Penghu: Saying No to Casinos Essay - 402 Words

Penghu Island, the previously favoured site for casinos in Taiwan, is once again preparing to hold a referendum to determine whether gaming will be permitted in Penghu Voters Reject Casino Suggestion Citizens of Penghu, a remote Taiwanese island chain once more chosen against possible construction of casino resorts in the area, this time around by the intimidating most. In accordance with the total information established from the Penghu County election panel, 81percent in the ballots shed compared the concept, and just Three offshore areas attracted interest as potential casino sites, Penghu, Kinmen and Matsu, the latter two small islands that are a short ferry ride from mainland China. In 2012, Matsu voted yes Say no to casino Taiwan recently passed a law about the construction of the off-shore islands; among the islands, whether we should build a casino in Penghu has become a matter of debates. Some people think that we should build a casino in Penghu, but others believe that it’s better for Penghu to keep its original style and features. In my Penghu Voters Reject Casino Offer Residents of Penghu, a remote Taiwanese island cycle again chosen against prospective construction of casino hotels in the area, this time by an majority that is overwhelming. In accordance with the total effects established of the Penghu district election board, 81% on the votes cast opposed the idea, and only 19% chosen it. It looks like Penghu Island in Taiwan is getting ready to expand its tourism industry into gaming. From the details of the article it looks like the time is near: "Two to three big plots of land will be ready in anticipation of an influx of investment by international conglomerates for the development of casinos… WORLD CASINO REPORT. Home; About; Penghu Island Casinos. May 9, 2008 at 9:25 pm The divide between supporters and opponents of the casino largely revolved around arguments by supporters that casino development would provide much needed jobs and economic development in the Penghu islands, as well as serve to internationalize the archipelago. On the other hand, opponents of casino development stated that Penghu’s pristine beauty, wildlife, and natural resources would be Taiwanese residents in Penghu on Saturday shut the door to casino development in a referendum that proponents had said would bring jobs to the isolated, tiny, offshore archipelago. The referendum to allow gaming, open only to residents of the outlying county just west of the main Taiwan island, was opposed to by the ruling independence-leaning Democratic Progressive Party (DPP). The proposal Residents on Taiwan's pristine Penghu islands overwhelmingly rejected a proposal to allow casino development Saturday, an issue that has divided communities and politicians.

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