 Nikon at Jones Beach Theater, Wantagh, NY
8/7 Xfinity Center, Mansfield, MA
8/8 Susquehanna Bank Center, Camden, NJ
8/9 PNC Music Pavillion, Charlotte, NC
8/12 Aaron's Ampitheatre at Lakewood, Atlanta, GA
8/13 MidFlorida Credit Union Ampitheatre, Tampa, FL
8/14 Coral Sky Ampitheatre, West Palm Beach, FL
8/16 Bold Sphere Music at Champions Square, New Orleans, LA
8/17 Austin360 Amphitheatre, Austin, TX
8/19 The Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion presented by Huntsman, Woodlands, TX
8/20 Gexa Energy Pavilion, Dallas, TX
8/21 Hollywood Casino Amphitheater, Maryland Heights, MD
8/23 Starlight Theatre, Kansas City, MO
8/24 Red Rocks Amphitheatre, Denver, CO
8/26 Shoreline Amphitheater, Mountain View, CA
8/28 The Forum, Inglewood, CA
8/29 Verizon Wireless Amphitheater, Irvine, CA
8/30 Sleep Train Amphitheater, San Diego, CA
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Roger Hodgson, legendary vocalist and singer-songwriter from Supertramp, is heading back to North America for a series of fall dates. Following extensive tours of Europe and South America, Hodgson kicks off his North American tour on Nov. 4th in Wabash, Indiana.
Hodgson co-founded the progressive rock band Supertramp in 1969 and was with them for 14 years. He helped define a generation of progressive rock and wrote and sang Supertramp’s globally successful and enduring anthems such as “Breakfast in America,” “Give a Little Bit,” “Take the Long Way Home,” “The Logical Song,” “Dreamer,” “It's Raining Again,” “School,” and “Fool's Overture” – songs that helped the band sell well over 60 million albums.
Hodgson is recognized as one of the most gifted composers and lyricists of our time. He has twice been recognized by ASCAP (American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers) for his songs being in the top played songs in their repertory, proving that they have indeed stood the test of time.
Accompanied by a four-piece band, Roger continues to perform all his hits that he recorded with Supertramp plus other classics - such as “Child of Vision,” “Hide in Your Shell,” “Sister Moonshine,” “Even in the Quietest Moments,” plus favorites from his solo albums - “Only Because of You,” “Lovers in the Wind,” and “In Jeopardy” - many of which can be found on his current CD release, Classics Live.
Uniting generations, Hodgson is transporting baby boomers back to their youth while giving younger concertgoers a taste of why his heartfelt songs have endured. North American audiences are once again preparing to experience the magic and spirit that Hodgson created with Supertramp.
Roger Hodgson North American Tour Dates:
November 4 - Wabash, IN - Honeywell Center
November 6 - Detroit, MI - MotorCity Casino Hotel
November 7 - Niagara Falls, NY - Seneca Niagara Falls Casino and Resort
November 8 - Ridgefield, CT - Ridgefield Playhouse
November 9 - Bethlehem, PA - Sands Bethlehem Event Center
November 11 - Huntington, NY - The Paramount
November 14 & 15 - Rama, ON - Casino Rama – On Sale August 20
“Remarkably, the humble musical legend is back and his signature voice sounds stronger than ever… to see and hear Roger Hodgson in concert today is simply to experience a sort of musical homecoming.” Rolling Stone
“This is the real deal: a legendary music man, in brilliant form and shimmering presence, supported by a tight, terrific band. An evening with Roger Hodgson will raise your standards of concert-going.” Huffington Post
“Beautiful. That’s the word that just keeps popping into your head when watching Roger Hodgson perform. Whether it’s the melodic complexity of his songs, the harmonies he weaves with his band, the lyrics that sweep you away or his ability to still command the incredible upper range of his voice…” Classic Rock Music Examiner
Check out his latest release, ‘Classics Live’. This spectacular collection of Roger’s hit songs from concerts recorded around the world is available through his Store and iTunes.
Enjoy this video montage of Hodgson performing some of his timeless classics.
For more information, visit the Tour page on Hodgson’s Website or Events on his Facebook page.
For additional information on Roger Hodgson, visit his Bio.
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Man Who Beat Girlfriend At Casino Sues Over Excessive Drinks

This is an automatic summary, original reduced by 51%.
EASTON, Pa. - A Pennsylvania man who spent four years in prison for beating his girlfriend at the Sands Casino Resort Bethlehem is suing the casino for allegedly serving him too many free drinks before the assault.
The casino contends Mullin alone is to blame for beating Caitlin Shields, of Pottsville, so badly that her brain swelled and she nearly died.
He contends the Sands should have known he drank to the point of having alcohol poisoning at another casino months before and that his girlfriend was also allowed to drink, even though Niemtzow contends Sands security knew she was on probation for drunken driving at the time.
Mullins was given at least 15 drinks before he and Shields returned to their room and got into a fight, Niemtzow said.
A Northampton County jury was picked to hear Mullins' lawsuit Monday, before which Common Pleas Judge Paula Roscioli expressed "Shock" at Mullins' claim.
Mullins told police Shields attacked him after he lost $800, and contends he only slapped her in self-defense.
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Post found in /news.
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HUGE slot machine Hit at sands casino Pennsylvania - YouTube Sands Casino in Bethlehem, PA Live from the Sands Casino in Bethlehem, PA - YouTube Quick Hits Dragon slot bonus win at Sands Casino in Bethlehem, PA Wind Creek Bethlehem - Topic - YouTube Slot machine Progressive bonus win on Yahtzee at Sands ... Zeus slot bonus with retrigger win at Sands Casino at Bethlehem, PA Wind Creek Casino Bethlehem PA Review - YouTube {pt#2} A Visit to Bethlehem,Pa---Now Sands Casino Resort ...

Casino In Bethlehem Pa, tabouret a roulette darty, casino slots attendant, milk money slot online free. Prize pool: 200% + 100 free spins* Read our full review. January 7, 2018. Free Spins. October 1, 2018. 0. Gamble Responsibly January 7, 2018. Great Selection Of Slots; 24/7 Live Support; Mobile Ready Casino -Casino & Slot Providers. Åland. Bonus. January 7, 2018. 9. 0 ... Sands Bethlehem Casino Sale to Alabama Tribe Approved by Pennsylvania Gaming Regulators. Posted on: May 30, 2019, 01:00h. Last updated on: May 29, 2019, 02:40h. © 2020 Wind Creek Bethlehem Gambling Problem? Call 1.800.Gambler Wind Creek Bethlehem Worker Goes to Court to Dispute Pay from Pennsylvania Casino. Posted on: March 26, 2020, 12:41h. Last updated on: March 26, 2020, 01:16h. You can always find a thrilling new adventure playing the slots or tables at Sands Bethlehem. View All Our Games. Our Casinos. We have something for everyone with over 180 table games including blackjack, roulette, craps, poker and more! View Casino. Pennsylvania Highlights. Offers and Events; News; Sands Bethlehem For exciting offers and events happening in The Sands Bethlehem visit here ... Wind Creek Bethlehem features a fun-filled casino along with an array of outlets that make guests do not want to go out of the hotel anymore. Sands Bethlehem Wind Creek is home to a casino boasting 36 poker tables, over 200 table games and 3,000 slot machines. Plush beds set up in spacious, stylish and clean guestrooms greet guests at Wind Creek Sands Bethlehem. A wide range of delicious ... For the second time this year, Wind Creek Bethlehem and the other Pennsylvania casinos will be forced to temporarily close to help mitigate the spread of the coronavirus. In a statement Friday, Wind Creek said it “has committed to paying active salaried and tipped employees,” during the shutdown, which will start at 12:01 a.m. Saturday and is scheduled to expire at 8 a.m. Jan. 4. 77 Sands Blvd Wind Creek Bethlehem, Bethlehem, PA 18015-7705. Webseite +1 484-777-7777. Das Beste in der Umgebung. 15 Restaurants in einer Entfernung von maximal 0,5 km. 3 Weitere Sehenswürdigkeiten im Umkreis von 0,5 km. Emeril's Chop House (425) 1 Min. €€€€ Amerikanisch. Burgers And More by Emeril (252) 1 Min. €€ - €€€ Amerikanisch. Steelworks Buffet & Grill (197) 1 Min ... ind Creek Bethlehem casino reopened at 6 a.m. Monday in Pennsylvania. About 100 people waited in line for the casino to open that morning, said Kathy McCracken, the property’s executive vice president and general manager. "We had lines this morning, guests excited to come in," said Julia Corwin, executive director of brand marketing for Wind Creek, WFMZ reports. "We are here to have a place ... 77 Sands Blvd Wind Creek Bethlehem, Bethlehem, PA 18015-7705. Website +1 484-777-7777. Best nearby. 13 Restaurants within 0.3 miles. 3 Other Attractions within 0.3 miles. Emeril's Chop House (425) 1 min $$$$ American. Burgers And More by Emeril (252) 1 min $$ - $$$ American. Steelworks Buffet & Grill (197) 1 min $$ - $$$ American. See all. Kay Jewelers Outlet (1) 2 min. Speciality & Gift Shops ...

[index] [7076] [17946] [24731] [2562] [293] [12935] [31967] [33239] [31441] [13645]

HUGE slot machine Hit at sands casino Pennsylvania - YouTube

50+ videos Play all Mix - Steel Panther-Party All Day Sands Casino in Bethlehem, PA YouTube Steel Panther - Party All Day & Death To All But Metal (Live - 02 Apollo, Manchester, UK, Nov 2012 ... Hello all. This is the 4 month review of the Wind Creek Casino in Bethlehem PA. How things are going and what may be to come. Hope you all enjoy. Like,subscr... A visit to Bethlehem,Pa with my son and we are just having fun father and son time togethere.... This is a slot bonus win on Yahtzee with the progressive bonus win at the Sands Casino in Bethlehem, PA This is a slot bonus win with a retrigger on Zeus at the Sands Casino at Bethlehem, PA. This is a slot bonus win on Quick Hits Dragon. Hit this on my last spin in free play. I like this version of Quick Hits. Here is version of Jammin' with the Mayans from the Molten Lounge at the Sands Casino in Bethlehem, PA. Joe "JB" Balshi on Guitar, Doc Z on guitar, Joe Ledva... Erik gets a huge slot machine hit at sands casino in PA I will show you Sands Casino in Bethlehem, PA which opened May 22, 2009. This was Bethlehem Steel. I also have a trivia question for you. What will you never... #Wind Creek Casino In Bethlehem, Pa 2019, #Chaiman Suite, THANK YOU boss for once in a lifetime exp. - Duration: 3 minutes, 30 seconds.