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2020 r/baseball Power Rankings -- Week 4: Top 10 Has New NL West Members, Flying Fish Soar, Blue Jays Plummet, Houston We Have a Problem but Phoenix and DC, Too

Hey Sportsfans — it's time for Week 4 of baseball's 2020 Power Rankings — Four weeks into the season and we've learned a lot: some teams win, some teams lose, and some don't play baseball at all. We solider on, trying to make sense of a season best described as 'baseball as viewed by a drunk Jake Peavy through a broken kaleidoscope'.
You may notice the Cardinals are being treated differently this week.
There was one tie this week between the #22 and #23 teams -- our 2nd tiebreaker, run differential, was used to break. Difference of just two runs!
Every voter has their own style / system and the only voting instructions are these:
"To an extent determined individually, you must take into account how strong a team is right now and likely to be going forward. You must, to some degree, give weight to the events and games of the previous week."
The auxiliary post with added data / fun can be seen here.
TRANSPARENCY: this link will show you who voted each team where and has added neat statistics!
If something is a little messed up, feel free to pester me let me know.
Total Votes: 29 of 30. So close.
# Team Δ Comment Record
1 Dodgers +1 Ohhhhh Mooookieeee, when you caaame and you gaaave without taaakinnnng, and I need ya today ohhhh Mookie. I am in love. Hell, even AJ Pollock did the impossible, and won me over despite his 0 for everything playoffs last year. Now if only Cody could find himself... Here's the scary part: The Dodgers are rolling and they are nowhere near playing at their ceiling. If you can't beat this team while its firing on half its cylinders, how the hell do you beat them when they're firing on all of them? 11-5
2 Yankees -1 Bit of a rough week for the Yankees, but the bats are still alive and well against pitchers I've never heard of. Everyone knows Judge leads the league in HR, but did you know DJ leads the league in Singles? Great to see him having a bit of a repeat from last season's performance. Additionally, Britton and Green have been fantastic out of the pen, and Chapman is going to be back at some point. 10-6
3 Athletics +4 Mon. had a ten run W vs. the M's. Next was TEX- Piscotty hit the 2nd walk-off GS of our year then we finished a quick sweep. The HOU series opener was cursed- we had 15 LOBs, left a runner on 3rd with 0/1 outs 3 seperate times, but down to our last strike A. Allen hit a single and M. Semien sealed the game. Montas/Luzardo/Bassit were dynamic and our pen is the league's best. Our lineup might lead MLB in Ks, but we're second in BBs. Just before sweeping the cheats R. Laureano, worth 1 bWAR, got his 2nd HBP of the day. We lead the league in those. After jawing at the RP, he arrived at 1st base. Their batting coach, a human dirtbag, taunted our mvp into a brawl even if it was he worked for a club shamed by scandals and a HS JV quality bullpen. 12-4
4 Braves 0 Roller-coaster week for the Braves. We lost our ace for the season. We got Markakis back and Will Smith made his debut. Acuña quadrupled his homer total in one day and Freeman continues to hit. Still looking good for us, but we definitely need to make a move. Our bullpen is incredible, but this meme made by u/riseupidemic sums it up: Our bullpen is doing big things, but... 11-6
5 Twins -2 We capped off a six game winning streak with a 4 game losing streak. Some were pretty flukey, but we really need the bats to wake up. Also, having three starters on the IL isn't ideal. 10-6
6 Cubs 0 The Cubs played well against the Royals, and then the Cardinals series was postponed. With no evidence that any Cardinals players actually went to a casino or broke protocol more than any other team, I believe that fans making moral judgments against the Cardinals are wrong. Perhaps we shouldn't blame teams for getting a deadly disease during a global pandemic; getting the coronavirus is not a moral indictment. Let's be better fans and better people as the world is falling apart. 10-3
7 Indians +2 The Tribe pitching continues to dazzle - the rotation has put up a quality start in all but two games, one of which was 5.2 shutout innings. Meanwhile the bullpen has a sub-1 ERA if you take away a single nightmare outing by Brad Hand. The less said about the batting order the better, but there's no way they can rank dead last in BA and SLG all year, right guys? G-g-guys? 10-7
8 Rockies +6 The Rockies have the 2nd best run differential in baseball going into Sunday's games due in large part to their starting pitching. Their offense has been middle of the pack so far but that's with Nolan Arenado hitting about as poor as we've ever seen from him. Charlie Blackmon is the early favorite for NL MVP as he racks up a .446/.475/.679 slash. Last week: 5-2. This week: 3 vs AZ & 3 vs Texas. 11-4
9 Rays -1 A return to Dome Sweet Dome is what the Rays needed to right the ship, splitting the sox and winning a tight series with the Yankees. The bats still need to come around, you would think it'd be hard to stay ice cold in Florida and all. The most inspiring things for Rays fans this week were the retunr of Austin Meadows and having a non-Zunino catcher not only bat, but also get the clutch walkoff to send the Yanks home. Let us all pray Charlie Morton is ok and flap on. 8-8
10 Padres +1 The Pads scored every one of their fourteen runs in the Arizona series by way of the long ball. We got to see Luis Pattiño in some relief after being called up, and saw Hos return to action. Fernando Tatis Jr. is very good at baseball. This week we started against the Dodgers, then played the D’Backs, while looking ahead we play the Dodgers, then have a series against the D’Backs… 9-7
11 Astros -6 Our pitching is, for the most part, bad. Seriously, almost our entire bullpen is comprised of AA and A rookies with a handful of MLB appearances under their belt. When the pitching is not bad, our offense is bad and we can't provide enough run support. I've seen enough extra inning games this season. Hard to feel confident in the team right now, but hopefully the beginning of a homestand will turn things around. 6-9
12 White Sox +1 Eloy getting tangled in the left field netting is going to be on lowlight reels for a long time and his 0-20 slide makes it worse. Thankfully, we're looking at a 4 day weekend with the Cards series in doubt. If you told the fanbase in the spring we would be 8-8 after 16 games, most would be happy. A week of the offense averaging 2.5 runs makes 8-8 feel a lot worse. On the plus side, Giolito has looked like an ace again and Moncada is on a 20 game on base streak. 8-8
13 Brewers -1 Props to BeHereNow91 for stealing my lead in about Yelich this past week, short version Yelich is rocking a 1.400 OPS this week. A few other key players have been getting some really interesting BABIP stats. Hiura with his .333 BABIP and only .250 AVG and Gyorko with the .375 BABIP/.250 AVG split. 6-7
14 Reds +2 It’s a special kind of hell having the best rotation in the entire league and the worst bullpen in the entire league. Yesterday’s loss was a microcosm of the season: leading 2-1 going into the 6th inning and trailing 9-2 by the end of the 7th. Michael Lorenzen has surrendered 10 earned runs in 5.1 innings while the combination of Gray, Bauer, Disco, and Mahle have allowed the same number in 64.1 innings. If you remove Tejay Antone’s stellar mopup job against Chicago, the Reds’ bullpen has an unfathomably bad 8.32 ERA. In other news, they’re batting .203 as a team and got shutout by the Indians two nights in a row. 7-9
15 Nationals -5 The Nats did not respond well coming out of their break. They have played poorly against AL East power-team, the Baltmiore Orioles, and have not given a lot of reason for hope. However, Sean Doolittle is a national treasure and it is completely unacceptable to harass a human on Twitter for poor sports performance. If you logged into your account and tweeted or DM'd Doo, you should be ashamed of yourself and turn in your World Series gear because you don't deserve it. 4-7
16 Mets +4 This was an interesting week. Just when you think the Mets are in freefall they come back, and go 4-2, including taking 2 of 3 from "The Best Team in the League" (technically, at the time) Miami Marlins. On top of that Conforto is swinging a hot bat, the team has scored a couple of actual runs, and deGrom even got a win (two in a row!). However, Alonso is quickly turning into Adam Dunn with a better (at times) glove, and the bullpen is still shaky despite Jared Hughes being the bright spot nobody saw coming. Well, what's see what this next week brings... together :) #GiménezNLROY2020 7-9
17 Phillies 0 The Phillies didn't have all that bad of a week all things considered. After a week long break, they split a series with the Yankees and went 1-2 against the Braves. Harper and Realmuto have looked great, and the introduction of Spencer Howard a better (?) Arrieta means the Phillies might just have a servicable rotation. The bullpen is a different story. If they can somehow put together a not terrible bullpen, they should have a shot at the playoffs and maybe some more. 4-6
18 Marlins +9 What this team has been able to do with a bunch of replacement players is a testament to the coaching staff Miami has. Primarily, the bullpen. We may have even found a couple diamonds in the rough. That being said, replacement batters havent fared as well. After some initial success, solid Mets pitching has shown that the lineup sorely misses Ramirez, Rojas, Cooper and Alfaro at the plate. Once our guys come back from covid, this team should be able to finish out tough games like yesterdays. Wouldnt be a surprised to see them finish at or slightly above .500 this season. We got Blue jays and Braves this week. 7-3
19 Tigers +6 Don't look now, but Detrot is one half game off the lead for the AL Central, making these boys rather tough to rank. If the Tigers can continue to be competitive, look to find Casey Mize getting the call sooner rather than later to help shore up the back end of the rotation. This week: 3 vs. CWS, 2 vs STL (although this is unlikely), and 3 vs. CLE. 8-5
20 Orioles +4 It's week 4 and the Orioles are at .500. A miracle if you ask me. They get swept by the Marlins (probably to avoid COVID) and then should have swept the Nats. Can anyone explain to me why the Yankees got a rain shortened win earlier this year and the Orioles have their game suspended? Weird... 7-7
21 Angels -3 Sometimes, a single play captures a season perfectly. 5-11
22 Rangers 0 Wear a mask. Wash your hads. Started the weekend with the worst record in the AL, now 2nd place in the AL West with a playoff spot after a sweep of the Angels and still 2 games below .500. That's the Rangers way. 6-8
23 Blue Jays -7 The Buffalo Blue Jays are finally going home! The first MLB game at Sahlen field will take place on Tuesday, and the migratory birds will be able to settle in. Hopfully it will lead to the bats waking up. The Jays have been the 5th worst hitting team in baseball by wRC+, posting a pitiful line of .218/.277/.366. Good thing the pitching has been good. 5-8
24 Giants -3 7-10
25 Red Sox -2 Decent week for the Sox this time around. Our pitching staff came to play for once, however with impeccable timing the offense decided to disappear for a bit, leaving us with a respectable 3-2 record for the week. Of note is Verdugo, who had a standout game against Toronto with 2 HRs as well as robbing one from off of none other than Former-Red-Sock Travis Shaw. Calling it now, Verdugo 2022 AL MVP 6-9
26 D-Backs -6 D-backs continue to underperform their talent level as their streaky offense can't buoy a terrible, no-good pitching staff. MadBum hasn't looked like himself all year and is currently being evaluated for back issues in Phoenix, while Ray is as frustrating as ever. Zac Gallen and Merrill Kelly have looked legitimately fantastic, but it's hard to get by on two good starting pitching performances a week. 6-10
27 Royals +1 A winning streak and a sweep of the Twins? Really? That just happened? While Brad Keller helps the rotation, and getting rid of Jorge Lopez helps any pitching staff, let's not get ahead of ourselves here. This is still a rebulding team, and while the sudden show of competence is nice, the Royals are not suddenly going to contend for the postseason. Unless Lopez was that fucking useless... 7-10
28 Mariners -2 Justus Sheffield claimed his first career win this past week. Another bright light in a ridiculous season. Once baseball returns for real, the Mariners should be a force to reckon with as the new guys are looking fantastic. Evan White's glove is a beautiful thing. 6-11
29 Pirates 0 D̷̥̗̬͇͕̗͕̙̱̪̄̈́̆̃̔̂͆̍̆̒̓͛̑͝ȩ̶̣̞̣̻͈̲̰͉̰̪̏͛̅̅̈́͑̉̅̓̌̊͒͠͠a̵̡̡̙͚̭͕̳͕̖͔̫̪̘̐̓̿ͅr̸̡̧̢̙̞̤͙͍̭͕̦͙͈̀̍͋͋͜ͅ ̴̡̗̲̗͍̣̞̝̤̜̱̑͆͊͂͂̽̋̒̾͘̕͜T̴͈̝̥͚͂͘̚ẁ̶̢͎̱͈̳̘̜̙͆͐̈́͂͐̈́̔͊̂̕͠i̷̩̩̹̫̫̾́͌́̿͂̑͐͋͝͝n̶̡̧̠̘̝̟͔̩̫̩͈̰̍̔̽̈́̈́̕̚s̸͔̖̈́̈̇̐͘̚ͅ ̷̛͓͙̙͇͔̯̻̟͓̣̫͖͖͈͗̍̂͂͌̔̈́̽͊̐͋͒̇̕ͅǎ̴̢͎̪͇̬͔̻̼̯̀̀̋͂ͅn̵̳̩̰̠̱̳̯͕͊̔͐̿͛̇̊́̄͂͝d̵̡̹͓̣̺̪̦̺̗͊̈́͌̃̈́̆ͅ ̴̡̗̮̤̣͙̗̰̗̊͂͊̑̍͊̒̀̚͝T̵͇͍̯̄̑̈͛͗̉̅͂i̷̩̱̇̈́̈́g̴̡̧̣͈̪͉̹͈̞̺̜͖͕͇͋͐͒̿̚͝ͅe̷̮͊̌̈̃̔̂̇̊͌͘͜͝r̶̨̛̛̭̺͉͎͍̘̗͊̎̀͗͛̍͌́͊̉͒s̴̫̭͍͉̠̰̙̍̈́̋̕͝:̴̡̨͚̭̥͉͖͎͍̪͖͙͚̝͓̀̈́͂̄̌̾̒̂ ̶̨̢̢̫̱͉̣̥͈̈́T̸̡̧̢̩̖̼͈̮̙̟̬̹͕̈́̈̎͗͘͝h̵̢̥̳̣͔̜͈̝͎͎́̎̂̊́a̸̧̻̝̪̝͎̙̟͕̬̾͐̌̎̕ṅ̸̛͇̲̻͍̦͙̏̓͊̉̀͆̓̽̓̿̕k̵͍̳̰͉͑̑̊͌̆̃͒̚͠͝ ̶̛̱̮͈̙͖̫̉́͛̔̄͒̾͐͐̀̏͝ͅy̷̧̛̻̬͉̤̥͔̩̼̲͊̂̅͜ͅo̵͇̬͔̣̼̰̟̐̑͒̽͒̐̀̕̕ͅṷ̶̧̧̢̬̳͕̙̖̺̫̹̮̤̪̈́̌͂̒̔̽̉͂̅̇̕ ̶͇̻͓̱̘͔͚̙͙̟̉̋́̽͑̈́͌ͅͅf̵̛̮̈́͗͛̔̉̕͝ó̸̢̞̲͕̫̳͈͙͙̎̀̕͜͜ŕ̶̨͉̞̠̠̤̳̯̻̱̬̩̻̽̇̄̀̒̈͊̈͛͊ ̵̧̢̙̝͎͚̙̩̺̥̙̱̝̈͛̒̅̓̎͠ͅh̵̯̄̍͊e̷͍̗̞̬̪̣͙̦͇̲̓̈́̾̀̃̑́̽̀͌̀̍̚͝ͅl̵͈͖̰̭͐̂͑͝͠p̵̠͌͌̇͗̅į̷̨̡̱̻̭̮͖͗͐͗́͜͠ͅn̸̢̨̛̟̯̫̦̰̻̘̠̻̗̯g̸̢̥̯͊́̅͗̈́̉̇̿̈́͝ ̵̛̜̮̮̲̝͊́̀̄̈́̏̑͒͘͠t̴̤̥̓̐̾̄ḩ̴͖̼̞͔̱̦͎̞͆̇̋͆́͛́̓͘͝͝ė̷̛̥̠̏͌̎͗̀͒̃̓́̚͠ ̵̧͍̦͖̯͛̊̽͛͆̅͂̔̒́̇̿͘P̴̝̭̬̬̣̿̾͒̈́͌́̈í̵̡̭̠͈̦͕͕͓͚̲̓͋̎̈́͊̈̊̍̇͗͒̉͘͝t̶̢̨̡̩͚̖͇͍͍̥͈̀̒̀́̒͊̐̎͝t̶͍̪͚̻̭͍̩̼̮̰̺͌ş̵̨̠̮̱͔̪͕̜͎̻̳̱̆̇̈́̄͝͝͠b̸̡̮̝̯̗̥͋̓̾̃̈́u̵̳͂͌̈́͛̽̀̈́̾͝͝r̴͇̲̟̓̃̿͌̇̍̈͘͝͠ǧ̴̝̯̲̙̠̜̲̱͋͌h̷̢̢̡̛̬̹͈̠̰̼̼̭̤̹͂̑͗̂̌̈́̇͘͝ ̶̱̪̝̦̭̮͙̮̬͊P̸̢̤͈̰̠̟̹͕̐͂̋̃̌͌̓͝͠í̸̢͚̟͇̣̏̾̌ŗ̵̲͙͓͇͖̝̳̻̖̔̑̂̏̂̕͝ä̵͕̱̤̝̥̪͇̮͙̖́̑͒̈́͐ț̴̢̛̛͉͈̪̙̜̖͍͔͉͂̃̓̈́͛͒̋̆̈́͜͜ͅe̶͈̠̔̄̈́̐͒s̵̜͙͖͉̪̝̘̼̏̇̋̃͋̏͗̍̍͊̓͊̕̕ ̴̨̯̯̭̻͚͈̜̯̺̤̗̂͊͂̊̂̓̾̆̔͑̌̈́̕͝ồ̵̡̨̝̬͈̮̲̲̥́̽̆͂̅̓̽̄̈́̕̚͠͝ͅn̶̲͉͍̞̍̀̓̌̿͆͂̅̄̀̀̃͠͝ͅ ̷̳͖̭̤͓̹̞͚͉̥͔̟̱̣̍̂̽͜t̸̨̥̣̪͚̘̻͔̳̠̲̦̺̰͐̀̿̂͌̅͝ḥ̶̛͍͙̗͎̪̬̱̰̙̄͛̌͋̋ẻ̶͍̦͖̥͎͆́́͂̈́̚ͅḯ̸̢̜̖̖͍̭̙̱̙̘̫̙̂͑̀͒̓ͅr̷̼̯̗̙̞̼̄̈́ ̶̡̨̳͔̦̂̾̈͑͝͝ͅq̴̡̛̙͕̺̗̪̜͇͉͕̱̟̩̊͌̈́̐́̔͐̓͌́͛̈̏͝u̴̡̥͓͍̭̿̀̆̃̃̎̓̽̓͊̓͝͠ę̷͓̗͈͚͙̒̎͌͘̕s̶̡̝̮͚̜̣͚͇̖̭͖̓̈́̃̔͊̿͗̓̚̕ͅͅt̸̻̝̜̺̺̳͍̜͎̹͖̔̎̏̓̃̇̀̀̏̚̚ ̴̧̳̱̣̯͓̗̞̰̻̆͂̆̍̂͑̀͐̃̈̌͋̾͆͜f̵̣̻̝̹̖̱͍̂̽ơ̴̡̛͖̝̮͕̜̞̣̤̩̜̦̜̑̅̉͒̿̋̆̉͠r̸̨̙̹͚̰̣͓͐͆̋͆̓͂̆̃̓̃͂͛̌̿̃ ̸̢̨̙͓̱̫̯͉͙̘̙͙̻͇͆K̶͉̲̞̪̮̜̤͉͉̗̖̿̆́̂̀̄̍́͑ͅͅų̴̜͇͕͔̲̺̭͍̩͗̾̉̊̀̊̆̚ṃ̵̧̡̢̣̞̮͇͓̱̥̹̒̈ͅͅą̵͖̞̖̼̣̠̤̥̪͚͋͌̀̽̋͝r̵̢͚̬̺̍͒̂̒̽̏͝ͅ ̸̮̀̄̐̀͊̿̋͂͌̆̈̕͝R̷̡̨̬͚͙̫̻̱͍̬̭̅̿͒͋͒́̿̇̆̕ǫ̵̨̖̗̳͍̹͉̤̘̯̣͕͊̔̈̍̏͋̊͐̅͛͝ͅc̶͖̪̙̣̲̤̖͚̠̹̖̳̞͙̏̅̐͜ḵ̷̢̨̘̙̹͕̠̙͍̳͙̠͙͒͒̅̒ͅe̸̢̻̦̮̻͌̉̄̉̀̎̇́̇̽̑̓͂ŗ̴̗͙̲̝̱̠̭͙͕̮̯̱͠ 3-13
N/A, Quarantined Rank: 17||Cardinals|-2| 5 games lul |2-3
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CreateYoureReality NFL Week 13 Analysis and Picks (Speed run)

Week 12 Recap: Meh, not our worst showing this year, haha. How can I be so spot on with game predictions, but still be struggling in my singles plays this season. Very curious. Putting a pin in it to think about, however... Let's move on!
Singles (8-17 -12.87u)
Parlays (0-4 0u) All Free Bets
Teasers (0-1 -4u)
BBDLS (0-6 -2.2u)

Sunday Games
Detroit at Chicago: Lions just fired coach and GM. Chicago has Mitch back. It seems the Lions can't win games without Galloday and Swift. It already appears Galloday is out. Swift is questionable and even if he plays should carry a limited snap count. Chicago essentially starting their playoffs with this game. Does it continue?

Cincinnati at Miami: Bengals starting Brandon Allen again. He didn't look horrible last week, however without a 105yrd kickoff return for CIN, that games 4th quarter wouldn't have been nearly as close as it was. Miami brought back the FitzMagic last week and he delivered an ABC performance against the struggling Jets, keeping Miami in the playoff contention with an outside shot at still winning the AFC East. While my algo has them with an almost 90% chance of winning, it only has them covering the spread around 42%.

Indianapolis at Houston: Colts had a hard fall last week, giving up the divisional lead to the Titans. Houston is playing much better now but suffered the loss of two players to suspension this week. My algo has this one closer to a 24-25 IND and thinks Indy only covers 34% of the time. Might even put a little sprinkle on the Texans.

Jacksonville at Minnesota: Jacksonville played tough last week and is sticking with Glennon. Minnesota has an opportunity to be .500 for the first time this year and an outside shot at the playoffs. Cook and Theilen are back and I expect Min to get the win here. However, Algo only likes a MIN cover 39% of the time.

Las Vegas at New York Jets: One would expect the Raiders to take care of business against the winless Jets, however last weeks blowout loss vs. the Falcons doesn't instill the most confidence .Also, last years similar spot and loss is a little scary:
" Las Vegas (6-5), in a battle with Miami, Indianapolis and Baltimore for the final two wild card spots in the AFC, were in a similar position last season. And that 3-7 Jets squad thumped the 6-4 Raiders, 34-3, as quarterback Sam Darnold played arguably his best game as a professional, going 20-of-29 passing for 315 yards, two touchdowns and no interceptions while also rushing for another score. "
Carr traveling East for a 1pm game 🤔
The Jets have decided to roll with Darnold as long as he is healthy.
My algo has this as a projected 27-20 LV with a cover% of only 54. A little worried on this game as I could easily see the Raiders winning 31-13, but also see them losing 20-17. Maybe the play in this one is the Under😏

New Orleans at Atlanta: Divisional rematch of two weeks ago. For some reason, just like last year, the Falcon's defense played horribly in the first half, but decides to show up for the second half of the season. They were a little lost in the first match up, but I expect them to have a better defensive showing this time around. NO is 2-0 with Taysum starting. I expect their defense to continue to perform, especially against a divisional rematch. However, I don't think Taysum will fair as well this time around. ATL +3.5, @ home, in the rematch, plus no Brees?
ALGO favors ATL points, and the Under. Might even drop some sprinkles on the cupcake.

Cleveland at Tennessee: BIG match up here. Two playoff contenders in the same conference. Both have amazing running games. Cleveland gets back Miles Garret this week. Tenn might be getting back Humphries. My algo has this as TEN -3.5 and a cover of the 5.5 only 36%. You know that means we will be looking dog here. More excited to watch this game and check out 3 of the top 5 running backs right now. (Maybe only 2, but Hunt is pretty ok)
Might be worth a little sprinkle on the cupcakes!

New York Giants at Seattle: Giants HAVE won 3 in a row, and their defense is looking decent. However, those wins have come against Washington, Philadelphia and Cincinnati -- teams with a combined record of 9-22-2. (and cincy could have been a loss if Burrow didnt go down)
Seattle is rounding into Superbowl form and on top of their defense starting to gel, get Chris Carson and Carlos Hyde is back after injuries sidelined both for a month.
While I expect Seattle to win almost always, their M.O. is winning close games. So double digit points is not something I will look at against a defense capable of scoring.

LA Rams at Arizona: Rams horrible loss last week. It's like Shanahan just knows how to out coach McVay. Arizona hasn't really won a game (besides a last second hail marry) in a month. If they were a playoff contender, they should have taken care of New England last week. Majority of $$ on AZ right now, yet the line opened at -1 and has climbed to LA -3 in most spots. RLM on the minority always has me looking that way.

Eagles at Packers: Eagles have looked like trash. Packers have shined like gold. My algo has this only GB -5.5 so as the line climbs higher, I can't help but look at Philly. Their perception is trash, however their defense is decent. Tied for second in sacks this year and 5th in 3rd down completion percentage. (their defense vs opponents offense) If this was a normal year I would LOVE some philly sprinkles.

New England at LA Chargers: I am going to avoid this game. I personally love Bill B and this year have taken a liking to Justin Herbert. The line is almost nothing so I can't see much value here in a coin flip game.

Denver at Kansas City: Primetime divisional battle. Does anyone give Denver a chance to Win this game? Outside of Mahomey getting taken out of the game and a ton of penalties giving DEN great field position for a ton of scores...No. But also, how often have you ever seen me ride double digit lines. If it is, it is the dog. And do I step in front of the KC pain train? No. Skip

Mon/Tue games: Leans on PIT ml, SF ml, DAL spread

I have 30u of FB to use this week. You know they are going in the parlay section :D
Singles (76-103, -38.03u)
Parlays (6-27, +37.76u)
Teasers (2-3, +23.38u)
BBDLS (0-56, -44.09u)
Thank you for Reading. Good luck to everyone!
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[OFFICIAL] Mac Miller Memorial Thread

This is the official memorial thread for Mac Miller
R.I.P Mac Miller, 1992 - 2018
UPDATE 9/12:
Mac Miller Vigil in BSP
Kendrick Lamar speak on Mac
Shane Powers says goodbye to Mac
Earl Sweatshirt - Mac spirit allowing me to fuck with my music rn and im THANKFUL

Wiz Khalifa - Praying for Mac’s family and that he rest easy 👼🏽 #pgh #412
Jaden Smith - "Long Live Mac Miller, Rest In Peace We Love You
Chance the Rapper - "I dont know what to say Mac Miller took me on my second tour ever. But beyond helping me launch my career he was one of the sweetest guys I ever knew. Great man. I loved him for real. Im completely broken. God bless him."
Soulja Boy - "RIP Mac Miller 🙏🏽"
Rex Orange County - "this is incredibly sad. mac miller was a great person and my friend rip :("
JPEGMAFIA - "RIP Mac Miller. I can’t believe this shit"
Q-Tip - "Damn.... @MacMiller we worked pn sum fire a while back he had tribe tatooed on his arm. Super sweet dude man. Comfolences to his fam 🙏🏽🙏🏽"
Shawn Mendes - "Unreal. So sad. RIP Mac Miller ❤️"
J. Cole - "Rest In Peace to the great soul Mac Miller"
YBN Nahmir - "I remember staying up late af & always hearing “Donald Trump” by @MacMiller on @MTV at like 5AM when I was younger. Sad to see a legend pass away."
Alison Wonderland - "RIP Mac Miller 😔
Skyzoo - "RIP to the homey @MacMiller. Super cool dude who was a good friend and a true hip hop head. Always showed wild love when we’d link. Smh."
Father - "RIP Mac man, what the fuck"
Domo Genesis - "My heart is broken af, that’s my fucking bro man."
Zack Fox - "we all felt supported and loved by Mac and that’s incredible, thank you for supporting me, thank you for the music, we was just roasting russ, I told you to go on a date with betty white to make everybody mad, enjoy your peace brother"
ZOMBIE Juice - "Dam Rip Mac Always showed us love"
Desus Nice - "Rip Mac Miller. Damn"
ICYTWAT - "man, i deadass smoked my first or second blunt to k.i.d.s at 12 lmao hiding in my backyard playing that shit off my zune mp3 :-( rip Mac."
AKTHESAVIOR - "Rip to the young legend Mac miller thanks for all the love you showed us man can’t believe this shit. Our generation needs to open up there eyes and see there’s only one ending result to drug abuse and there’s no coming back. I love all of you. Tired of loosing our leaders to drugs."
Mick Jenkins - "peace be on his closest friends and loved Mac"
Pusha T - "😔🙏🏿 #RIP @MacMiller"
Joey Fatts - "@MacMiller RIP Bro, was just by the old crib yesterday. You will be missed."
Logic - "Mac I Love You! You were a huge inspiration on my come up. Thank you for the countless hours of fun listening to your music with my homies! This has me so fucked up! You will be missed and always remembered #KIDS"
El-P - "oh man. rest in peace Mac Miller."
Bodega Bamz - "Wowowowowowowowowoowowow DAMN MAC"
Casey Veggies - "Rest Easy @MacMiller aka MAC Meezy. Can’t believe I’m typing this. This one hurt really like a brother to me. I’ll never forget you bro, You will live forever. 🙏🏽"
Post Malone - "God fucking dammit. You were such an incredible person. You changed so many lives. Had so much love in your heart. You inspired me throughout highschool, and I wouldn't be where I was today without you. Never a more kind and sincere and beautiful person. I fucking love you mac."
The Internet - "Love you brother. you gave so much to this world. Rest easy Malcolm."
Lupe Fiasco - "RIP Mac Miller Condolences to your family and friends. May God have mercy on your soul."
Future - "My guy MAC up bro 🙏🏿"
Rich Brian - "This is unbelievable. RIP Mac Miller, thank you for your beautiful work while you were here, this shit has got to stop happening."
Bun B - "I just talked to this kid like 3 weeks ago. This is so fucked up. Such a talented guy. Always had great energy. God bless you Mac. Rest In Peace."
Da$h - "Took this picture when I saw you a 2 weeks ago. I love you dawg. Can’t ever thank you enough for being you. See when I get there."/"MALCOLM IS SOME ONE I COULD NEVER THANK ENOUGH FOR BEING WHO HE WAS AND LOOKING OUT THE WAY HE DID. IM GOING TO MISS HIM EVERYDAY. Q, JIMMY, PEANUT SEND MY LOVE TO YALL NIGGAS. MACWORLD."
Joey Bada$$ - "Breaks my heart every time we lose one... I will forever appreciate you bro you supported me and gave me a shot from the very beginning. Because of you a 17 year old and his friends from Brooklyn got to play in front of 5000 after a day of school. That shit changed my life. I wish we got to hang out more and make more music.... Life is way too short appreciate everyone every moment. ❤️ R.I.P. MAC MILLER"
Aminé - "you always congratulated me on the little shit i did and made me feel great about my work. i can’t believe this right now. a true artist and true friend. you will be remembered as one of the greats. love you mac, rest easy."
A-Trak - "I'm really hurting. Mac always showed love. He was always supportive and genuinely curious. I can't believe it. We just spoke last weekend. I loved watching his growth, this guy could do anything he wanted musically. Please watch his NPR Tiny Desk concert it's so good. 💔💔💔💔 RIP"
Jonwayne - "Don't read the news. Read this. This is the man I knew."
Lil Xan - "I don’t wanna do this shit no more,rest in peace to my hero"
Snoop Dogg - "So sad u gone home young Mac I had to post this to smile and think about the good Time we had on the set of this movie man god bless ya family. Pittsburg we lost a real one today 🌟 @macmiller 🙏🏾"
Open Mike Eagle - "goddamn. rest in peace Mac Miller"
?uestlove - "Mac was one of the nicest, coolest dudes man. This is sad man."
Chevy Woods - "Wow bro ... Rest easy @MacMiller Damn cuz 😢
Solange - "Rest in your peace Mac Miller. Always exuded so much kindness and goodness. Thank you for sharing your gifts with us all."
Lil Dicky - "so sad. mac miller was a great dude. when i began my career he went out of his way to talk to me on the phone and give me advice. an amazing artist and human being"
Alessia Cara - "shocked & sad about Mac Miller. such a talented guy with so much life ahead. RIP."
Khalid - "this hurts my heart man RIP bro @MacMiller"
Swae Lee - "Woke up to some bullshit RIP Mac Miller"
Russ - "Damn Mac miller"
A$AP Ferg - "Rest in Paradise. You embraced me before I was I was signed. You brought a Belt I made back in the days and linked me with “Daily breads “ to do a collab with your friends brand. I hope you felt no pain in your transition! Love always. Very sad news"
MadeInTYO - "I love you brother .... you gave me good advice & you was my friend & you jumped on my album I miss you bro , I really doooo , this one is really never gonna feel the same. you told me to come over this week but I was in Paris .... I’m sorry ... I wish I was around more bro ... Malcolm I love you ! Pray for the world & Mac’s family !"
Bebe Rexha - "I am so deeply saddened to hear of the passing of @MacMiller. Sending love and light to all of his friends, family and fans."
Cher Lloyd - "I’m lost for words. This is such shocking news. We’ve lost another true talent. Rip Mac Miller"
Lil Yachty - "Rest In Peace Big Mac. Amazing Energy. solid & postive. So many things we was pose to do... one day we still will brother....Live on brother !!!!!!!"
Juicy J - "I’m so fucked up right now this is so sad I can’t believe it R.I.P. MAC MILLER"
John Mayer - "I’m so sad that you couldn’t stay, Mac. I’m so terribly sad."
Miguel - "Man, I don’t want this to be true. Mac was ALWAYS good energy. INSANELY talented and never got the credit he deserved. The utmost love for you Mac man. Sending my love and condolences to your mom, the sweetest ever, and your family and friends. Lightwaves on your journey my friend 🙏🏾🖤🖤🖤"
Ugly God - "Remember when Mac dropped his Album the same night Astroworld dropped and yall were saying “y’all hear sum?” “who still listens to him” & “tell him keep it”? We had a whole convo about it & he literally told me if he died people would act like they never said it. fuck yall. RIP."
Kid Cudi - "Really fucked up about Mac"
Peter Rosenberg - "No words for how much I loved this much on my mind ...and so many others...he was SUCH A PART of this hip hop world we all take part in...he was such a sweet person...and he was year by year becoming more and more of a complete musical genius....I could go on forever about why this hurts so many people so badly....but plain and simple...I love you bro...we all did..see you on the other side"
Westside Gunn - "FUUUUUUUUCK HOMIE!!!! Guess Now they’ll give u your Roses smh a true musician, we lost a GREAT 1 and you still have the Illest Shit Out 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾 #RIPMACMILLER Fun Fact he heard me and Conway was the illest and invited us right over had a good time wit the Homie you’ll be missed"
Lucki - "Rest In Peace"
Chief Keef - "R.I.P my dude aka LFisherman BKa Mac Miller"
Curren$y - "Damn bruh u fucked errbody day up ... love u my young homie!"
Fashawn - "Rest easy Mac. 😢"
Chuck Inglish - "I love you Man. I always called to check on u. You were my lil brother... I wish I had a pass w god to give u another chance. I’m not ready for u to be gone bro.. I’m hurt."
Jay Electronica - "May Allah be pleased w Mac Miller. He was a brother and friend of mine. This news has saddened me."
Pouya - "how much more can we take"
Abra - "pure hearts don't die"
Evidence - "Fuck"
Kevin Abstract - "Fuck man"
J.I.D. - "fuck we just lost a full musical genius and a great person, sending prayers and love to his family.. tell someone you love them today"
Lil B - "Mac miller my brother I love you - Lil B"
Seth Rogen - "RIP Mac. I was texting with him one week ago about trying to be in his video, which was so nice and exciting because I was a fan of him as an artist and a person. This is surreal and terrible."
Joe Budden - "I’m really fucked up over Mac’s passing. Prayers to his family, loved ones and fans… Rest In Peace @MacMiller"
Tyler, the Creator - "rest easy macaroni"
Pharrell - "Can’t believe it was six years ago, we were working in Miami on Pink Slime. I just wanted to make the hardest records with you. And then I discovered you could sing too. And I kept telling you you could sing, but you didn’t want to hear it. And your latest project has all the singing... Very happy for you, but can’t believe that this is the moment I got to tell you that. Sending deepest condolences to your family. RIP Mac Miller."
Maxo Kream - "RIP bro we just met at a Cole concert and I wanted to get you on my next album. Fightin dese demons not easy tell my nicca Fredo I love em"
Christian Clancy - "i don’t know what to say. it’s not real yet. you were more alive recently than i’ve seen in awhile. i feel like u kept things away from me at times, which ud never admit, but the shift was palatable.. it felt real... the clarity and purpose in your voice about life and ur future... joking about how close ur abs were to a 6 pack (debatable)..... perfect? no. who is. but the demons weren’t steering and the smiles were genuine. maybe at least until u were alone. you were as selfless a human being as i’ve ever known. everyone else’s happiness came first. never rocked the boat. maybe u should of. but that wasn’t ur style. my favorite thing about you is how u treated chloe. that said everything. i think youth had that innocence you craved, free from all the heaviness inside you.. the heaviness that got you. it’s a lesson for those of us that cook our emotions on the inside. a lesson to those who still feel invincible. this is gonna take awhile. you were an incredible human with an incredible family and friends who were all excited about the path you were on. you were so proud of “swimming” - it was the album you wanted to make. u did that and it’s brilliant. i’m heartbroken. i’m angry. but i love you and im gonna feel instead of cook this time. i’m grateful to have known such a beautiful human being whose main goal in life outside of his art was to make everyone around him ok. love u, malcolm."
Nardwuar - "R.I.P. Mac Miller. Gone far too soon."
Clams Casino - "RIP Mac! There are a lot of special memories and good times I will have in my heart forever...thank you for all of those. Mac always stood out to me because he was a genuinely kind and down to earth person that would go out of his way to look out for people. I’m happy for the music we made together and thank you for impacting so many peoples lives."
MixedByAli - "Woke up sick thinking damn how could I have helped. Can’t believe this . Until we meet again my boy . I’m sorry"
Vince Staples - “I must’ve died and went to heaven...currently in shock it’ll hit me in a second. What’s your question? You need a blessing right? Or you just wondering what heavens like.” I’ll see you soon. Thank you for everything... for all of this. I love you.
Julia Kelly - "Today I gained the most beautiful angel. My heart is hurting. Shattered. Today I lost one of the most amazing humans that has ever entered my life. Malcolm McCormick, I would give anything to have you back. Our memories will never be erased. I am forever grateful for you. Thank you for your laughter and endless amounts of love. You brought me out of my shell and broke me free from my shyness. The most gentle soul. Your mind was like no other. Waking up next to you was a dream. Thank you for always making me feel at home. I’m going to miss your sweet forehead kisses and affection. I would give anything to talk to you one last time and express my love. I love you forever, Malcolm."
Asher Roth - "this one hurts"
The Weeknd - "Rest In Peace Mac Miller. It’s a sad day."
Tory Lanez - "R.I.P Mac wtf !!!!!! Too soon man too fucking soon !!!! This is unreal"
Rapsody - "I love you always, Mac! Forever the most dope. Thank you for helping to change my life. And so many in this culture. unreal."
Machine Gun Kelly - "Mac. this just fucked us all up. u were too rare...damn. from eating frozen chicken wings in my basement to ur voice speaking to a generation. u did it homie. wish this wasn’t even a conversation. @Innerviewq i love u and am here for u."
Ty Dolla $ign - "I don’t know if people get what these comments will do to a person . Y’all talk so much shit behind a fake account and never show your face . Rip my brother Mac life is too short . Tell someone u love them today . Please"
Rich the Kid - "Rip Mac Miller"
Carnage - Love you brother @MacMiller"
Loaded Lux - "👁♥️"
Charlamagne the God - "I had a lot of great conversations with this young man on and off air. All we did was clown each other. Even deep convos ended with a joke. Rest Easy To My Pal Mac."
Angela Yee - "Heartbroken to hear the news about Mac Miller. My condolences to his family and loved ones, and I feel blessed to have known him"
Diplo - "My first day on tour in Australia I saw Mac in the lobby .. he was having a small fling with one of my dancers and asked her to dye his hair pink before tour started.. and then he wrote this dope song called pink bathwater (one of thousand songs you probably will never hear) . He drank whiskey at major lazer after-party is til 4 am.. went back to festival at midday .. played piano like Mozart with the sun blazing down on him.. throw up on stage . Cry a bit, rap some more then pass out in the grass and text me a few hours like where we going next .. next five years I see this guy everywhere .. best people I could always count on.. we made a lot of music in my first studio in Burbank.. he kept getting better and better .. this dude lived so hard was so amazing and talented and still extremely missunderstood.. another video is me and @skrillex on New year's Eve at MSG and Mac just came out at midnight like he was he headliner in his Riddler suit. Fuck I couldn't stop laughing .. he was always there in the middle of the best moments .. and if there wasn't a vibe he created it and made the room brighter .. he radiated positivity, but there wasn't a balance.. the other side was he was deeply insecure and always found substitution for what was missing in his life .. For a second think about the people around you and make sure they are always aware of the love .. don't take a second forgranted. They might need you and you don't even notice it because your too busy .. always gonna love you Mac"
J. Cole in concert dedicating "Love Yourz" to Mac.
Watching Movies With The Sound Off Visual Album by Chadbraham.
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The List: 2019

The Lineup is out, bold denotes acts that ended up on the lineup
This is a list of acts that are potentially playing OSLs 2019. I intend to update this list via edit from now until the lineup drop. If you want to add someone to this list just comment below and I will modify the list and credit your handle next to the edit. If you want to find someone in particular quickly I suggest you use ctrl F.
Playing eight tracked festivals
Playing six tracked festivals
Playing five tracked festivals
Playing four tracked festivals
Playing three tracked festivals
Playing two tracked festivals
Playing one tracked festival
Added by users, not currently playing any heavy crossover festivals so far
The following have appeared at OSLs once before but have not released new material since their first stint and are therefore less likely to appear in 2019 (To date only Beck and Vance Joy have returned WITHOUT new material, making the following acts much less likely)
The following is a list of bands that have played OSLs more than once and the gaps between return performances, considering only five acts have ever played OSLs three times, all acts in this section should be considered less likely than acts that have played OSLs once or never. Note that no act has ever returned quicker than a three year gap, Givers, Fantastic Negrito, and Big Boi were all makeup performances for prior year cancellations.
Three year gap
Four year gap
Five year gap
Six year gap
Seven year gap
Eight year gap
Ten year gap
The following are past lineup drop dates, all lineup drops from 2012 to 2018 have occurred on a Tuesday:
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Ok so this post is going to act as a tutorial on how to get each individual ribbon in the game. If I am missing any details or for some reason have incorrect information, please let me know and I will fix it. Without further a do, here is how to get every ribbon.

NOTE: This list will be in ALPHABETICAL ORDER...

Academic- In order to obtain the Academic ribbon, you must work hard during your life. First, choose a character who was born with a high "Smarts" stat (I recommend 85% at minimum). This will ensure that your character will be able to go to University after he/she graduates high school. Once able to apply to university, you should focus on majors such as Political Science, Nursing or Medicine. I would also advise you to go to "School">"Study harder" for the 4 years your character is in university. After that, you will want to click on the "Seek higher education" option and choose the education that corresponds with your major (Political Science+Law School, Medicine+Medical School, Nursing+Medical School (or Nursing+Nursing School if rejected). You will then simulate those years in whatever school you have chosen (again I advice to use the "Study harder" button). After this, you will look for a job that matches your profession (I advise trying to apply at the highest salary and make your way down the list until you get a job). You will want to get a job and try to make your way up the ranks for that category. TIP: make sure you do not get too sidetracked with other activities/get sent to prison as it will more than likely take over your Academic ribbon (in other words, once you receive your job, keep simulating years until your character finally dies).

Addict- To achieve the Addict ribbon, you must die with an addiction (the more the better). Unfortunately, most of these addictions root from random events where you are offered various drugs/alcohols and just happen to get addicted to them. HOWEVER, if you do manage to obtain an addiction (Alcohol, various drugs, gambling), make sure not to go to any rehab center to try to get rid of it. If you remove the addiction before you die, you do not get the ribbon...

Cunning- A bizarre ribbon, the Cunning ribbon has very specific requirements to be obtained. The first thing to do is live out your life to about 60-65 (do not try to improve your health). You should also have at least $100,000 by this age. You will want to commit a crime and get sent to prison. However, if your character is at very low health, escape from prison and get a successful sex change operation. If you manage to get this far, do not get recaptured and die as the opposite sex and you will achieve this ribbon. NOTE: I am not sure if you are allowed to emigrate, so if you want to be safe, stay in the country you were arrested in (I will work on testing this).

Deadly- This one is fairly simple. To obtain the Deadly ribbon, you must commit more than one murder in a life. Once you reach age 18, go to the "Crime" option in "Activities" and choose somebody to murder (from personal experience, I have had an easier time both murdering and getting away with murdering strangers [no family members, friends or ex lovers]). If you are sent to prison, escape and go back to the "Crime" activity tab and try again. Repeat until you have at least 2 murders under your belt.

Famous- To get the Famous ribbon, you must be an actor and/or have a high social media following. The only way to get a job as any kind of actor is to have looks above 90% constantly or else you lose your job. Also, try not to make too much money as the acting career often pays well (even too well). If you must remove money, gamble high amounts (try to lose on purpose) and/or get divorced. The ribbon requires you to spend most of your life in the acting career, so at the end you can lose your job but still receive the ribbon.

Fertile- to get the Fertile ribbon, you must have to have at least 4 children in one life. The best way to do this is to be a female (looks do not matter) and have one night stands with no condom/unprotected sex. It should be noted that the older the female character gets (min 18, max ~45), the harder it is to get pregnant. After getting 4+ children, simulate the rest of that character's life without attempting to pursue any other ribbon.

Geriatric- A ribbon with a simple concept, the Geriatric ribbon requires you to live to be older than 120 years old. To achieve this, meditate, go to the library and go to the gym for EVERY year that you simulate. On top of this, make sure your health and happiness stay at 100% (to increase happiness, vacation, spend time with family, meditate, gym, library) (to increase health, remove all diseases/medical issues). It is also important that you are not adventurous in this life (NO drugs/alcohol, no weird animal food that is offered to you, etc.). Be pure and if you are lucky you will live to the ripe old age of 121 or higher. It is important that you try to avoid any other ribbon as the Geriatric ribbon can be VERY time consuming.

Globetrotter- This one is a little hard to explain but I should be able to. In order to get the Globetrotter ribbon, you must go on many cruises and vacations, all to different places. This means that you want to vacation to as many different countries as possible and cruise to as many different cruises as possible. To do this, you will first want to get a decent job that pays well as the cost to vacation many times can get quite expensive. Once you have sufficient funds (~$300,000), go to "Activities" and scroll down until you see "Go on Vacation." Click on it and travel to a large number of different countries and cruises. For vacation, the city does not matter, only the country (For example, 'Miami, USA' and 'Scranton, USA' are not different vacation places, so only one of them counts). Also, the cabin/class that you choose does not matter, nor does the enjoyment that your character experiences. TRY NOT TO GET TOO RICH as you may obtain either the Loaded or Rich ribbon instead.

Hero- another ribbon you can only get by chance, the Hero ribbon is gained when you save a life/multiple lives. An event will show up where you have the opportunity to either 'rescue' or 'intervene'. You will want to choose these as you may end up saving a life (by chance). If you do achieve this, simulate the years until your character dies to prevent obtaining any other ribbon.

Highroller- There is actually a trick to get the Highroller ribbon [working as of 12/24/18]. First, you will want to build up a wealth of anywhere from $100k-$700k. You will then want to go to the "Casino" tab in "Activities." You have 2 options: Blackjack and Horse Races. For Blackjack, you want to get your card total to as close as 21 without going over 21 (you must beat your opponent). A good rule of thumb to allow yourself the best odds of winning is this- if you have a total less than or equal to 16, take a hit. However, if you are over 16 you should stand. Now, you will want to bet the highest amount possible to get this to go much faster. If you win, you click continue and keep going until you have gained at least over $1 million from the casino/horse races. However, IF YOU LOSE, DO NOT CLICK THE CONTINUE BUTTON!! Instead, double tap the home button, swipe up and reopen the app. This will prevent you prom losing any profit from gambling. Keep doing this until the text above the casino/horse races says you have a lifetime gain of $1 million+. Again, make sure you do not have too much money ($5 million>) to ensure you do not get the Rich ribbon instead.

Houdini- This ribbon is obtained by escaping from prison multiple times. You will want to get re-arrested for the same crime that you committed (one way to do this is applying to the military). Do this as many times as possible in one life and you should be given the Houdini ribbon.

Jailbird- This ribbon also involves prison, except this time you do not want to escape. A sure way to get this ribbon is at age 18, murdetry to murder anybody of your choosing. Keep doing this until you are arrested. After this, keep simulating the years until you die or are released. If you are released from prison, go back to crime and once again try to murder somebody until you are arrested again. Do not appeal your sentence or try to escape as the way to get this ribbon is to stay in prison for as long as possible.

Lazy- A fairly simple ribbon to get, the Lazy ribbon is awarded to you when you do pretty much nothing for your whole simulated life. When presented with events, choose the option that is the least involving (i.e. if you are presented with finding a bag of money, choose the option 'leave it alone'). Do not pursue a college education or a job, do not get married or have kids, just keep tapping the age button until you die... (grim but effective)

Loaded- to get the Loaded ribbon, you want to get a net worth of at least $10 million. The best way to do this is to choose a character who has good looks (or go through plastic surgery) of at least 90%. At age 18, look for jobs that fall into the "Actor" or "Pornographer" careers as they often pay well. If you are lucky, you will receive a huge raise that gives you $1 million+ a year. If not, try to constantly buy lottery tickets until you win. One other way to get rich is to buy houses, hold onto them for a few years, and sell them for a profit. These are all ways that can allow you to get a $10 million+ net worth to give you the Loaded ribbon.

Lustful- A fairly easy ribbon to get, the Lustful ribbon is awarded for having many different lovers. The best way to do this is to have many different one night stands (starting at age 18). Avoid getting into a relationship and getting pregnant as they lead to you obtaining different ribbons. Try not to accomplish much else in this life as it may overlap the progress. TIP: you will be most successful as a female with good looks (although not necessary).

Mediocre- This ribbon is funny because it is awarded to you for failing to accomplish anything in your life. Do not get into confrontations, do not argue with friends/family, do not get a good job and do not own any property. On top of this, you will have an increased chance of getting the Mediocre ribbon by either being fired from your job or by going to jail (be careful with jail as you may get jailbird instead [make sure to not get sentenced to too many years]).

Rich- To obtain the Rich ribbon, you will want to have a net worth more than $1 million but less than $10 million. A tip to achieve this is get a decent paying job and just continue to simulate each year until you are between that range. AGAIN, try not to pursue any other ribbons during this life as you will possibly mess up achieving this ribbon.

Rowdy- This ribbon is obtained by essentially being a party animal. Accept drugs and alcohol whenever presented an opportunity, go to multiple clubs many different times, get into verbal arguments but NOT physical arguments. Continue to follow this pattern and you will most likely get the Rowdy ribbon.

Scandalous- Two words- Be aggressive! To get the Scandalous ribbon, start confrontations with others, get into verbal and physical fights, assault others and be sentenced to prison for a few years. These are all steps to take to get this ribbon, fairly simple...

Stupid- This one is funny because you actually have to TRY to be stupid! To get the Stupid ribbon, you will want to take a couple of steps/precautions. First, never try to become smarter and always choose the stupid action in an event (like petting a lion, not using a condom or not being aware Santa isn't real). The way to achieve this is to die with the least amount of smarts as possible. Use a character who is immediately born stupid, drop out of high school (no college) and don't get a job. This ribbon is one of the harder ones to get, so I advise you to do all of the steps above.

Successful- This ribbon is essentially given to you for being average. Get an average paying job, have an average-sized family and house, etc. You want to die with a net worth of anywhere from $500k-$950k. I also advise NOT getting this money through the casino and/or lottery as you may get a different ribbon.

Teammate- This ribbon is by far the most specific and requires VERY SPECIFIC STEPS to be taken. First, you want to make sure you are born in either Tucson, United States OR Miami, United States. These two locations are where the company Candywriter (the creator of BitLife) is located. You will want to have decent smarts or better and will want to apply to university and major in Computer Science. After graduating from university, get a job as an app developer and simulate the rest of the life. If all of the following steps were done correctly, you should have the Teammate ribbon.

Unlucky- This is a ribbon that is given to you by chance. Essentially, you have to be very unlucky in your character's life. From what I have found, the most common form of this is dying from cancer at a young age. However, there are plenty of unlucky ways to die in the game and you only need one to achieve the Unlucky ribbon.

Wasteful- By far the easiest ribbon to get, the Wasteful ribbon requires you to end your own life. You can do this at any age by clicking "Activities", scrolling ALL the way down to the blue tab titled "End Life..." Click on it and click on the bottom button which says "End this life." Hit "Yes" and thats it! You are done! A sure way to get this ribbon is to end your life as soon as you start a new life (Age 0)...

Wicked- This ribbon is fairly simple to get. You will first want to get an STD through a hookup. After that, you want to give STD's to as many other people as possible. However, do not overdo the amount of hookups as you may end up getting the lustful ribbon instead! (Source: u/The-Master-Mind)

AND THAT IS IT!!! This post took me a little under 2 hours so I hope you guys found it useful!!! If you need me to clarify any of the steps above, please let me know. Also, if you have any additions and/or revisions, please comment! I will try my best to keep this post up to date as more ribbons are released! Good luck with getting those ribbons Bitizens!!!!
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Returning player and DLC

Hey guys. I started playing PAYDAY 2 in late 2013. I was buying all the DLCs to support the devs and I was enjoying the game. It was a good time. Last time I played in 2015. I remember double xp event and shortly after I hit XXV-100(is it still max?) the Butcher's Western Pack was released. That was ~May 2015. I got all the achivements and then I had to abandon the game for more than 4 years. I'm building myself a new PC so I'll be able to play soon. I was wondering about DLCs. I was buying stuff from time to time even though I wasn't able to play. Can you tell me based on my list which DLCs I'm missing and how to get them? I want to have all the content even if it's just a mask. I only remember missing Pre-order DLC(Lootbag, I believe). I just know the devs love for hidden DLCs which can't be purchased via Steam page. Thanks
A Merry Payday Christmas Soundtrack
Alienware Alpha Mask Pack
Alienware Alpha Mauler
Armored Transport
August Event
Biker Character Pack
Clover Character Pack
Dragan Character Pack
Gage Assault Pack
Gage Chivalry Pack
Gage Historical Pack
Gage Mod Courier
Gage Ninja Pack
Gage Russian Weapon Pack
Gage Shotgun Pack
Gage Sniper Pack
Gage Spec Ops Pack
Gage Weapon Pack #01 and #02
h3h3 Character Pack
Hotline Miami
Housewarming Party
Humble Mask Pack 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
John Wick Heists
John Wick Weapon Pack
Pen Melee Weapon
Scarface Character Pack
Scarface Heist
Sokol Character Pack
Sydney Character Pack
Sydney Mega Pack
The Alesso Heist
The B-sides Soundtrack
The Big Bank Heist
The Biker Heist
The Bomb Heists
The Butcher's AK/CAR Mod Pack
The Butcher's BBQ Pack
The Butcher's Western Pack
The Diamond Heist
The Goat Simulator Heist
The Golden Grin Casino Heist
The Jack Mask Pack
The Joker Mask Pack
The King Mask Pack
The Official Soundtrack
The PAYDAYCON 2015 Mask Pack
The Point Break Heists
The Queen Mask Pack
The Wolf Pack
Yakuza Character Pack
EDIT: I have all DLCs above. I do have Ultimate Edition. I'm looking for DLCs I don't have. They are not listed on Steam store page.
EDIT 2: Ok. I think now I have full list of DLCs that I'm missing and don't know how to get. I'd appreciate if you'd let me know in case I missed something.
DLCs I need:
Career Criminal Content (Lootbag included)
Jacket Character Pack (I'd prefer to get collaboration DLCs without purchasing games I'll never play)
Bobblehead DLC
Almir Mask. I guess this one is impossible to get
u/OVERKILL_Almir is it possible to buy at least pre order stuff somehow? You can on consoles AFAIK but not on Steam?
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What's happening around town (Wed, Jan 15th - Tue, Jan 21st)

Oklahoma City's event list.


Wednesday, Jan 15th

  • 🍴 Anthem Drown Night! (HiLo Club - Oklahoma City) Our local friends at Anthem Brewing Co. have some great beers! Every Wednesday night from 9pm to close enjoy $8 Drown Night! Their Power Pils will be flowing!
  • 🏆 Central OK: University of Central Oklahoma Men's Basketball vs Northeastern State (Edmond) Start Time: 7:30pm University of Central Oklahoma Men's Basketball vs Northeastern State
  • 🏆 Central OK: University of Central Oklahoma Women's Basketball vs Northeastern State (Edmond) Day 1 of 2 Start Time: 5:30pm University of Central Oklahoma Women's Basketball vs Northeastern State
  • Edmond Fire Department -- Come Meet Your Local Firefighters (Edmond Senior Center - Edmond) Start Time: 10:00am Get to know your local Firefighters and play a fun card game!Questions and answers afterwards.
  • 🍴 Junction Coffee Wednesdays (Myriad Botanical Gardens - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 7:00am Wednesdays, 7am-3pm Junction Coffee will park its double-decker bus curbside at the Devon Lawn
  • 🎓 Lego Club (Guthrie Library - Guthrie) Thru Sat, Jan 18th Start Time: 3:30pm Create, Build, Learn, and have Fun! RSVP for this event. All Ages are Welcome. Please keep your Legos at home unless you wish to make a donation to the Guthrie Library. The City of Guthrie, OK - Municipal Government Talk around guthrie where nobody gets deleted ChooseGuthrie Guthrie Chamber of Commerce Guthrie, Oklahoma
  • 🎭 MISS SAIGON (Civic Center Music Hall - Oklahoma City) Thru Sun, Jan 19th “A DYNAMITE BROADWAY REVIVAL.” - The New Yorker
    Experience the acclaimed new production of the legendary musical MISS SAIGON, from the creators of Les Misérables. This is the story of a young Vietnamese woman named Kim who is orphaned by war and forced to work in a bar run by a notorious character known as the Engineer. There she meets and…
  • Reading Wednesday (Myriad Botanical Gardens - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 10:00am Reading Wednesdays Every Wednesday, at 10 am The Visitor Center FREE Best for ages 2 to 5 NO READING WEDNESDAY ON DECEMBER 25 AND JANUARY 1 Bring your toddler for story time each Wednesday at 10 am. Books are nature-themed and selected based on the season. We’ll begin with an interactive song and children will enjoy creating a small craft…
  • 🏆 Oklahoma City Thunder vs. Toronto Raptors (Chesapeake Energy Arena - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 7:00pm Tickets for the 2019-20 season will be available directly from the team starting on Thursday, September 26 at 10 a.m. Can't wait to purchase tickets? You can purchase tickets from other fans and prices are determined by the seller and not the team. A 20% service fee for all resale tickets will be added to the cost of each ticket at checkout.…
  • 😂 Triple Feature Week Oklahoma City!!! (Loony Bin Comedy Club - Oklahoma City) Thru Sun, Jan 19th

Thursday, Jan 16th

  • The Big News and On Holiday (The Deli - Norman) Start Time: 10:00pm Honey Creek (Milwaukee, WI) - The Big News - On Holiday - $5 • 10pm • 21+
  • Black Flag (89th Street Collective - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 7:00pm Black Flag with The Linecutters Presented by TLP Entertainment. This show is all ages. Tickets are $20 in advance at, charge by phone 18669661777, purchase hard copy tickets at any Uptown Grocery/Buy For Less location or Starship Records in Tulsa.
    Black Flag is an American band formed in 1976 in Hermosa Beach, CA by guitarist,…
  • 🏆 Central OK: University of Central Oklahoma Women's Basketball vs Northeastern State (Edmond) Day 2 of 2 Start Time: 5:30pm University of Central Oklahoma Women's Basketball vs Northeastern State
  • 🎭 David B. Hooten, Trumpeter (Armstrong Auditorium - Edmond) Start Time: 7:30pm
  • 🎓 Lego Club (Guthrie Library - Guthrie) Thru Sat, Jan 18th Start Time: 3:30pm Create, Build, Learn, and have Fun! RSVP for this event. All Ages are Welcome. Please keep your Legos at home unless you wish to make a donation to the Guthrie Library. The City of Guthrie, OK - Municipal Government Talk around guthrie where nobody gets deleted ChooseGuthrie Guthrie Chamber of Commerce Guthrie, Oklahoma
  • 🎡 Looking For Something? (The Blue Door - Oklahoma City) Day 1 of 2 Start Time: 7:00pm As instant gratification becomes the norm and certainty is worn as armor, Sean McConnell is choosing patience and ambiguity - especially when it comes to himself. "I think embracing the blurry lines is a sign of getting older and just having more life experience," he says. "It can be healthy to break your own boxes."
  • 🎨 Love's Third Thursday: Night of Hygge (Oklahoma City Museum of Art - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 5:00pm It’s that time of year again! Join us for A Night of Hygge during #LovesThirdThursday featuring:
    • Subversive Cross Stitching
    • Story Time for Grownups in the Galleries
    • Warm food and drinks
    • And more! Moderns members, enjoy exclusive access to the Moderns' Bar, craft area, and a gift basket raffle! “Hygge” represents the Danish art of…
  • 🎭 MISS SAIGON (Civic Center Music Hall - Oklahoma City) Thru Sun, Jan 19th “A DYNAMITE BROADWAY REVIVAL.” - The New Yorker
    Experience the acclaimed new production of the legendary musical MISS SAIGON, from the creators of Les Misérables. This is the story of a young Vietnamese woman named Kim who is orphaned by war and forced to work in a bar run by a notorious character known as the Engineer. There she meets and…
  • Sean McConnell (The Blue Door - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 7:00pm An intimate acoustic performance featuring a very special guest
  • 🎨 Teen Anime Night (Guthrie Library - Guthrie) Start Time: 6:00pm We will choose between three anime and partake in snackage. The City of Guthrie, OK - Municipal Government Guthrie Chamber of Commerce Guthrie, Oklahoma ChooseGuthrie Talk around guthrie where nobody gets deleted
  • 😂 Triple Feature Week Oklahoma City!!! (Loony Bin Comedy Club - Oklahoma City) Thru Sun, Jan 19th
  • 🎓 The Truth about Senior Living Options (Quail Creek Golf & Country Club - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 10:00am In this session we will first take a look at the benefits offered by senior living communities, as well as the costs and associated services. Next, we take a deep dive into how to fully investigate whether a senior community is right for you or someone you care about. Learn the differences between independent, assisted, memory care, and longterm…
  • 🎨 Whitney Forsyth Artist Talk (Artspace At Untitled - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 6:00pm Join us for an artist talk with Whitney Forsyth covering her exhibition at ARTSPACE at Untitled called Re-New. Cash bar and hors d'oeuvres. Re-New: An Exhibition by Whitney Forsyth January 9th – February 29th Free and open to the public.
  • 🍴 Wine For The People: Bubbles (Vast - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 5:30pm Whether you prefer flutes of fruit-focused wines or the best in glass of dry and rich flavors, sparkling wine offers delightful options for any wine enthusiast. From Prosecco to Cava and everything in between, we've got you covered. Start the new year with a POP & head to #cloudwine to learn about various sparkling wine production methods,…

Friday, Jan 17th

  • 🎨 ArtWorks Academy's Production of Disney's Frozen JR. (ArtWorks Academy of Performing Arts - Norman) Day 1 of 2 Start Time: 7:00pm ArtWorks Academy Presents DISNEY’S FROZEN JR. Friday, January 17 at 7:00 pm Saturday, January 18 at 10:30 am Saturday, January 18 at 2:00 pm Saturday, January 18 at 7:00 pm Sunday, January 19 at 2:00 pm Sunday, January 19 at 6:00 pm Performances will be held at Randall University (formerly Hillsdale College) in Moore, OK, which is located at…
  • 🏆 Central OK: University of Central Oklahoma Wrestling vs Newman (Edmond) Start Time: 7:00pm University of Central Oklahoma Wrestling vs Newman
  • 🍴 Edgar Cruz & Blake Bricker Rock Belle Isle Brewery (Belle Isle Restaurant & Brew Pub - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 8:00pm Come out Friday as Belle Isle Restaurant & Brewery welcomes back Edgar Cruz & Blake Bricker!! 🎸🎶 **21 & over #EdgarCruz #BlakeBricker #OKCMusicScene #BelleIsleBrewery
  • The Flock of Pigs (Opolis - Norman) Start Time: 9:00pm
  • Oklahoma City Home and Garden Show (Oklahoma State Fair Park - Oklahoma City) The Oklahoma City Home & Garden Show is the place for consumers to experience what's new in Home, Gardening, Remodeling, Home Decor, and More! The show offers homeowners a convenient destination to gain expert advice for any home and garden related product and service. Exhibiting companies
  • 🏆 International Finals Rodeo (Lazy E Arena - Guthrie) Thru Sun, Jan 19th Start Time: 7:30pm Visit or for more info.
  • Jared Tyler And Luke Bulla (The Blue Door - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 8:00pm
  • 🎓 Lego Club (Guthrie Library - Guthrie) 1 day left Start Time: 3:30pm Create, Build, Learn, and have Fun! RSVP for this event. All Ages are Welcome. Please keep your Legos at home unless you wish to make a donation to the Guthrie Library. The City of Guthrie, OK - Municipal Government Talk around guthrie where nobody gets deleted ChooseGuthrie Guthrie Chamber of Commerce Guthrie, Oklahoma
  • 🎡 Looking For Something? (The Blue Door - Oklahoma City) Day 2 of 2 Start Time: 7:00pm As instant gratification becomes the norm and certainty is worn as armor, Sean McConnell is choosing patience and ambiguity - especially when it comes to himself. "I think embracing the blurry lines is a sign of getting older and just having more life experience," he says. "It can be healthy to break your own boxes."
  • 🎭 MISS SAIGON (Civic Center Music Hall - Oklahoma City) Thru Sun, Jan 19th “A DYNAMITE BROADWAY REVIVAL.” - The New Yorker
    Experience the acclaimed new production of the legendary musical MISS SAIGON, from the creators of Les Misérables. This is the story of a young Vietnamese woman named Kim who is orphaned by war and forced to work in a bar run by a notorious character known as the Engineer. There she meets and…
  • My So Called Band (The Deli - Norman) Start Time: 10:00pm Your favorite 90's rockers are back for their monthly installment at The Deli! You know what to do. 10pm 21+ $10
  • 😂 Open Mic Night (Don Quixote Club - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 8:00pm Every Friday is Open Mic Comedy at Don Quixote's! Laugh with local talent as they hone their skills. Are you funny? Sign up at 7:30. See you this week!
  • 🎓 Oklahoma City Personal Injury Attorneys Meetup (Oklahoma City) Start Time: 9:00am Come and have drinks and share personal injury case stories with other lawyers in Oklahoma City. We are professional network of legal professionals comprised of attorneys, law students, legal professional staff, recruiters and legal industry and technology. This meetup is designed to provide live networking opportunities and support for legal…
  • Souled Out (University of Central Oklahoma - Edmond) Start Time: 8:00pm Featuring one of the most entertaining and exciting horn sections in the industry, Souled Out has been thrilling audiences throughout the Southwestern United States for over 20 years. Souled Out's repertoire includes classic party/dance hits from the glory days of Motown through today. Their members have opened for, or performed with: Aretha…
  • 🏆 Oklahoma City Thunder vs. Miami Heat (Chesapeake Energy Arena - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 7:00pm Tickets for the 2019-20 season will be available directly from the team starting on Thursday, September 26 at 10 a.m. Can't wait to purchase tickets? You can purchase tickets from other fans and prices are determined by the seller and not the team. A 20% service fee for all resale tickets will be added to the cost of each ticket at checkout.…
  • Tony Macalpine (89th Street Collective - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 7:00pm Tony Macalpine with Schiermann This show is all ages. $20
  • 😂 Triple Feature Week Oklahoma City!!! (Loony Bin Comedy Club - Oklahoma City) Thru Sun, Jan 19th

Saturday, Jan 18th

  • 🎡 2020 Norman Chocolate Festival (Norman High School - Norman) Start Time: 10:00am
  • 🎨 ArtWorks Academy's Production of Disney's Frozen JR. (ArtWorks Academy of Performing Arts - Norman) Day 2 of 2 Start Time: 7:00pm ArtWorks Academy Presents DISNEY’S FROZEN JR. Friday, January 17 at 7:00 pm Saturday, January 18 at 10:30 am Saturday, January 18 at 2:00 pm Saturday, January 18 at 7:00 pm Sunday, January 19 at 2:00 pm Sunday, January 19 at 6:00 pm Performances will be held at Randall University (formerly Hillsdale College) in Moore, OK, which is located at…
  • 🎓 Castle Falls\Council Grove Historically Local Tuor (Castle Falls Event Center - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 4:00pm The only castle in Oklahoma City, whose construction began on 1- 23-45, is celebrating its 75th anniversary by hosting a historically local tour the 3rd Saturday of each month at 4PM. Just west of the city, the original castle is now Castle Falls Restaurant & Venue.
    Free but registration is requested:
  • 🏆 Central OK: University of Central Oklahoma Men's Basketball vs Rogers State (Edmond) Start Time: 3:30pm University of Central Oklahoma Men's Basketball vs Rogers State
  • 🏆 Central OK: University of Central Oklahoma Women's Basketball vs Rogers State (Edmond) Start Time: 1:30pm University of Central Oklahoma Women's Basketball vs Rogers State
  • Chelsea Days / Burl / Roots of Though (89th Street Collective - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 7:00pm Chelsea Days with Burl and Roots of Thought This show is all ages. $10
  • 🎨 Chris Tucker (Riverwind Casino - Norman) Start Time: 7:00pm Chris Tucker is an international award-winning actor and comedian best known for playing the role of Detective James Carter in the “Rush Hour” film series with Jackie Chan. He became a favorite on HBO’s “Def Comedy Jam” in the 1990s and came to prominence in his first starring role, the 1995 film cult classic “Friday” starring…
  • Equilibrium (University of Central Oklahoma - Edmond) Start Time: 8:00pm Reserve by calling (405) 974-2100 · Equilibrium fuses urban sounds and backgrounds to create the vibe that has mapped their musical landscape for years. They've each stopped off to the land of "funk," and laid bare their "soul" more times than can be counted. Equilibrium has sweated it out in a garage to make their harmonious echo and sharpened…
  • 🏆 International Finals Rodeo (Lazy E Arena - Guthrie) 1 day left Start Time: 7:30pm Visit or for more info.
  • 🎓 Jack Waters & The Unemployed / The Contraband (The Deli - Norman) Start Time: 10:00pm The Deli presents a solid evening of down home folk and americana with Jack Waters and The Unemployed and The Contraband. 10pm 21+ $5
  • 🏆 Learn to Curl at Devon Ice Rink at Myriad Gardens (Myriad Botanical Gardens - Oklahoma City) Bring your family and friends and join Oklahoma Curling Club members as they walk through the etiquette and rules of curling. Dress warm, wear rubber soled shoes, and prepare for a fun morning on the ice. All other equipment will be provided. Book now before it sells out! Saturdays, 9am-10:30am November 23 December 7, December 21 January 4, and…
  • 🎓 Lego Club (Guthrie Library - Guthrie) Last Day Start Time: 3:30pm Create, Build, Learn, and have Fun! RSVP for this event. All Ages are Welcome. Please keep your Legos at home unless you wish to make a donation to the Guthrie Library. The City of Guthrie, OK - Municipal Government Talk around guthrie where nobody gets deleted ChooseGuthrie Guthrie Chamber of Commerce Guthrie, Oklahoma
  • 🎭 MISS SAIGON (Civic Center Music Hall - Oklahoma City) 1 day left “A DYNAMITE BROADWAY REVIVAL.” - The New Yorker
    Experience the acclaimed new production of the legendary musical MISS SAIGON, from the creators of Les Misérables. This is the story of a young Vietnamese woman named Kim who is orphaned by war and forced to work in a bar run by a notorious character known as the Engineer. There she meets and…
  • Mississippi Jake live (Red Brick Bar - Norman) Start Time: 9:00pm Mississippi Jake is a working-class folksinger based out of Des Moines, Iowa.
  • Oklahoma Winter Bead & Jewelry Show (Oklahoma State Fair Park - Oklahoma City) Jewelry, & bead show featuring fine jewelry, fashion jewelry, gemstones, beads, beading supplies, and more. Wholesale buyers who preregister will be admitted free of charge. Like Us on Facebook for a free AKS shopping tote.
  • Paul Dyer And Heartland (The Blue Door - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 8:00pm
  • 🎓 Redline Championships (Cox Convention Center - Oklahoma City) Redline Championships Oklahoma Money Madness will take place on January 18, 2020 at Cox Convention Center.
  • School of Rock LIVE at VZD’s (VZD's - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 1:00pm School of Rock of Edmond, Oklahoma showcases their talents LIVE at VZD’s! Event schedule for the day is as follows: 1:00pm- Rock 101 & Rock 102 2:00pm- Proto Grunge 3:00pm- Indie Alternative 4:00pm-Opera Rock 5:15pm- Edmond School of Rock House Band
  • Smokey Motel, Bad Jokes and The Kid (Opolis - Norman) Start Time: 9:00pm 8pm door 9pm show ALL AGES $8
  • 🏆 Oklahoma City Thunder vs. Portland Trail Blazers (Chesapeake Energy Arena - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 8:00pm Tickets for the 2019-20 season will be available directly from the team starting on Thursday, September 26 at 10 a.m. Can't wait to purchase tickets? You can purchase tickets from other fans and prices are determined by the seller and not the team. A 20% service fee for all resale tickets will be added to the cost of each ticket at checkout.…
  • 😂 Triple Feature Week Oklahoma City!!! (Loony Bin Comedy Club - Oklahoma City) 1 day left
  • 🎭 wonder women (The Paramount OKC - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 9:00pm A celebration of Hui Poos 50th Birthday as well as a show and Dj!

Sunday, Jan 19th

  • 🏆 International Finals Rodeo (Lazy E Arena - Guthrie) Last Day Start Time: 7:30pm Visit or for more info.
  • 🎭 MISS SAIGON (Civic Center Music Hall - Oklahoma City) Last Day “A DYNAMITE BROADWAY REVIVAL.” - The New Yorker
    Experience the acclaimed new production of the legendary musical MISS SAIGON, from the creators of Les Misérables. This is the story of a young Vietnamese woman named Kim who is orphaned by war and forced to work in a bar run by a notorious character known as the Engineer. There she meets and…
  • PJ MASKS LIVE! Meet & Greet Upgrade (Chesapeake Energy Arena - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 2:00pm The event ticket is not included in the meet & greet upgrade. Children age 12 and under must be accompanied by a Parent/Guardian. Each Child, Parent or Guardian must have an event ticket as well as a Meet & Greet Upgrade to attend.
    The PJ Masks Meet & Greet upgrade features access to an after-show Meet & Greet photo opportunity with your 3…
  • 😂 Triple Feature Week Oklahoma City!!! (Loony Bin Comedy Club - Oklahoma City) Last Day

Monday, Jan 20th

I was unable to find any published events for Jan 20th.

Tuesday, Jan 21st

I was unable to find any published events for Jan 21st.

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After 40+ Hours

So after 40 hrs in both the closed and open betas, I feel I have quite a bit of input. I'd like to list off some improvements that could help this game succeed to it's fullest.
Much of which has already been pointed out before. None the less I think the more people who say it the better chance they'll fix it. Before I say anything else though, let me just say I think this game is a far improvement over the first and I've been having a blast. Ivory Tower has done a phenomenal job. Now then onto the list.
(I've updated the following list to include many things left out that have been pointed out in comments)
-Gravity- really important to get this right, cars need to not be magnets. Also they need to have some bounce or some kind of suspension physics when landing a jump.
-Frames Per Second- Not sure the technical limitations at play, but fps drops in city are obvious and destracting. Definitely needs some improvement. Fps is incredibly important in any racing game.
-Car Handling- while much improved from the first and mostly acceptable I still think there's room for improvement. I must confess however I personally prefer a bit more sim style in my racing games. So not every one will agree with me here.
-Headlights- For whatever reason, perhaps because I play in third person, I don't have a big issue with night time brightness. But many of you do, that's going to be a big problem. Without a doubt needs fixing. And not just brightening the world, brighter headlights. Night should be dark.
-Wall Grinding- I believe they said this will be fixed for release. No reason that this should be faster then proper skilled driving.
-Rubber Banding- Outdated system. Time to move on. Edit
SENCONDARY (though still important)
-Fast Travel- because it's 2018. (Edited in)
-Mirriors- not sure this is going to change, i think it's a technical problem. I'm fine with it, but I know some of you arnt.
-Odometers- they said they'll be added back in the future.
-Onscreen Nav Line- again this is something where I like the new system. But some are having problems seeing the minimap line. Which I totally understand. There should be a toggle to allow both systems of nav. Also would be cool if in the future they had a talking gps system as other racing games have.
-Pop In- while I think this was slightly improved from the closed beta, it definitely still needs work. It might be a situation where on console at least, we have hit a limit in terms of graphical power. With that being said, at the very least cars should not be popping onto the road in front of you, that's gotta go.
-Southern Snow- some might disagree with me here, and I get that it's a total arcade game, but I feel it's important in this game to get a real sense of where we are. Vegas needs to feel like Vegas, Maine needs to feel like Maine. As soon as the ground is covered in snow in Miami, I no longer feel like I'm there. This breaks immersion at least for me.
-Rain- when it rains in this game it rains for like two minutes. Now I'm not saying it should rain all the time or even that often. But occasionally you ought to have rainy days, mix things up a bit.
-Optional Parts Share- now I fall into the camp of people who like the current parts system. However there are those who dislike this. I purpose an optional no parts share toggle for those who want a more hardcore experience.
-Higher Player Server Cap- This might be another one with technical limitations being the cause, but it would nice to see more players simultaneously. I would like to point out though that I think the game works like destiny where local players are "spawned in" near you. So I don't think it's as if the 8 players are spread across the entire map. I could be wrong, let me know.
-Drifting Cam- would be nice to a have an extra cam option that keeps to the same angle as the car.
-World Ambient Sound- turn off the music and park your car in the middle of any city in the game. Have a listen. Seems to me it's way to silent. Would be nice to hear traffic, honks, sirens ect. Maybe in the country wind rustling, crickets, howling, you get the picture.
-Motorcycle Physics- another one some might disagree with, but I think the rider still looks a bit stiff. Idk it just seems off some how. To be fair I don't think many games get this right.
-Boat Physics- some really like the boats but they just seem bland to me. It needs more dynamic interaction with the watewaves. Think GTA 5 or riptide.
-Missing Landmarks- Chicago's Sears tower, freedom tower, and many others people have already listed. Granted I think this might be a licensing issue. Perhaps people are weary of the idea of people flying planes into certain buildings.
-A Better Way To Exit Game- self explanatory
-Custom Races- really in a game this big, it could use a way to make your own races. Maybe even make it so you can race against A.I on them.
-Map Creation problems/bugs- low bridges without trucker clearance, trains not using turn off tracks. General bugs such as floating trees, people glitching into buildings, npc cars flipping themselves on ramps, so on and so forth. Edit
-Dashboard Accuracy- I don't drive in cockpit enough to notice but others have pointed out some inaccuracies and non working interior speedometers. Would be nice to see this updated.
-GPS Glitches- please fix the gps going brain dead occasionally.
-storms- lightning and thunder, heavy winds?
-moon phases- maybe that change the amount of brightness at night. (Obviously only if they fix the headlights)
-tinted windows-
-neon lights undercarriage- NFSU anyone?
-Easter Eggs- this game is a pop culture paradise waiting to happen. Now the world is pretty damn big so alot might already be there, but I'd love to see updates continuing to add new things. I'm talking iconic houses/buildings from popular movies/shows/games. For example: Amittiville house, Bates motel, overlook hotel, gastby mansion, Spencer estate, the list goes on. I know they've already put some Easter eggs but this game is just begging to be filled with secretes.
-First Person Walking- yes like get out of your car and walk anywhere. Why? Idk why not. It's already built into the game.
-more fps hubs- much like TD:U casinos and what not.
-Inpromptu Race- where you press a button while next to a random player to challenge them to an impromptu race to a random near by place. Think FH3 or even NFSU2
-Roads Driven Stat- much like FH3, would love to know how many roads I've discovered.
-Continue From Place Left- as in when you boot into the game. Would be nice for an option to start at the place you were last as opposed to your house.
-Optional Police Dlc- keyword optional. The community is devided here. Honestly I could take it or leave it, but I think a future dlc that enables police for those who want it would be a nice touch.
-Faster Photo- As is it's quite a long pause to load into photo mode. Might be due to the amount of features within, so it may not be changeable. None the less would be nice to have a faster transition.
-Private Sessions- Sometimes you just want the world to yourself, or you and your friends. Not something I would use much, but there always seems to be some demand for this sort of thing.
-More Japanese Manufacturer's- probably something that will be added down the road. As is with a whole host of new cars I'm sure. Also not just Japanese as alot of others are missing.
-F.O.V In FP- would be nice to have better F.O.V in first person.
-Fourth Fast Fav- an option to set a vehicle of choice to R3 menu, down direction.
-After Market Body Parts- Real word body kits and more.
-Car Stance Adjustment- Self Explanatory
-More Vinyl and Decals- More to work with for livery's
-Explorers Map- Like the crew 1 you could see the areas you've been. I'd suggest a seperate map on the stats page, other than your normal map.
-Crazy Taxi- Pick up pedestrians and get them to there destination side game. Why? Have you played crazy taxi?
-Desert Heat- Heat mirrages (or what ever there called)
Ok well there's probably more I'm missing. Anyone feel free to chime in below. Now I'm not trying to nit pick or complain. I'm simply trying to point out ways to improve, and only because I enjoy this game as much as I do.
I hope the community can come together with a unified voice and we can point Ivory Towers in the right direction. Not that they aren't already heading that way but maybe we can get there faster.
If cards get played right who knows we may have a serious contender to Forza Horizon, if we already don't. Besides it doesn't look like need for speed is getting there anytime soon. Anyways thanks for reading my novel.
submitted by Eulogy612 to The_Crew [link] [comments]

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